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Fly Days Airfields

We know how hard it can be to find the perfect flying experience or gift. We know it is important to all of our customers to know exactly where they are going and who they will be dealing with to ensure their airborne time is every bit as special as they hoped. That's why FlyDays offer a wide range of flying experiences and flying gifts at a range of airfields and airports nationwide for you to choose from, whatever aircraft you or a loved one has eyes for.

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Andrewsfield Aerodrome (South East) If you are looking for flying lessons in Essex, then Andrewsfield Aerodrome is a great place to start. Situated in the North West of Braintree, Andrewsfield Aerodrome offers fantastic views over the town and surrounding villages, and has great routes near Stansted Airport. If you are looking to book yourself a flying lesson or perhaps for someone else as a gift voucher, Andrewsfield Aerodrome offers lessons in light aircraft. You do not need any previous experience, and best of all you can bring the whole family along to watch, whether you book directly onto an available date or purchase an open gift voucher from us here at FlyDays.
Ardfert Airstrip Airfield (Republic of Ireland) Ardfert (AG6376) is a small, private Airfield in Co. Kerry, Ireland. The airfield hosts Jet Powered Helicopter Flights which run between the months on April and October. The entrance to the track that leads to the Airstrip is opposite the quarry and through a small farm. The Airfield is not obvious to the eye, look out for a large green corrugated iron building and once you are closer you will see the orange wind sock in what looks like a long thin field.
Athey's Moor Airfield (North East) In the heart of picturesque Northumberland you will find Atheys Moor Airfield home to Atheys Moor Flying School, offering Flying Lessons, Microlight Flights and Microlight Lessons. They are open 7 days a week and have a clubhouse which is open for spectators and participants to use.
Balado Airfield (Scotland) Balado Airfield is a large, family-run Airfield in Scotland that is 2 miles from the the town of Kinross. Balado has an interesting History being a training facility for Hurricane and Spitfire Pilots during World War Two. In recent history as well as hosting flying experiences and flying lessons, Balado Airfield has hosted Festivals.
Ballinrobe Racecourse (Republic of Ireland) Ballinrobe Racecourse is a prime destination for those looking to take in County Mayo in Ireland from thousands of feet up in the air, as it pays host to several of our Helicopter Flights and sightseeing Pleasure Flights, which will let you discover and explore some incredible sights over the Emerald Isle from the air. Find out more information about Ballinrobe Racecourse and available flying experience packages to book below on the FlyDays website.
Barton Aerodrome (North West) Discover the ultimate gift for aviation enthusiasts with our flying lessons and microlight flights at Barton Aerodrome. Located East of Manchester, Barton Aerodrome is a historic airfield offering a variety of flying experiences. Whether it's a present for a loved one or you are looking to take your first steps into becoming a Pilot, there's something for everyone passionate about aviation.
Beccles Airfield (East of England) Situated within the beautiful Suffolk countryside, Beccles Airfield - or Beccles Aerodrome as it is also known in the area - offers those flying enthusiasts in East Anglia the opportunity to get airborne with a great value and exciting flying experience. A one time WWII airbase and heliport for the North Sea oil and gas industry, at FlyDays we offer a wide variety of Beccles Airfield Flying Experiences including Flying Lessons, Helicopter Flying Lessons and Microlight Flying Experiences. Browse and book from our open Gift Vouchers below today.
Berrier Airfield (North West) Nestled in the peaks of the Lake District is Berrier Airfield. This independently owned grass airstrip offers tremendous views from the sky and makes for many perfect photo opportunities. The owner of the Airfield, Roger Savage, is an expert pilot with over 30 years of experience. He will guide you through your flying lesson and answer any questions you may have. Berrier Airfield is the perfect place for an unforgettable flying experience.
Beverley Airfield (Yorkshire and the Humber) If you are looking for flying lessons in Yorkshire, then look no further than Beverley / Linley Hill Airfield. Offering fantastic views over the stunning county of East Riding of Yorkshire, Beverley / Linley Hill Airfield has experiences that you won't forget. FlyDays experiences are available to book via dates on our Events calendar, or to purchase as open gift vouchers, with a range of experiences to choose from to treat yourself or surprise a loved one with.
Bicester Airfield (South East) Bicester Airfield is a former RAF aerodrome dating back to 1916, operating as a military base through both world wars, being involved in D-Day and the rhine crossing. To this day, the Airfield has continued flying wartime planes, offering memorable experiences for aviation fans such as flying in Tiger Moths, flying other light aircraft and gliding. The airfield offers lots of experiences that are available on Fridays.
Bidford Airport (West Midlands) Located in the picturesque Vale of Evesham, Bidford Airport is a quaint airfield nestled in Warwickshire countryside. The club offers exhilarating Gliding Lessons suitable for both novices and seasoned enthusiasts. It also currently offers Flying Lessons in Microlights which are ideal for beginners. Use our website below to find out more about the Flying Experiences and make a booking.
Blackbushe Airport (South East) Located near the town of Yateley in Hampshire, Blackbushe Airport is also well placed near the border where Hampshire meets Berkshire and Surrey. In a time before Heathrow and Gatwick ruled the roost it was one of the busiest airports near London, as well as being an RAF base during World War II. Today, Blackbushe Airport offers many of FlyDays' great value and exciting flying experiences to book and enjoy in the South East of England, which you can find below and book with our open Gift Vouchers.
Blackpool Airport (North West) Blackpool has something for everyone. Miles of golden beaches along the North West coast of England, with tourist attractions galore and more restaurants and pubs than you could ever visit. Most importantly there are loads of fantastic flying experiences, lessons and tours from Blackpool Airport. A chance for you to see the Lancashire coastline from a different perspective.
Bodmin Airfield (South West) If you live in Cornwall or are simply visiting the area for a day out, weekend break or a longer holiday, then why not enjoy a flying experience from Bodmin Airfield? With FlyDays, we can give you your opportunity to view the stunning south-west of England from high above, seeing sights and scenery from a totally different perspective, while actually taking the controls.
Bournemouth Airport (South West) Bournemouth Airport is a vibrant regional airport that caters to both adventurers and aviation enthusiasts. In addition to regular passenger flights, the airport offers Flying Lessons and thrilling Helicopter Tours. Whether you're looking to learn how to fly or enjoy a scenic tour of the Dorset coast, Bournemouth Airport provides a range of exciting aviation experiences led by expert pilots.
Breighton Airfield (Yorkshire and the Humber) Breighton Airfield in Yorkshire is located 5.5 nm north-east of Selby which operates regular Helicopter Pleasure Flights and Vintage Flights throughout the Spring and Summer. During the Second World War Breighton was a missile launch site and heavy bomber base and still houses a large range of ex-military and classic aircraft. There are some amazing flights to take including a fly over of the Emmerdale set!
Bristol International Airport (South West) Bristol International Airport is a major airport in South West England, offering a range of domestic and international flights. Known for its modern facilities and efficient services, it serves as a convenient gateway to and from the region. Take your first step to becoming a private pilot with a flying lesson and Bristol Airport. You can package your experience together with a Flying Lesson or Flight Simulator session and lunch to make the perfect flying experience day.
Brown Shutters Airfield (South West) Looking to take to the skies above Somerset in a small but mighty microlight? Brown Shutters Farm Airfield, situated on the outskirts of the historic city and UNESCO World Heritage site of Bath, will be the perfect place to experience open flying in a fixed-wing or flex-wing aircraft, with sessions available to book in slots of up to 60 minutes, starting from just £79. Take a look now to discover the complete collection of Microlight Experiences available to book at Brown Shutters Farm Airfield today.
Burn Gliding Club (Yorkshire and the Humber) Located near Selby in North Yorkshire, Burn Gliding Club is in an ideal location for gliding as Drax Power station is to the East and the river Aire is to the South East, giving flyers a handy set of navigation pointers for when they’re in the skies. This school is ideal for newbies and experienced gliders alike as lessons have been offered here since the 1960s. With the option of mile high flights with varying lengths, this airfield is surrounded by fields with stunning countryside views and a joy to experience. You can buy vouchers for Burn Gliding club here on FlyDays.
