Pleasure Flights

Sit back, relax and take in the sights on a pleasure flight over various areas of the UK. There is no better way to appreciate the beauty of the English landscape than the stunning aerial ...

Sit back, relax and take in the sights on a pleasure flight over various areas of the UK. There is no better way to appreciate the beauty of the English landscape than the stunning aerial view you get whilst on a pleasure flight. Flying between 1500 and 2000ft keeps you below most clouds and the view is a far cry from the 10-second glimpse of a field you get from your aeroplane window on the way back from your holiday! Pleasure flights are perfect if you want to relax and really get a fantastic view of the landscape below, all from the comfort of your aircraft cabin.

What is a pleasure flight?

A pleasure fight gives you the chance to see your chosen location from above, where you will get a breath-taking view and an amazing feeling as you drift effortlessly through the sky. If you want the chance to get into the air, relax and see the stunning British landscape from above, then a Pleasure Flight is the choice for you. Get up into the air and let the pilot do the hard work for you. All you need to worry about is making sure you take in the picturesque views! A fantastic experience for anyone who enjoys flying and who wants to get into the air and see the world from above.

City lights

Is there a better way to take in the city sights than from high above? We don’t think so. London and Manchester are among the urban jungles that can be enjoyed from a bird’s eye view. Your pilot will act as your guide, pointing out all the main highlights as you soar high above the busy streets.

Rural idylls

On the other hand, escape to the country and enjoy the flight of your life whilst taking in some stunning views. Among the magical packages available with is a castles and conflicts helicopter tour and the undiscovered Wales helicopter tour which fly over some of the most spectacular scenery in the UK. We promise your feet won’t want to touch the ground.

Stadium sights

Footie fans will love our helicopter stadium tours which take the traditional stadium tour up to the next level, quite literally. This is a truly unique way to see your favourite team’s football ground, whilst also enjoying their surroundings from 1,000 feet in the air. Standing on the terraces will never be the same again!

Classic thrills

Vintage planes offer their own unique charm and return you to a bygone era of flying. With you can turn back time in a 1940’s classic aircraft and soak up the stunning views of the English countryside. This is an experience best shared and we’ve got packages for two adults and also for an adult and child to share.

Free as a bird

Gliding is possibly the most peaceful form of flight. With just the birds (and your pilot!) for company, your motorised glider will whisk you through the sky, whilst the thermals will take you higher and higher.

Come fly with us

Whatever flying experience you’re looking for, is sure to have a pleasure flight to suit. These make great experiences whether as a treat for yourself or as an unforgettable gift for a loved one, family member or friend.

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Helicopter Experience with Non-Alcoholic Bubbly and Chocolates for Two

Fly out into the surrounding area where you can take in the luscious Hertfordshi...

Product ID: 6889

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£198.00   £139.00

55 Mile Helicopter Flight

Enjoy wonderful views as you fly over beautiful scenic towns and villages, prese...

Product ID: 6252


25 Mile Helicopter Flight

Enjoy a thrilling 25 mile aerial adventure of unobstructed views with this fabul...

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Lancashire Explorer

Enjoy an aerial adventure high up above the stunning landscapes of Lancashire an...

Product ID: 6441


Helicopter Stadium Tour

Take to the sky in a helicopter and see your favourite football team’s ground fr...

Product ID: 5658


Heli Buzz for Two

The only way is up with the Heli Buzz for Two experience. You'll cover 6 miles a...

Product ID: 5414


Helicopter Tour Over London

Take in London’s famous skyline from high-above with this Helicopter Tour over L...

Product ID: 6169


25 Minute Helicopter Tour Over London for Two

Enjoy a delightful passenger flight over the landmarks of London in a Bell 206L-...

Product ID: 6251


Helicopter Buzz

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to soar through the skies in a hel...

Product ID: 6254


Helicopter Buzz for Two

Take in the scenery as you and a friend, family member or loved one climb to ove...

Product ID: 6264


Undiscovered Wales Helicopter Tour

Enjoy an exhilarating flight over some of the most spectacular scenery Britain h...

Product ID: 6480


Magic and Mountains

Soak up the spectacular and dramatic aerial views from high-above Snowdonia with...

Product ID: 6446


Giants and Waterfalls

Enjoy an aerial adventure with a difference - take a thrilling helicopter ride o...

Product ID: 6423


Castle and Conflicts Helicopter Tour

Enjoy an exhilarating helicopter flight which allows you to discover the wonders...

Product ID: 6385


Ultimate Helicopter Experience

Flying a helicopter incorporates 3 different key factors: flying, navigation and...

Product ID: 6331


VIP Glimpse of London Tour with Bubbly for Two

Be treated like a VIP with a glass of bubbly and a helicopter ride. Relax and so...

Product ID: 6334


25 Mile City Helicopter Tour

Get a bird’s eye view of a choice of 11 cities in UK on this unique helicopter t...

Product ID: 6342


Shropshire Helicopter Tour

Enjoy a thirty minute aerial adventure of unobstructed views with a helicopter p...

Product ID: 6469


30 Minute Flight in a Classic Aircraft for One Adult and One Child

30-minutes in the air for an adult and child, take to the skies in a 1940’s clas...

Product ID: 5656


30 Minute Flight in a Classic Aircraft for Two

View the English countryside like never before as you and a friend, family membe...

Product ID: 5895


40 Minute Motor Gliding Flight

Soar through the sky in a motorised glider and take advantage of the streams of ...

Product ID: 6245


Blue Skies Helicopter Flight with Bubbly for Two

This is the perfect gift for a pair to spend quality time together while airborn...

Product ID: 5691


Glimpse of London Helicopter Tour with Lunch For TWO

Two of you can enjoy the amazing skyline of the City of London from the seat of ...


Product ID: 6512


Couples Manchester City Tour with Sparkling Lunch

As you take off from Barton the skyline of Manchester will come into view. You w...

Product ID: 6394


Helicopter Experience with Non Alcoholic Bubbly and Chocolates for 2

Take to the skies in a Robinson R44 helicopter, take in the views before trying ...

Product ID: 6427