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Learn to fly and enjoy a variety of Flying Lessons and tuition with Flydays Gift Experiences. Enjoy professional lessons from fully qualified instructors. Lessons are available at various airfields and flight training centres across the UK and are some of the most affordable you will find anywhere on the web.

What is a Flying Lesson?

A flying lesson is exactly that, a lesson in flying. Lessons are as much about the pre-flight checks as they are for the time spent in the air amongst the clouds. Flight tuition is given by fully qualified CAA approved instructors who, thanks to their years of experience will be on hand to part with extensive and invaluable knowledge to anyone lucky enough to be given one of our Gift Vouchers.

Flying Lessons are expensive right?

Yes and no. There seems to be a misconception that learning how to fly can be really expensive. This statement stands true if you were looking to become a fully qualified pilot and fly commercial airlines, but if you were just looking to get a feel of what it would be like to fly a plane, it really doesn't have to be. Here at we believe that everyone should at least once get into the cockpit of an aircraft and feel the buzz of flying a plane. That’s why; thanks to our competitive pricing we are able to offer cheap flying lessons to suit all budgets and needs.

What Flying Courses are available?

We have a plethora of flying experience courses which consist of both fixed wing and helicopter flying lessons. We offer various options in terms of packages. These consist of short 15 minute taster sessions, to the more challenging 30 minute lessons. If you were looking for something a little longer with a more hands on approach, why not try our 6o minute lessons or our tactical helicopter experience. We also have lessons where the time spent in air can be counted towards obtaining a PPL (Private Pilots License)

Are there any Flying Schools near me?

If you are looking to do a flying lesson, we have a large selection of flight schools, training centres, airfields and aerodromes across the UK. We have flying lessons in Essex through to flying lessons in Newcastle. Our locations vary in size from small family run businesses to the larger commercial airports and flight schools. Most venues have use of a runway whether grass or asphalt and additional facilities can also be found.

Flying Lessons