Caernarfon Airport (Wales) Booking a Flying Day or Experience in the most northerly point of Wales is easily arranged at Caernarfon Airport. Take in the stunning North Welsh coast, overlooking Anglesey, Bangor and Holyhead and the Irish Sea from many feet up in the air across a range of exciting fixed-wing Aircraft, Helicopters and Microlights for both Rides and Flying Lessons. All available to Buy via Gift Vouchers or Dates on our regularly updated Events calendars.
Cardiff Airport (Wales) Located in the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff Airport is just a stone’s throw from the Welsh capital. Its convenient location makes it a great base for a variety of helicopter flying experiences with, which let you explore the rugged Welsh coastline, beautiful beaches, spectacular countryside and so much more from a bird’s eye perspective.
Cardiff Heliport (Wales) Cardiff Heliport (Welsh: Maes Hofrenyddion Caerdydd) is located in Tremorfa, Cardiff, Wales, approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) from the city centre. Cardiff Heliport offers a variety of Helicopter Rides, each providing a unique perspective. These include the Cardiff Bay Pleasure Flights, which offer a one-of-a-kind tour of Cardiff Bay, and the Football Stadium Sightseeing Tours, which provide a fascinating view of the Principality Stadium and the medieval Castle, before looping over Lavernock Point and the famous Barry Island.
Carlisle Airport (North West) Take flight to Carlisle Airport, gateway to the Lake District and its stunning National Park, for some of the most scenic Flying Experiences anywhere in the UK. Indeed, what better way to enjoy the breathtaking landscape than from high above, with a Flying Lesson from our website. You’ll be able to view the awe inspiring scenery from a totally new perspective, and won’t ever want to come back down to earth.
Clacton Airfield (South East) Clacton Airfield, situated on the Essex coast, is a popular choice for location aviation enthusiasts and pilots. This small, family-run airfield offers a range of aeroplane flying lessons, which are a major draw for individuals looking to take their first steps into becoming a pilot. The lessons cater to various skill levels, from novices to those seeking advanced training. The friendly and knowledgeable instructors guide students through the basic flight controls, ensuring both safety and enjoyment.
Clench Common Airfield (South West) Clench Common Airfield is a small, private airfield, situated near Marlborough in Wiltshire. Home to a busy flying school and club, it offers a challenging airspace for budding aviators to learn to fly over the North Wessex Downs. You can book Flying lessons and Microlight and Gyrocopter Flying Experiences at Clench Common Airfield from our range below today via purchase of our Gift Vouchers.
Compton Abbas Airfield (South West) Compton Abbas Airfield is situated on a hilltop in the Dorset countryside, on the edge of the Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which provides an amazing backdrop to the historic Vintage Flying experiences which are available to book. The airfield is an important local landmark, and has a fabulous restaurant used by the surrounding community and visitors. Through FlyDays, you can book gift vouchers for Vintage Biplane Flights and Boeing Stearman Flights. Any lover of vintage and historic aircraft will be in their element at the airfield whether they are taking part in a flying lesson or experience, or just a spectator.
Conington Airfield (East of England) Looking to experience exciting Vintage Flight near Peterborough? Conington Airfield could be just what you're looking for. Their dedicated centre offers the chance to take flight in iconic Vintage Warbirds, they even offer a Battle of Britain Experience! Browse our complete collection of Conington Airfield Flying Experiences today on the our website.
Cotswolds Airport (South West) Cotswold Airport is an airport sat within a 532 acre site in Gloucestershire. Previously home to the Red Arrows Aerobatic Team the site is now a civilian airport being bought from the MOD in 2001. The airport celebrates its history with its “AV8” restaurant. Along with hosting various civilian flights and events, the airport holds many flying experiences that are bookable on FlyDays.
Coventry Airport (West Midlands) Just a stone’s throw away from the city centre, Coventry Airport is home to some incredible Flying Experiences. Whether you want to take your first Flying Lesson, enjoy a Stadium Tour of Coventry City FC or buckle in for a Helicopter Ride, there’s no better way to take in the sights of the bustling city and surrounding countryside from above. With Gift Vouchers available to purchase online, it has never been easier to secure your place in the skies.
Cranfield Airport (East of England) The former RAF aerodrome of Cranfield Airport in Bedfordshire is well noted for its significance to aviation history, both civilian and military, and so is the perfect location for anyone in or around this part of the Home Counties looking to get their aviation career off with flying colours, with Aeroplane Flying Lessons available to book here! Explore our full selection of Cranfield Airport Flying Lessons and Experiences today here on the FlyDays website.
Crowland Airfield (East Midlands) Nestled in the heart of Peterborough, Crowland Airfield is the perfect place to get familiar with gliding. Home to the Spalding Gliding Club which has been on site since 1968, there are many experienced pilots on hand who are keen to get people gliding through the skies. This club offers Gliding Experiences from the airfield for those who are new and experienced in gliding. Often considered the gateway experiences to other kinds of flying, gliding is well worth a try if you’re keen to spend some time in the skies. You can also purchase vouchers from our website that can be redeemed for gliding experiences at Crowland Airfield.
Cumbernauld Airport (Scotland) At Cumbernauld Airport we offer a diverse range of exhilarating experiences for aviation enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're looking to learn how to fly, take a scenic helicopter tour, or enjoy a stadium flyover of your favourite Scottish Football Team, this Airport (conveniently located within easy reach of Scotland’s two largest cities) provides the perfect setting for unforgettable aerial adventures. Book your flying experience today and take to the skies for an experience you'll never forget.
Damyns Hall Aerodrome (South East) Damyns Hall Aerodrome is an unlicensed airfield on the outskirts of London, in Upminster in Essex, offering flying experiences including flying lessons, microlight flights, wing walking, biplanes and aerobatic experiences. The airfield is open 7 days a week and spectators are welcome to watch attendees from the Cafe garden. Browse and book from our complete range of flying day packages and find venue information on Damyns Hall Aerodrome below on the TrackDays website.
Darley Moor Airfield (East Midlands) The Microlight Flight School at Darley Moor Airfield is said to be one of the most recognised flying schools in the UK. Sat on a hilltop and overlooking a large area of natural beauty ("the gateway to the Peak District National Park"), the airfield is ideal for a Microlight Flight Experience. The Microlight Flight trials are the perfect way to have your first microlight experience and they come in options of a 20, 30 or 60 minute flight. For further information, look below.
Burnford Common (South West) Book an unforgettable Gliding Experience at Burnford Common (also known as Dartmoor Gliding Society) in the heart of Devon. There's no better way to explore this glorious National Park than with a peaceful glide over the landscape, and luckily for you, at Flydays we have a range of Flying Experiences for you to choose from. Simply book on the Flydays website once you've found your perfect package, or purchase an open Gift Voucher.
Deanland Airfield (South East) Explore the range of flying lessons available along the picturesque Sussex Coast near Brighton at Deanland Airfield. With a rich history dating back to 1943, this site is perfect for history buffs eager to learn how to fly and is a great location for a first flying lesson, with incredible views guaranteed. Gift vouchers are available through our website and you can also book a flying experience for a specific date.
Deenethorpe Airfield (East Midlands) Deenethorpe Airfield is situated in the town of Corby, Northamptonshire and is easily accessible from the M11. With an interesting history dating back to World War 2, this former US Army Air Force base should be on all aviation enthusiasts bucket lists. Luckily for you, we have a range of Flying Experiences available at this venue that can be purchased through FlyDays, including Aerobatics, Microlight flights and Flying Lessons.
Derby Airfield (East Midlands) Situated between the Derbyshire villages of Egginton and Hilton you will find Derby Airfield, just 7 miles South West of Derby. With a history stretching back to WW2, it offers a range of Vintage Flying Experiences that complement its historical significance and appeal to aviation enthusiasts. Use the page below to find out information about Derby Airfield and the Flying Experiences currently available.
