Swansea Airport

The opportunity to get airborne in the south of Wales is closer than you think at Swansea Airport. Nestled in the Gower Park AONB, and overlooking Swansea Bay, you can get the chance to commence your flying dreams with our range of flying days and experiences packages, including Flying Lessons, Helicopter Rides and Microlight Flying. All packages are available to book through gift vouchers and dates with


Swansea Airport is open Thursday to Sunday from 09:30 - 1700. There is an Airport cafe on sight as well. If you are planning on landing your own aircraft at Swansea Airport, there is a landing fee of £18.00. Please note some or all of the flying experiences below at Swansea Airport may be run by an independent operator and the flight dates will be subject to availability.

Fairwood Common

Swansea Airport is situated near the small village of Upper Killay in the Gower Park, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and is just under 20 minutes’ drive from Swansea city centre via the A4118 road. It is also in close proximity to other towns within this area of South Wales, including Llanelli and Gowerton. The nearest train station is Gowerton, and a taxi from the station to the airport takes just under 15 minutes.

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Hangarage Hangarage
Custiner Service Customs
Runway True Runways
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Flying Experiences in Wales

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Information About Swansea Airport

Situated on the southernmost point of Wales, overlooking the Gower Peninsula, Swansea Airport has a variety of stunning coastal bay views and gorgeous open countryside that makes it a perfect place to book flying days and experiences with FlyDays.

Built on Fairwood Common, and originally named as RAF Fairwood Common in 1941 during the peak of World War II, it was primarily used as a day and night station for No. 10 Group RAF Fighter Command, and also as air defence of the South and West of Wales, as well as shipping routes in Bristol and St George’s Channel.

It was still in operation even after the end of the war with VE Day in 1945, chiefly used as an Armament Practice Station, before the RAF vacated the site in the spring of 1949. Private civilian flying commenced there with the formation of the Swansea Flying Club in the summer of that same year.

It’s main use for the next eight years after that was for air races and motorcycle races, before the arrival of Cambrian Airways to the air base in 1957 marked its change of name to Swansea Airport, which it is still known as today.

Scheduled flights to destinations including Jersey, Guernsey and the Channel Islands, Dublin, Cork, Amsterdam and London continued from Swansea until the autumn of 2004, when Air Wales concentrated and moved their scheduled operations to Cardiff Airport.

Today, Swansea Airport is home to a number of aerobatic display teams and flying schools, and is enjoyed by flying enthusiasts from all over this area of Wales. Its original concrete Runway, measuring 1350 x 46 metres is still in place, as well as aircraft maintenance, refuelling and hangarage facilities.

Aerobatic Flights of Fancy

If you’re the sort of person that relishes the thought of national occasions being marked by the Red Arrows scoring over Buckingham Palace, then maybe pursuit of a pastime in aerobatic flying and displays could be for you.

Many aerobatic teams are situated for training and practice at Swansea Airport, so our Introductory Flying Lessons including Aerobatics package will give you your first 30 minutes of experience in this breathtaking display of flying prowess.

Under the guidance of an experienced aerobatic instructor, you’ll accelerate speed to over 100 mph as all number of daredevil stunts are pulled off, including loop the loops, spins and wingovers. It’s a flight that’ll give you an assured adrenaline rush!

Become a Private Pilot

However, there is a chance to learn to fly in a slightly more sedate way too, with our Flying Lessons packages available to book at Swansea. These are great for those that are just developing an interest in aviation and the possibilities it has to offer.

In the cockpit of a two-seater aeroplane, and under the expert guidance of an instructor approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), you’ll slowly build in confidence up in the air as you get to control and handle aircraft by yourself for the first time.

The experience you obtain here - together with your signed Certificate of Flight when you land back at base - will also count towards that which you need towards obtaining your Private Pilot’s Licence.

Choppers Above Swansea

Our range of Helicopter Ride packages that take off from Swansea are an unusual gift idea or way to celebrate any special occasion, from Birthdays to Wedding Anniversaries and everything else in between, especially as they can be purchased for two to enjoy.

Just think - the Gower Peninsula and surrounding parkland, as well as Swansea Bay and its golden beaches will be yours to explore as you never have before - from many thousands of feet up in the air.

Some of our 6 Mile ride packages even come with a complimentary glass of champagne to toast the flight with once you arrive back at the airport. You'll quite literally be living the high life on this flying experience!

Booking to Fly at Swansea Airport

Whether you opt to purchase an open gift voucher, which gives you more flexibility for when you want to go and what experience you want to attend, or even if you book onto any forthcoming date with availability for the experience you want, arranging your next flying day or experience at Swansea Airport is so easy to do with FlyDays.

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