Parachuting Experiences

Parachuting experiences are an absolutely fantastic and thrilling experience, offering spectacular views, as well as a true adrenaline rush as you soar through the skies before pulling your parachute and gliding back to earth whilst taking in the breath-taking views. Parachuting experiences are not for the faint hearted, as you will be jumping from heights of around 13,000 feet, and free falling out of the plane, giving an insane adrenaline rush and a stomach turning experience you will never forget. Although seeming scary, you will get a huge sense of achievement when the jump has been completed and it will leave you feeling brilliant. If you have a fear of heights, Parachuting experiences will without a doubt take that fear away and help you overcome it.
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Top Parachuting Near Me

Tandem Skydive
Experience the joy of free fall whilst safely attached to a highly trained instructor a tandem skydive. Falling at 120 mph you will descend to 5000 f ...

Tandem Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving is a type of skydive where you will be connected to a harness which is attached to your instructor. You will be guided by your instructor throughout the whole jump, so you can really take in the view and experience without having to worry about controlling the parachute yourself.

Static Line Parachuting

Static Line Parachuting is a type of parachute jump that is done without an instructor strapped to you. 'Static Line' means you have a cord that is attached to the plane, so when you jump out, the parachute opens automatically without you having to pull it yourself, therefore you have full control over the flight as your parachute is out immediately after you jump.

What to Expect from a Parachuting Experience

You can expect a sensational feeling of adrenaline during a Parachuting experience. You will be taken through a safety briefing so you know exactly what you are doing, and then will be fitted with all the equipment needed for your jump.

You will then be taken up into the skies before launching yourself out of the aircraft into the skies, where you will free fall and feel an astonishing feeling of adrenaline and thrill as you reach speeds of up to 190 km/h.

After the free fall, you will pull your parachute and glide gracefully back to ground, feeling a sense of achievement and an overwhelming feeling as you touch down and look back up from where you came from. Parachuting experiences are perfect for an adrenaline junkie or someone who wants to conquer their fears.


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