Donegal Airport (Republic of Ireland) Donegal Airport (Aerphort Dhún Na nGall) can be found at the top North Western corner of Ireland. With beautiful scenery and with water on two sides of the airport it is definitely a unique place to fly from. The first passenger opening in 1986 connecting the people of Donegal with Glasgow in Scotland. Currently providing access for the much needed tourism in the area. The airport currently offers flying experiences such as helicopter rides and aerial sightseeing tours over the stunning Irish coastline and countryside.
Dunkeswell Aerodrome (South West) 5 miles north of the market town of Honiton, and 16 miles north east of Exeter lies Dunkeswell Aerodrome, a spectacular airbase in East Devon that first opened as an RAF base in 1943 during WWII. Nowadays, it's a thriving hub of aerial activity, and at FlyDays we can offer exciting Parachuting, Microlighting and other great Flying Experiences over this most picturesque part of the South West of England, available to book with our open Gift Vouchers.
Eaglescott Airfield (South West) Want to try an experience day with a difference in Devon? Eaglescott Airfield has just the experiences for you. Known for its stunning landscape, Devon is a place of beautiful views and majestic walks, so just imagine what it looks like seeing it all from above. Eaglescott Airfield offers Vintage Flying experiences and Flying Lessons like no other from our website. Marvel the incredible views of the rural idyll of Devon, the rugged outline of Dartmoor and the rolling hills of Exmoor.
Earls Colne Airfield (South East) Nearby to the bustling city of Colchester in Essex is Earls Colne Airfield. If you’re looking to fly from a venue with a decent amount of aviation history, you’re in the right place. Built in 1941 for the RAF, it was originally intended for a bombr command group but was assigned to the US Air Force in 1942. Despite being active in World War 2, its military use came to an end in 1955 and today is used for an industrial park, golf course, leisure centre and an airstrip used by a flying school. This flying school offers a range of flying experiences including flying lessons in light aircrafts available through FlyDays.
Edinburgh Airport (Scotland) Located in the Ingliston area of Edinburgh, Scotland, despite having only one terminal, it was known as the 'busiest' Airport back in 2019, handling over 14.7 million passengers. The Airport can be found just 8 miles west of the city centre and is easily accessible from exits off of the M8 and M9 motorways. Edinburgh Airport offer a multitude of flying experience and flying lessons including Helicopter pleasure flights. The Helicopter Flights take off from Conifox Nurseries which is just adjacent to the main Airport.
Elstree Aerodrome (East of England) Just a stone's throw from London, Elstree Aerodrome operates flying lessons in 2-seater Aircraft. It warmly welcomes all types of aircraft, from aviation to rotary, and offers a plethora of amenities including maintenance, hangarage, refuelling, and more. Check out our complete range of Elstree Aerodrome Flying Lessons and Experiences below.
Elvington Airfield (Yorkshire and the Humber) Elvington Airfield, a former RAF base, is located near the historic cathedral city of York, and as well as boasting a race circuit at one time, is also one of our prime locations up in this corner of North Yorkshire for Helicopter Rides and Sightseeing Tours. Whether you want to explore the countryside, or the historic city of York from the air, a huge range of tours are on offer here for you to browse through. Keen to secure your spot? Simply purchase a Flydays Gift Voucher online for your dream flight!
Enstone Airfield (South East) Enstone Airfield is surrounded by the glorious Oxfordshire countryside and those enjoying a flying experience are also rewarded with spellbinding views of the nearby Cotswolds and Gloucestershire. So if you are visiting the region, or simply live in the area, then make tracks to Enstone Airfield for the flight of your life with a Flying Lesson or Gyrocopter Experience from FlyDays.
Eshott Airfield (North East) Aviation fans in the North of England are spoilt for choice, with a fantastic array of flying experiences at Eshott Airfield. Offering a range of aeroplane and Microlight flying lessons, it is located 20 miles north of Newcastle and next to the A1. Get the chance to stretch your wings in Northumberland and enjoy some of the most scenic countryside in the UK from a totally new perspective.
Exeter Airport (South West) The opportunity to get airborne above the stunning coastal region of Devonshire is easily achievable at Exeter Airport. With the Bristol Channel to the North and the English Channel to the South, a range of Flying Lessons and Helicopter Rides are available for local and visiting aviation enthusiasts to enjoy at any time of the year and explore this beautiful corner of England from the air. Book yours today through dates or gift vouchers from FlyDays.
Fairoaks Airport (South East) Situated between Chobham and Chertsey in Surrey, Fairoaks Airport was built using a small collection of fields and farm houses in 1936. After it was auctioned off by the military, the site had a huge upgrade and now offers a range of Helicopter Flying Experiences which you can book here on Flydays with a Gift Voucher. Just 2 miles North of Woking and not far from Junction 11 of the M25, it’s one of the most accessible airports in the South East.
Fisherwick Airfield (West Midlands) Join this friendly flying school in the heart of Staffordshire and take a Microlight Flying Lesson through the skies over the West Midlands. Situated just outside the village of Fisherwick, flying from this airfield gives you an incredible view of the rolling hills and endless countryside close to the town of Lichfield. You can book now on the Flydays website or buy a gift voucher for a lesson.
Fowlmere Airfield (East of England) Want to take flight above the stunning low-lying countryside above Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire? Fowlmere Airfield lies near the border where these two Eastern counties meet and lies north east of Royston and southwest of the world-renowned university city of Cambridge. From here, incredibly daring aviation fans can buckle in for a series of thrill-seeking Aerobatic Flight Experiences, amongst many other great Flying Experiences in the East of England. Book your next Fowlmere Airfield Flying Experience and buy one of our open Gift Vouchers today from the experiences listed below here on FlyDays.
Glasgow Prestwick Airport (Scotland) Glasgow Prestwick Airport is a busy Scottish airport, 2 km northeast of the Scottish town Prestwick 51 km southwest of Glasgow. The airport is a commercial airport with international flights taking off daily. Passenger facilities became available there from 1938 and in 1945 regular transatlantic flights began between Prestwick and New York but during the war the RAF controlled flights from the airport. Now alongside commercial jet flights you can have your own flying experiences such as a 30 minute sightseeing helicopter tour, available through FlyDays.
Gloucestershire Airport (South West) Nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire Airport offers flying experiences from flying lessons and pilot training to thrilling helicopter rides and breathtaking sightseeing tours. The experienced pilots and instructors are committed to ensuring every flight is safe, enjoyable, and memorable. What better way to enjoy the region’s stunning natural beauty and diverse landscapes!
Goodwood Aerodrome (South East) Take off from Goodwood Aerodrome, a staple location in aviation history and explore the beautiful Sussex coastline in a Helicopter Tour. Or, begin the journey to learn how to fly in a helicopter or airplane alongside some of the best instructors around. On the flipside, if you’re looking for an adrenaline filled experience, why not try an Aerobatics Flight or even an Outdoor Skydive? Everything is possible at Goodwood, and with a Flydays Gift Voucher you can secure a place on your dream Flying Experience.
Great Oakley Airfield (South East) Experience the thrill of flying at Great Oakley Airfield, nestled in the picturesque port town of Harwich on the Essex Coast. Take your first steps towards earning your pilot's license with our engaging flying lessons in a light aircraft. Whether you choose a 60-minute session or a full hour, each lesson promises an unforgettable experience. Embark on your aviation journey today with a gift voucher from our website and enjoy the skies like never before.
Haverfordwest Airport (Wales) Pembrokeshire in Wales offers some of the most picturesque landscapes in the UK. But have you ever wondered what it looks like from above? Why explore it by foot, car or coach when you can take to the skies with FlyDays and take in the views from high above? Haverfordwest Airport offers some once in a lifetime flying experiences here, including air experiences and pleasure flights which are suitable for people of all ages, making them an ideal gift for any occasion. Purchase an open gift voucher or book onto any available date you see for a day you will never forget at Haverfordwest Airport.
Headcorn Aerodrome (South East) Headcorn Aerodrome is based near Ashford in Kent, and offers Vintage Flying Experiences over the South East of England. The fleet of aircraft at the Airfield include the Aerobatic Tiger Moth and the iconic warplane that is the Spitfire. As well as flights in these vintage planes you can also start making your journey towards earning your PPL (Private Pilot's Licence) with a flying lesson in a fixed wing aeroplane. For all the package options and more information about Headcorn please read below.
