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Microlighting Experiences

Microlight flying is one of the most exhilarating yet tranquil forms of aviation that exists. Gliding effortlessly over many different locations across the country, Microlight Gliding experiences are guaranteed to give you a sensational buzz of excitement like never before. 

This adrenaline fuelled activity offers stunning, panoramic views, and will showcase a glimpse of the UK you’ll never forget. With only a few wheels beneath you and a large wingspan to keep you up in the air, Microlight flights definitely give you a thrilling experience. If you’re looking to buy a Microlight experience, check out our selection of flying gifts below. 

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5 products
Microlight Flying Lesson For ONE Experience from

Microlight Flying Lesson For ONE

Take the controls of a microlight and experience the thrill of flying this adventurous, lightweight aircraft while taking in the unrestricted views. ...
£ 90.00
60 Minute Microlight Flying Lesson For ONE Experience from

60 Minute Microlight Flying Lesson For ONE

Enjoy the fresh air like never before in these tiny little microlights, made for two. It's a fun and inexpensive way to get up, up and away, arguably ...
£ 138.00
Introductory Microlight Flying Lesson For ONE Experience from

Introductory Microlight Flying Lesson For ONE

Microlight flying is an adventurous way to get airborne. With fantastic views and that ‘wind in your hair’ feeling this is an experience never to be ...
£ 65.00
20 to 30 Minute Microlight Flight Experience from

20 to 30 Minute Microlight Flight

Take to the sky and experience a thrilling aerial adventure like never before with an incredible 20 to 30 Minute Microlight Flight. Microlighting ...
£ 99.00
60 Minute Microlight Flight Experience from

60 Minute Microlight Flight

Take to the sky and experience a thrilling aerial adventure like never before with an incredible 60 Minute Microlight Flight. Microlighting perfec ...
£ 149.00

What is a Microlight?

A Microlight is an aeroplane which carries no more than two people. Better known as “Ultralights” in other countries, these fascinating aircrafts have developed into fantastic machines, becoming more and more sophisticated as each year passes. 

With a flex-wing and a 'trike' unit below, it is just like a small aircraft. They are absolutely great fun to fly and perfectly safe, so waste no time and get one of our Microlight UK flight experiences booked today! 

What to Expect from a Microlight Experience

As with any of our fantastic flying experiences, you can expect glorious views and a thrilling feeling of excitement! But, with a Microlight, due to your open cockpit and just one seat between you and the air, it provides a sensational buzz. Hitting speeds between 60 - 100mph, this experience will also fulfill those speed demons as well! 

Although you may not have the comfort of being inside a normal aeroplane, the Microlight will give you an entirely unique experience that will not be forgotten. This type of unique gift idea is something a little different – perfect for the person who likes stepping out of their comfort zone. 

On the Day

Your Microlight flying experience will be packed with lots of fun activities and things to learn. If you are concerned about being unprepared, then please don’t panic. You will be fully briefed on the principles of flying, how to fly the aircraft and an overview of the controls. 

All of this will be taught by fully trained professionals, so there is absolutely no need to worry. After learning all of these skills, you’ll get the opportunity to take to the skies and truly experience the beauty of Microlighting. 

Once in the air, you will get a chance to marvel at the stunning views before you take control and try your hand at flying the aircraft. This is often a highlight of the day for most people. Experiencing what it’s like to fly an aeroplane up to 3000 feet in the air, and steer your way through the skies is a thrill like no other.

Microlight flying experiences make for a fantastic day out and this unique activity is guaranteed to provide excitement for everyone involved. If you’d also like to find out about our other products here at FlyDays, we recommend browsing our flight gliding experiences which are slightly different but still very popular. 

Booking a Microlight Experience

Booking one of these remarkable experiences is extremely easy with FlyDays. All of the activities listed above have event calendars with latest availability provided by our suppliers.

You can book onto any of the upcoming dates using our calendar and secure your place today. Alternatively, if you’d like more flexibility with the booking, then our open gift vouchers are an excellent solution. 

Open vouchers are also superb gift ideas for loved ones. The freedom allows them to book their dream flying day whenever suits them, perfect for birthdays or other special occasions. 


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