Bodmin Airfield

If you live in Cornwall or are simply visiting the area for a day out, weekend break or a longer holiday, then why not enjoy a flying experience from Bodmin Airfield? With FlyDays, we can give you your opportunity to view the stunning south-west of England from high above, seeing sights and scenery from a totally different perspective, while actually taking the controls.


Bodmin Airfield is open from 08:30 - 17:30 during the summer, and from 08:30 - ss during the winter. If you are planning on landing your own aircraft, the current landing fees are £6.00. Bodmin Airfield offers light refreshments in the "Fuel Bay" Bistro, which is open days a week from 10:30 - 15:30.

Please note some or all of the flying experiences at Bodmin Airfield may be run by an independent operator and the flight dates will be subject to availability.

Bodmin Airfield
PL30 4BU

Bodmin Airfield is located in the majestic countryside of Cornwall. It has very easy access via the A30 and A38. The airfield is 4.0m north-east of Bodmin, but also easily reachable from Launceston, Padstow and Liskeard. The nearest train station is Bodmin Parkway, with a taxi from the station to the airfield taking just under 15 minutes.

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Information About Bodmin Airfield

A frequent tourist honeypot for many years, Cornwall boasts some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the UK, and getting to see it from the air is a unique experience that we can offer at Bodmin Airfield, a 10 minute drive from the market town of Bodmin up the A30.

It is the base for the Cornwall Flying Club, who bought the site - formerly a farm - in 1972 from local businessman Mike Robertson, who wanted to make aviation available for everyone to enjoy. Cornwall Flying Club became a limited company in 1978, six years after they purchased the airfield.

Boasting two grass runways - one measuring 480 metres, the other measuring 610 metres - a clubhouse, lunchtime bar and restaurant, Bodmin houses four aircraft, including two Cessna 152 models.

In keeping with the original ideals of Mike Robertson, Bodmin Airfield operates as a not-for-profit organisation, which really does mean his dream of aviation for all has become accessible.

Trip of a Lifetime

The range of flying experiences at Bodmin Airfield we have at FlyDays focus on learning the basics of flying, whether it’s in a small aircraft or a microlight.

These are great introductory lessons that will hopefully unlock a passion for aviation, even possibly as a future career. In fact, an aeroplane flying lesson can count towards gaining a Private Pilot’s Licence. Soon, you’ll be free as a bird.

Trial Lessons

Our 30 minute flying lesson in a two-seater aeroplane is the perfect way to experience the thrill of flying for the first time.

As a taster session, it covers the basics of flying and how to use the controls. Not before long though, you will be flying the aeroplane and growing in confidence as every minute passes.

Of course, you’ll be in safe hands, as your instructor is Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) qualified, and they will pass on their experience so you get the most out of your flight.

However, even after you’ve landed the experience hasn’t ended as you’ll be presented with a signed certificate - yours to keep, and act as a reminder of your first steps into the amazing world of aviation.

Micro-Flights at Bodmin

Microlights offer an alternative and fun-packed, way to learn to fly. These agile aircraft pack a punch above their weight and are a great way to enjoy an introductory flying lesson.

As well as offering unrestricted views, microlights can be flown at a more leisurely pace, letting you enjoy the views from high above.

Again, you’ll be with a CAA qualified instructor, so you can relax and enjoy your time in the air, whether you are flying the microlight or taking in the scenery far below.

Booking to Fly at Bodmin Airfield

Purchasing one of our open gift vouchers to use towards your next flying experience at Bodmin Airfield not only gives you more flexibility for when you want to go, but it makes a unique gift idea to surprise a loved one with. Alternatively, you can book directly onto any available date listed using our Events calendar.

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