Henstridge Airfield (South West) Henstridge Airfield was established in 1943 to accommodate Typhoons, Seafires, Spitfires, and Masters during the war. While only one of the original 5 runways remains today, the airfield remains operational. Today it hosts a variety of flying experiences, including Wing Walking, Helicopter Sightseeing Flights, and City Helicopter Sightseeing Flights, all of which are available through FlyDays.
Hibaldstow Airfield (East Midlands) Commissioned in 1941, RAF Hibaldstow initially served as the home of No. 255 Squadron. Over the years, it hosted various RAF squadrons before finally ceasing operations in 1947. Shortly after, the site was repurposed for agricultural use. In 1992, a parachute club began operating at the airfield, and it continues to do so today, offering parachuting experiences and lessons. Book your Skydiving Gift Vouchers now!
Hinton-in-the-Hedges Airfield (East Midlands) Looking for an amazing flying day out in Northamptonshire? Hinton-in-the-Hedges Airfield offers fascinating flying experiences right in the heart of the county, as well as many surrounding areas in the East Midlands. A wide selection of flying experiences are on offer here, including gliding, flying lessons and breathtaking skydiving, meaning you will never be short of options when you book to fly at Hinton-in-the-Hedges with FlyDays.
Hucknall Aerodrome (East Midlands) Hucknall Aerodrome in Nottinghamshire is now permanently closed. This former RAF airfield from both World Wars used to host a number of flying schools, with various activities such as flying lessons and helicopter rides. If you are looking for flying lessons in this area, read on to find out where else you can book flying days or experiences near the old site of Hucknall Aerodrome in the East Midlands with FlyDays.
Humberside Airport (East Midlands) If you’re looking for a fantastic flying experience in Lincolnshire, then you need look no further, as Humberside Airport will have just the experience for you. Humberside Airport offers light aircraft flying lessons where you can take to the skies and make your aviation dreams come true. It also offers a wonderful selection of Microlight experiences, truly an experience to remember. All available to book through dates and gift vouchers here with us on FlyDays.
Hungry Hill Farm Airstrip (West Midlands) Those looking to take in the sights of Herefordshire and over the border into Worcestershire will be in their element, as Hungry Hill Farm Airstrip, based deep in the Herefordshire countryside is ideally placed to offer Helicopter Flights and Pleasure Flights, Flying Lessons and Microlight Flights to take in the views from many thousands of feet up in the air, either on your own or with a loved one. Find out more information about Hungry Hill Farm Armstrip below together with available flight packages to book here on the FlyDays website.
Husbands Bosworth Airfield (East Midlands) Husbands Bosworth Airfield in Leicestershire was opened in 1943 operating as a RAF base, although the airfield's life as an RAF base was short lived as in 1946 it was decommissioned after it was no longer needed due war ending. Today the airfield is being used by the Gliding Centre and has been since 1965 and the East Midlands Air Support Unit since 1996. There is also a National Police Air Service that has a helicopter based there to serve the midlands and East Anglia. The airport also hosts Gliding Experiences which are available through our website.
Isle of Wight (Sandown) Airport (South East) Just over a mile west of Sandown, and near the village of Lake, Isle Of Wight (Sandown) Airport is ideally located to take in the second most populous island of England from the air! The perfect place to take in some flying experiences at this holidaymakers' haven just off the South Coast of England, why not book an Isle of Wight Flying Experience to enjoy on your next day trip or holiday with us today? Browse our complete selection available on FlyDays to book through our open Gift Vouchers.
IWM Duxford (East of England) The Imperial War Museum in Duxford, Cambridgeshire is undoubtedly a mecca for military and aviation history enthusiasts. First established as an RAF base in World War I, and playing a vital role in the Battle of Britain during World War II, the museum now houses over 200 aircraft, military vehicles, artillery, naval vessels and many exhibitions and artefacts. And that's not all, we are proud to offer some incredible Vintage Flying experiences, including a package where you can fly in formation in a Hurricane Hawker alongside a Spitfire. Browse and book our complete range of IWM Duxford Flying Experiences today.
Kirkbride Airfield (North West) Kirkbride Airfield airfield is a hub of excitement for aviation enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of flying experiences, including helicopter sightseeing flights, Lake District tours, and city helicopter sightseeing tours. These experiences will ignite the passion and anticipation of any aviation enthusiast.
Land's End Airport (South West) Lands End Airport provides a variety of Helicopter Experiences for you to choose from, all of which offer perfect views of the picturesque Cornish Coastline and Lands End. It is the UK’s most south-western airport on the mainland, and it has hosted various flying experiences over the stunning landscape that Cornwall has to offer.
Leeds Bradford Airport (Yorkshire and the Humber) Leeds Bradford Airport is the home of the Leeds Flying School, the premier destination in West Yorkshire for booking Wing Walking Flying Experiences in a Boeing Stearman biplane. With a Gift Voucher from our website, you can treat someone special in your life - or yourself - to a chance to fly above the clouds.
Leicester Airport (East Midlands) Leicester Airport is an aerodrome located in Leicestershire, under 6 miles away from Leicester City. The airfield was originally built in 1942 as part of the old RAF Leicester East station and prior to 1947 was named Stoughton Aerodrome. The airport is now home to Leicestershire Aero Club that celebrated their 100th year at the aerodrome in 2009. The aero club now offers flying lessons and experiences flying over local landmarks like Silverstone Circuit, Belvoir Castle and the city's football and rugby stadiums. Whether you are looking to learn to fly or experience aerobatics in a 2 seater aircraft you can find these adventures through FlyDays.
Little Gransden Airfield (East of England) Little Gransden is a private Airfield that offers Flying Experiences including Microlight Flights, Flying Lessons and Combat Simulators. The aeroplane flying lessons are in an Ikarus C42 which is a two-seater, single-engined monoplane. The Microlight flights are in a Pegasus Quantum which is a two-seater ultralight trike.
Liverpool John Lennon Airport (North West) An airbase situated in an instantly recognisable part of the UK and named after one of its most iconic figures, Liverpool John Lennon Airport offers the opportunity to enjoy some brilliant flying days and experiences in the North West of England. From helicopter flights over the city, to introductory Flying Lessons to get your aviation aspirations off to a great start, you’ll have a day out you’ll never forget.
Llantisllio Airfield (Wales) Llantisllio Airfield is a gliding site in North East Wales, surrounded by beautiful countryside. When flying you will see the dramatic Welsh landscape in this remote location. It is approximately 11 miles from Wexham. This location does not have any public transport links but is accessible by car. The club offers flying experiences, a great opportunity for people to get a taste for being in the air. Vouchers for flight experiences are available on FlyDays.
Lleweni Parc Airfield (Wales) Gliding at Lleweni Parc Airfield in North Wales, offers an exhilarating experience for gliding enthusiasts. Nestled amidst the beautiful landscapes of North Wales, the airfield provides an ideal setting for both beginners and seasoned glider pilots. Denbigh Gliding is renowned for its fabulous training and experiences, and the experienced instructors will ensure safe and enjoyable flights. The airfield has great facilities and well-maintained gliders, enabling participants to fully immerse themselves in the pleasure and excitement of powerless flight. With stunning views of the Clwydian Mountain Range and the Vale of Clwyd, every glide from Lleweni Parc is a memorable adventure.
London Ashford Airport (South East) Offering fantastic opportunities to take to the skies above the South East coast of England in the ‘Garden of England’, London Ashford Airport in Kent offers flying experiences for the whole family. No previous experience is required. Get airborne and become a pilot of a light aircraft for the first time, getting a fantastic view of Kent and our capital city from above - an experience like no other from FlyDays.
London Biggin Hill Airport (South East) London Biggin Hill Airport is situated near Bromley on the border with Kent, and is instantly recognisable to enthusiasts of military aviation, owing to its significance and use as an RAF fighter base during World War II. The airbase offers the opportunity to enjoy some incredible flying experiences, including VIP tours of the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar which faithfully restores iconic Spitfires, Vintage Flights, Flying Lessons, as well as the chance to take in a bird's eye view across London and the Kent Downs - all available here at FlyDays.
London Southend Airport (South East) London Southend Airport, based between Southend-on-Sea and Rochford in Essex, has consistently been voted as Britain’s best airport on several occasions in the last decade. And now’s your chance to discover why, as you have the opportunity to discover Essex and head to the Capital on a number of special flying experiences, including Helicopter Flights and Pleasure Flights. Find more details of available packages to book and information about London Southend Airport today on our website.
Long Marston Airfield (West Midlands) Though Long Marston Airfield near Stratford-upon-Avon has now closed for flying experiences, FlyDays still has a wide variety of fantastic flying experiences for aviation enthusiasts of all ages to book and enjoy at many great venues in the West Midlands, from Coventry to Warwickshire, from microlighting and gliding to flying lessons and helicopter rides and everything in between.
Lower Upham Airfield (South East) Soar over Hampshire with a Flying Lesson from Lower Upham Airfield easily located from Southampton and Winchester. Situated in the Solent CTR this airfield has been granted its own airspace and mainly uses Microlights such as the Ikarus C42 for Flying Lessons and experiences. Book using our website or purchase a gift voucher.
Lydd Airport (South East) Lydd Airport lies around 6 miles from Dungeness in Kent. The airport formerly known as Ferryfield, was built as a replacement for the old Ashford Airport which was used by the car ferry company Silver City Airways in 1954. By 1959 the airport was one of the busiest in the UK with over 250,000 passengers annually. Today the airport has a mix of private and training general aviation with corporate jets, air taxis, cargo and maintenance. The Airport also offers Flying Experiences available to be booked on FlyDays.
Manchester City Airport (North West) Located at the South edge of the City, Manchester City Airport offers an array of exhilarating Helicopter experiences that cater to both adventure seekers, aspiring pilots and sightseers. Among the standout offerings are the helicopter rides, which provide a bird's-eye view of the city and its surroundings. With options ranging from sightseeing and stadium tours to flying lessons and flight simulators, there is something for everyone.
Manston International Airport (South East) Manston International Airport, also known as Kent International Airport, is a former RAF base 13 miles north east of the cathedral city of Canterbury, and is near the village of Manston in the Thanet district of Kent. And there's no better place from which to explore the much loved "Garden of England" than from here. We offer a number of Helicopter Sightseeing Tours available here, which will take you up and above this glorious corner of the South East of England as you never have been before. Purchase one of our Gift Vouchers to use towards any of our Manston International Airport Flying Experiences which you can find below.
Melbourne Airfield (Yorkshire and the Humber) Originally just a grass airfield back in November 1940, Melbourne Airfield underwent significant development to become a standard RAF Bomber Command base, boasting three concrete runways and hangars. Notably, it was one of seventeen sites equipped with the FIDO fog dispersal system, making it a crucial diversion point for squadrons returning from operations to Yorkshire. Explore our full selection of Melbourne Airfield Gyroplane Flying Lessons and Experiences.
Membury Airfield (South East) Membury Airfield, a crucial base for the USAAF and RAF until 1947, is now managed by Southern Sailplanes, Flight Composites, and Aviation Enterprises, ensuring it remains a vibrant hub for aviation enthusiasts. Its extensive facilities cater to all maintenance needs, featuring dedicated spaces for composite repair, spraying, finishing, and fully equipped metal and wood shops. With both grass and hard runways, Membury offers the perfect setting for year-round flying adventures. Discover our full range of Membury Airfield Flying Lessons, Microlight Lessons and Experiences on the FlyDays website today.
Netherthorpe Airfield (Yorkshire and the Humber) Placed just outside Worksop in Nottinghamshire, Netherthorpe Airfield is the home of the Sheffield Aero Club, officially recognised as one of the leading PPL flying schools in the East Midlands. Originally opened in the 1930s, the Aero Club have been based here since 1961, and offer aviation enthusiasts in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and the surrounding counties the chance to fly light aircraft on a number of different Flying Lessons. Our full range of Netherthorpe Airfield Flying Experience packages can be found and booked below.
Newcastle International Airport (North East) Get to know the North of England's busiest airport with this fantastic mix of Helicopter Flying Lessons, Sightseeing Tours and even the chance to soar over St James' Park in a Stadium Tour just at your fingertips. Newcastle International Airport is easily located just 7 miles from the City Centre and offers flying lovers an array of Flying Experiences to explore.
Newquay Cornwall Airport (South West) Fancy taking flight to see the sun, sea and coastline of Cornwall as you never have before? Newquay Cornwall Airport will let you explore one of the warmest places in the British Isles from many thousands of feet up in the air with an amazing Flying Lessons, available to book through Gift Vouchers. Book your next Newquay Cornwall Airport flying experience today on our website.
Newtownards Airport (Northern Ireland) Newtownards Airport opened in 1934 and was extensively used during WWII by the RAF. Currently home to Ulster Flying Club and hosts frequent flying out of the airport, with Helicopters, Microlights and light aircraft using the site. Newtownards offers a variety of Helicopter Flying Experiences and Lessons available to be booked on our website.
North Denes Airport (East of England) North Denes Airport is situated just along the Northern suburbs of Great Yarmouth on the East coast of England. After a long history of being involved in the oil and gas industry, it is now home to a range of flying experiences like Vintage Flying and Aerobatics that you can purchase through FlyDays. Situated in a popular resort town, a flight from this airfield is the perfect add on experience for tourists and visitors to the area.
North Moor Airfield (East Midlands) Situated in central Lincolnshire is North Moor Airfield, a number one destination for those wanting to explore Flying Lessons in a friendly environment with less congested airspace and scenic views for miles. Use the page below to find out information about North Moor Airfield and the Flying Lessons available. Simply purchase a Gift Voucher or Book a Date with Flydays to secure your place on a Flying Experience.
North Weald Airfield (South East) North Weald is an operational general aviation aerodrome. It was an important fighter station during the battle of Britain, known as the RAF Station North Weald. It is also home to the North Weald Airfield Museum, many private aircraft, Essex and Herts Air Ambulance, and an active flight training airfield. and of course, currently also used as civilian airfield, hosting a variety of Flying Experiences, including Flying Lessons in light aircraft, the incredible Tiger Moth and the opportunity to fly alongside a spitfire available on here.
Norwich Airport (East of England) Located just 2.5 miles out of the bustling city of the city, Norwich Airport is an active commercial airport flying to various destinations across the UK and further afield. Not only is it East Anglia's busiest airport, it's also famously the airport of choice of royals Prince William and his wife, the Princess of Wales. This airfield hosts a range of flying experiences including VIP air experiences for two and flying lessons in light aircrafts.
Nottingham Airport (East Midlands) Nottingham Airport, or Nottingham City Airport, is located just two miles from the city centre, and offers some of the best general aviation facilities in this corner of the East Midlands. Home to a number of flight training facilities and flying schools and clubs, here at FlyDays, we offer a number of fantastic Helicopter Flights, Aeroplane Flying Lessons and many more flying packages to book. Browse and book from our complete selection of Nottingham Airport flying experiences below.
Nottingham Heliport (East Midlands) Take off from Nottingham Heliport which is just a 25-minute drive southeast of Nottingham City Centre. With an incredible array of Helicopter Flying Lessons ideal for aspiring pilots, scenic Helicopter Rides across Nottingham City or the glorious hills of the Peak District, and even football stadium tours, there’s something for everyone at this heliport in the heart of the East Midlands.
Old Sarum Airfield (South West) Old Sarum is a private small airfield tucked away in the picturesque countryside near Salisbury in Wiltshire. It is bustling with club activities and has a friendly, yet professional environment, making it the perfect place for your first flight in a light aircraft.
Otherton Airfield (West Midlands) If you have ever wanted to fly in a Microlight or even learn how to fly one, a Microlight Trial Flight is the perfect gift. Otherton Airfield in Stafford is a fabulous location with grass runways and beautiful surrounding countryside. Any instructor will tell you that once you have had your first trial flight you will get 'the bug'. Your flexi-wing instructor will give you a friendly welcome and ensure you have a fantastic Flying Experience. There are various flight times available varying in price.
Oxford Helipad (South East) Based at Chalgrove Airfield, half an hour's drive outside of the world famous university city of Oxford, Oxford Helipad is ideally placed to enjoy Helicopter Flights and Pleasure Flights and take in the sights from the air over this gorgeous section of quintessential English countryside. Positioned in the charming village of Chalgrove, those looking for Flying Experiences in the South East of England via helicopter will be in their element here. Find out more information about Oxford Helipad and details of available flying day packages today here on the FlyDays website.
Perranporth Airfield (South West) Perranporth Airfield is an ex WWII RAF fighter station. The airfield is located 1.5 miles southwest of Perranporth and 6 miles southwest of Newquay in Cornwall. Sitting along the coast there are spectacular views from both air and ground at this airfield. Now home to Perranporth Flying Club you can now take to the skies in a Microlight or Piper Cherokee plane. You can book your Flying Experience from Perranporth here on FlyDays.
Perth Airport (Scotland) Nestled in the east of Scotland amongst some of the most beautiful scenery around is Perth Airport, just 2 miles away from the historic town of Scone and 4 miles from the city of Perth. Home to the Scottish Aero Club, this airfield offers an array of Helicopter Tours, Flying Lessons and Gyrocopter Flights to satisfy all your flying needs. With beautiful scenery surrounding the airport it is a perfect place for a flying experience.
Popham Airfield (South East) Popham Airfield is near Winchester, it lies along the A303 road and is located 6.9 miles south west of Basingstoke and is home to the South of England’s longest runway. The airfield was once home to a secret Star Wars Ep7 filming location with half of a full size Millennium Falcon spaceship, which was discovered by a staff pilot from AirBourne Aviation training school, which calls the airfield home. The training school runs Flying Lessons and Microlighting Experiences with vouchers you can find here on our website.
Powys and Mid Wales Airport (Wales) Powys and Mid Wales Airport was formerly known as Welshpool Airport and can be found 2 miles south of Welshpool in Wales. The Airport was built by the passion of the original owner Bob Jones. Bob started flying at the age of 13 and in 1987 made a grass strip on his own farm. When the rural wales development board was looking for a space for an airport, Bob was at the front of the queue. He poured time and his love of aviation into the airport and even became one of the UKs most qualified pilots. After he sadly died in 2012 his airport was passed to his family who still run the Airport today. You can take part in flying experiences such as Flying Lessons in a plane or Helicopter, or Flying tours in a helicopter or Microlight here by booking an unforgettable experience through us.
RAF Coningsby (East Midlands) RAF Coningsby has a rich history in wartime aviation and is now a key training base for Typhoon pilots. Since Captain O'Grady took command in February 2024, it has become an ideal spot for aviation enthusiasts, Typhoon fans, or anyone looking for a fun day out. Check out our full range of RAF Coningsby Flying Lessons and Experiences on the FlyDays website today.
RAF Henlow Airfield (East of England) Want to take to the skies over the gorgeous ceremonial county of Bedfordshire? Although civil aviation has ceased at RAF Henlow Airfield, FlyDays still offers some incredible opportunities to enjoy some unforgettable airborne time with flying days and experiences here and in the surrounding counties of Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, including a selection of flying lessons and helicopter tours.
RAF Mildenhall (East of England) Explore Flying Experiences and Simulator Sessions available at RAF Mildenhall situated in the heart of East Anglia. With a long history stretching back to the 1930s, and an airbase which is in current use by the United States Air Force, it’s the perfect location for those wanting to begin their flying journey. Gift Vouchers for all experiences are available through the FlyDays website.
Redhill Aerodrome (South East) Nestled in the heart of Surrey, Redhill Aerodrome is the ideal backdrop for a range of thrilling aerial experiences. Whether you want to be a pilot for a day, enjoy a City Helicopter Tour over the City of London or have you guts turned inside out with a thrilling Biplane Aerobatic Flight, Redhill has it all. Browse our selection of flying experiences below which are all buyable as a Gift Voucher. We have something to suit every taste and budget.
Ridgewell Airfield (South East) Those in Essex with a keen interesting in gliding will find plenty to enjoy at Ridgewell Airfield, as it's the home of the Essex Gliding Club, offering the most fun possible with one of the calmest form of flight around, as it's just the thermals keeping your airbound - so you'll feel like a swooping bird from up high over the Essex countryside. Book vouchers for Gliding Experiences at Ridgewell Airfield today on our website.
Robin Hood Airport (Yorkshire and the Humber) With a wide variety of flying days and experiences on offer to book right in the heart of South Yorkshire, Robin Hood Airport offers the chance to get airborne in fantastic aircraft such as two seater aeroplanes, Microlights and Helicopters, offering you views and thrills that have to be seen to be believed. Book yours today from available dates and gift vouchers with FlyDays.
Rochester Airport (South East) Book a Flying Experience or Flying Lesson at Rochester Airport in Kent. The array of experiences available include Cessna Flying Lessons, Microlight Flights and Gyroplane lessons. More information can be found at the foot of the page.
Saltby Airfield (East Midlands) Saltby Airfield, in Leicestershire is a former WWII base used by both the RAF and the US Army Airforce and used primarily as a transport airfield. Now used primarily for gliders and some light aircraft, while also being home to Buckminster Gliding Club. The airfield is located 8 miles northeast of Melton Mowbray. Saltby Airfield now offers various experiences including Flying Lessons, Microlight Experiences and Gliding for those wanting to get up in the air for the first time.
Sheffield Aero Club (East Midlands) If you’re in South Yorkshire, love flying, and are looking towards obtaining your Private Pilot’s Licence, Sheffield Aero Club is just the place to start. Easily located half an hour outside Sheffield city, it offers a wide range of flying lessons under CAA qualified instruction that will introduce you to the joys of aviation and maybe even a promising hobby or career in it. All available to book through dates and gift vouchers with FlyDays.
Shobdon Aerodrome (West Midlands) Starting life as a British Army camp and RAF base, Shobdon Aerodrome, nestled in the Herefordshire countryside, is now one of the most lively bases to enjoy a wide selection of Helicopter Flying Lessons - something to keep aviation enthusiasts occupied. You can browse and book our full collection of Shobdon Aerodrome flying experiences that we have available to book on our website.
Shoreham Airport (South East) You’ll be flying as high as the seagulls when you take to the skies from Brighton City Airport with one of our Gift Vouchers. Get ready to enjoy a range of brilliant Flying Experiences, with amazing views of the rolling Sussex countryside, dotted with quaint villages, and revel in the sights of the South coast and bustling Brighton itself. Sussex by the sea, Sussex from the air.
Sibson Aerodrome (East of England) Finding an excellent flying day or experience near Peterborough need not be a stress. Sibson Aerodrome is ideally placed, just a short drive from the Cathedral city in the East of England, offering a variety of Skydiving and Aerobatics Experience packages to take in the wonderful county of Cambridgeshire from the air, as well as Flying Lessons. Perfect to enjoy with a loved one whatever the special occasion may be. Book yours today via available dates and gift vouchers from our website.
Skegness Airfield (East Midlands) Skegness Airfield opened in 1992 and is home to Skegness Aero Club and is located 3 miles north along the coast from Skegness. It is a small airfield located in Water Leisure Park and hosts flying lessons, skydives and other flying experiences. Browse and book from our complete selection of Skegness Airfield Flying Experiences today on the FlyDays website. Please note that flying experiences are not currently running from this Airfield.
Sleap Aerodrome (West Midlands) Located 10 miles north of Shrewsbury in Shropshire, Sleap Airfield has been operating as a general aviation airfield since 1955. The airfield built in 1942 has history as a training ground to bomber crews that flew Whitley Bombers. Sleap Airfield is now home to Shropshire Aero Club which offers a variety of flying experiences available to book on FlyDays.
Snowdonia Aerospace Centre (Wales) Snowdonia Aerospace Centre is a short distance from LLanbedr, just in from the North West coast along Snowdonia. This is a stunning part of Wales and is the perfect place to go flying due to the spectacular views. The airfield offers experiences flying in light aircraft where you can either be a passenger or take the pilot's seat and take the controls. You can find vouchers for flying experiences on FlyDays.
Solent Airport (South East) Solent has a long history of military use from starting as a Naval aviation base in 1917, changing to an RAF base just a year later with naval aviation continuing under the RAF. The base had heavy use during WWII, even being named the busiest airfield on D-Day. It continued its importance after the war, even having an aircraft unit based there. Since 1996 the military handed over use to coast guards and air search helicopters. The airfield continued to evolve in use until today where it is used for leisure flying. The airport offers flying experiences with lessons in light aircraft and flight simulators available on FlyDays.
Spanish Point Airfield (Republic of Ireland) Spanish Point Airfield, near Miltown Malbay is in County Clare. The airfield is close to the West coast of Ireland and will give amazing views of the coast and sea. The site is privately owned and has both a grass runway and a helipad. Spanish Point offers Helicopter Flying Experiences such as Helicopter Tours!
Stapleford Airfield (South East) With easy access right off the M25 motorway, Stapleford Airfield is the perfect place for a Flying Experience in Essex. You can take your first steps towards becoming a pilot with Flying Lessons. No previous experience is required and with no time at all, you will be flying far above the beauty of the Essex countryside. As well as Flying Lessons, the venue also offers Simulator Sessions in a commercial pilot training sim. All available to book through gift vouchers and dates on our regularly updated calendar.
Stoke Airstrip (South East) If you’re visiting sunny Kent nestled in the South East of England looking for a Helicopter Flying Experience you are in the right place! Stoke Medway Airfield is situated on the Hoo Peninsula between the River Thames and the River Medway in Kent, making it a perfect location for exploring the sights and sounds of Rochester and the coastal landscape.
Sutton Meadows Airfield (East of England) In our view, Sutton Meadows in Ely is one of the best microlight fields in the UK. This outstanding airport in the middle of the Cambridgeshire has three grass runways you can choose your takeoff and landing directions, which is ideal for these small aircraft. Home to the friendly Cambridgeshire Microlight Club which organises frequent fly-outs - you will get professional tuition from David Broom, the chief instructor and proprietor of the school.
Swansea Airport (Wales) The opportunity to get airborne in the south of Wales is closer than you think at Swansea Airport. Nestled in the Gower Park AONB, and overlooking Swansea Bay, you can get the chance to commence your flying dreams with our range of flying days and experiences packages, including Flying Lessons, Helicopter Rides and Microlight Flying. All packages are available to book through gift vouchers and dates with
Tatenhill Airfield (West Midlands) Offering wonderful opportunities for all to enjoy flying days and experiences in Staffordshire in the West Midlands, Tatenhill Airfield offers the chance to pilot and learn to fly aeroplanes, as well as embark on daredevil aerobatic stunts that are not for the faint hearted. All of our flying packages at this excellent venue are available to book through dates and gift vouchers from our site.
Teesside International Airport (North East) Teesside International Airport, previously Durham Tees Valley Airport, can be found between Darlington and Stockton-On-Tees in the North East of England. While being a busy commercial airport, it has an 80 year long history from being a WWII bomber base opening in January of 1941 as RAF Middleton St George. Today alongside its internal and international flights it also hosts Flying Experiences that can be found on FlyDays to book.
Thruxton Airport (South East) Thruxton Airport is located in Andover, Hampshire. Originally opened in 1942 as an RAF base. After the war the airport was reopened by the Wiltshire School of flying in 1947 where private flying experiences continue to be run. Along with flying experiences the airfield also hosts motorbike racing on its runway. Browse and book Flying Experiences at Thruxton Airport with us today on the Flydays website.
Turweston Aerodrome (East Midlands) Looking for a great Helicopter Tour or Flying Lesson in Buckinghamshire? Turweston Aerodrome, located on Turweston Airfield in the Aylesbury Vale, is an ideal location, with good links bordering with Northamptonshire. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one to some time in the skies, these experiences are the perfect gift for Aviation or even Formula 1 fans due to it's Proximity to the Silverstone Race Course
Waterford Airport (Republic of Ireland) Waterford Airport is located in the South East of Ireland. After seeing the success of airports in Shannon, Cork and Dublin, in 1977 the Chamber President decided that Waterford could benefit from an airport. Based near the town of Waterford that is the oldest city in Ireland being founded by Vikings in 914 A.D, which celebrated its 1100th birthday in 2014. The airport has been home to Waterford aero club since 1982 and offers Helicopter Flying Experiences.
Wellesbourne Airfield (West Midlands) On the hunt for fabulous flying days and experiences situated on the border between Warwickshire and the Cotswolds? Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield could be just the venue for you, offering fabulous Flying Lessons led by expert instructors, all available to book with Gift Vouchers or from dates on our Events calendar on out website.
Weston-Super-Mare Airport (South West) Searching for flying days and experiences near Weston-super-Mare in Somerset? Then look no further as we have a selection of airfields and airports near this renowned coastal town in the South West of England, that offer some incredible opportunities to get airborne, with a range of experiences to choose from. Get the chance to explore Gloucestershire, Somerset, Dorset. Bristol, Devon, Cornwall and Wiltshire as you never have before from many feet up in the air with FlyDays.
Driffield House (Yorkshire and the Humber) Discover the beautiful countryside of Somerset with Microlight Flights with FlyDays. Formerly known as RAF Weston Zoyland, this Airfield is one of the oldest in the United Kingdom and is packed with history, having opened originally in the early 1920’s. The airfield is located approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) east-southeast of Bridgwater, Somerset; about 125 miles (201 km) west-southwest of London. You do not need any previous experience, and best of all you can bring the whole family along to watch, whether you book directly onto an available date or purchase an open gift voucher from us here.
White Waltham Airfield (South East) Based near Maidenhead in Surrey, White Waltham Airfield is easily accessible from Central London, and offers those with more of a head for heights the chance to perform daredevil aerial feats on our range of Aerobatic Flying Experiences. Feel the adrenaline rush as you take on loop the loops and spins in an aerobatic plane above Surrey and the neighbouring countryside of Berkshire. Find and book from all of our White Waltham Airfield Flying Experiences below.
Wickenby Aerodrome (East Midlands) Searching for some time in the air over the Wolds of Lincolnshire is easily taken care of, with our range of flying days and experiences at Wickenby Aerodrome. There’s plenty of opportunities to get airborne with a selection of Flying Lessons, Helicopter Rides and Microlight packages. FlyDays will get you up, up and away with all experiences here available to book through dates or gift vouchers.
Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport (West Midlands) Explore your way through the West Midlands with a variety of Flying Experiences at Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport. Nestled in the heart of South Staffordshire, it's located just 8 miles south west from the vibrant city of Wolverhampton. Whether you want to learn to fly in a Microlight, explore the area with a Helicopter Ride or get up close and personal with Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, everything is possible with a Flydays Gift Voucher.
Wormingford Airfield (South East) Wormingford Airfield has been home to Essex and Suffolk Gliding club since the late 1990’s. The airfield is situated outside Colchester and is a former WWII RAF fighter base. With great facilities the gliding club is a great place to give Gliding a go or offer experiences for those who have already got the gliding bug. You can find flying experiences for Wormingford Airfield here on our website.
Wycombe Air Park (South East) Flying Experiences in the heart of Buckinghamshire await for you at Wycombe Air Park. Also known as Booker Airfield, there’s the chance to go skywards with a series of Flying Lessons in two-seater aeroplanes that will also count towards obtaining your Private Pilot’s Licence, also offering Microlighting Experiences. All our experiences here can be booked through dates on our Events calendar or our open gift vouchers.
Yatesbury Airfield (South West) Yatesbury Airfield is home to the Wiltshire Microlight Centre, a British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA) registered school offering those in the South West of England looking for a small but mighty way to take the skies in a variety of flexwing and fixed wing microlights. Start your journey to gaining your microlighting wings today and find all venue information together with available Microlighting experience and Flying Lesson packages at Yatesbury Airfield to book right here.

Finding Your FlyDays Airfield

We have listed the airfields that provide flying experiences, all in one place for you to simply click and read the information provided to learn more. From flying lessons at Cumbernauld Airport and Liverpool John Lennon Airport, to helicopter flights at Coventry Airport and Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport.

There's also Gliding at Hinton-in-the-Hedges Airfield and Eaglescott Airfield, Microlighting at Sheffield Aero Club and Beverley/Linley Airfield. Daredevil stunts await with our Aerobatic flights at Tatenhill Airfield and Stapleford Airfield, whilst a taste of some flying of yesteryear comes courtesy of our Vintage Tiger Moth flights at Sibson Aerodrome and Brighton City Airport.

We list experiences, lessons and gifts for the selected airfield, as well as flying lessons, experiences and gifts in the surrounding region for your ease of choice. We have tried to compile some interesting information, history and facts about the airfield and its location. We provide address details and even a map to help you plan your day to give you complete peace of mind.

What Can I Fly at my Airfield?

Some of the airfields - such as Eaglescott Airfield and Beverley/Linley Airfield - offer a wide range of flying experiences, such as flying lessons, helicopter flights, gliding, vintage flights and micro lighting all at the same venue. This could open up the potential for a fantastic flying experience day for the whole family in one go.

Just think. A 40 minute Tiger Moth flight for the grandparents, a 30 minute introductory flying lesson for mum and dad; and for any spirited teenagers looking for more thrills, a Gliding discovery flight or 30 minutes Microlight flight could be ideal. Some time in the air to keep everyone happy.

With all our open gift vouchers, you purchase and, so long as you have not redeemed it and committed to a date booking, you can use your voucher as cash value. So for example, if you buy a Microlight Experience for someone, and they would prefer a Helicopter Flight, you can book a helicopter flight date instead.

We have a comprehensive list of airfields and airports from the North or the country to the South, from the East to the West, so you should have no problem finding the right place to complete your flying experience of a lifetime.

Here are some of the aircraft available for a flying experience:

Using the FlyDays Airfield Map

There are two ways you can easily locate a FlyDays airfield near you to book your next flying experience. You can select from the list we have above.

Or if you're wanting to compare two or even three airfields in your area, you can do this too, using our Airfield Map. You can adjust the radius to locate airfields within a given distance of your chosen region or locale.

FlyDays Information

All the information we provide about our airfields and airports here on FlyDays is correct at time of writing (August 2020). However, if any of the information listed is incorrect, or in the event that we have missed out some important information or details about a particular venue, please do contact us using the details at the bottom of this page, and we will be happy to rectify this accordingly.

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