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Helicopter Flying Lessons

With rocketing rotor blades and thrumming engines, there are few aircraft that are quite as exhilarating to learn to fly in as a helicopter. Our selection of Helicopter Flying Lessons are great fun for a day up in the air, but also a great way to get introduced to the excitement of piloting a helicopter, with CAA qualified helicopter instructors offering full guidance and expertise to help you get the most out of learning to fly a chopper - the experience of which counts towards applying for your Helicopter Pilot's Licence. Browse and book from our complete range of Helicopter Lesson experiences below today with

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Why Should I Learn To Fly a Helicopter?

Helicopters are perhaps one of the most fun aircraft you can learn to fly in. Powered on vast engines, and consisting of three, or sometimes even four rotor blades, that act as wings, they get airborne by spinning the blades to move air very fast over the rotor.

They're - for the most part - a lot smaller in size than a conventional fixed wing aeroplane as well, so they can pilot up, down or move in just about any direction very quickly once in the air. And they can fly to just about anywhere in the country - from bustling cityscapes such as London and Manchester, to high above beautiful open countryside or coastline such as Cornwall and Wales.

In short, learning to fly a helicopter offers excitement, possibility and adventure - the best kind of experience you can have from many thousands of feet up in the air!

What Helicopter Flying Lessons Are Available?

We have a cool selection of Helicopter Flying Lesson experiences at Piloting Schools in the UK that you can book here at FlyDays. Our Insight to Becoming a Helicopter Pilot for One is a perfect entry level package for those as young as 12 years old that are thinking about becoming a helicopter pilot.

Widely recognised as an excellent first step towards obtaining a Helicopter Pilots Licence, your lesson will take place alongside a CAA qualified helicopter instructor in a two seater helicopter.

The instructors on these Helicopter Pilot Training sessions have flown everything, from Super Pumas in training to choppers used on North Sea operations, so you can be assured that you'll be learning with the very best and most experienced hands around.

Not only will you get 1:1 time up in the air learning the basics of piloting a helicopter, but you'll also get detailed notes on how you did from the instructor to help you improve your skills and performance, plus there's a couple of very informative presentations, which showcases some of the models of helicopters available, and which also introduces you to some of the possible career opportunities available to you when you become a fully qualified helicopter pilot.

Meanwhile, our Tactical Helicopter Flying Lessons - available for one, two or even a group of three where you each get three flights - the first two of which are 20 minute observation sessions, to take in the sights as a passenger, then to closely watch and pick up tips from the instructor to help get the most out of flying a chopper.

Then the third and final session will see you put into practice all that you've learnt, with 20 minutes' flying time. You'll get detailed feedback in your student notes booklet which you can take away on the day to help you progress your training further. And hey, if you make it a group booking (which this package is ideal for), you can compare notes with your friends, colleagues or family members and see who really has bragging rights to being king or queen of the skies!

How Much Do Flying Lesson Experiences Cost?

The good news? Not as much as you would think! Most of our Helicopter Flying Lesson packages start from under £100, so whilst you've got the opportunity to go sky high, rest assured your billing for it won't be!

They do therefore make a unique gift idea for the budding chopper pilot in your life, whether it's for their birthday, Christmas or even a Wedding or Retirement Gift with a difference. Some of our packages are also quite flexible to book for Groups (e.g. Stag and Hen Parties) or Corporate (e.g. Team Building) days - contact our dedicated team to find out more info and to speak to our Account Manager to discuss your options.

How to Book A Helicopter Flying Lesson

Dates for all our upcoming Helicopter Flying Lessons at UK wide venues, including a huge selection of airfields, aerodromes and flying clubs, can be found on our all new and regularly updated Helicopter Flying Lessons calendar.

But you can also purchase one of our open Gift Vouchers, which can be redeemed and used on all of our Helicopter Flying Lesson experiences towards a later date up to 9 months in advance, offering great flexibility to be used at a time you or your loved ones will enjoy them best.

Terms and Conditions for Helicopter Flying Lessons

Once you order a voucher, it will be dispatched by one of our agency partners by e-voucher or by post, depending on which you choose when you checkout.

Vouchers are valid until the expiry date shown on your Voucher (typically 10-12 months).

In most cases, once you activate your voucher you will be sent the instructions to redeem the voucher directly with the airfield or operator. Because flying experiences (other than simulators) can only take place in suitable/ safe weather conditions, you must be prepared to be flexible on your activity date. If the agent or operator cancels your experience date, they will inform you as soon as possible and do their very best to offer an alternative date or location. Once a specific date has been booked, you will automatically become bound by the terms and conditions that the individual operator may have. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the descriptions contained on our products are a true reflection of the experience, these do not form part of a contract. If on contacting the operator you feel that the activity taking place no longer accurately represents the activity purchased, the relevant agent will exchange the voucher or refund the purchase price.

If you have any more questions about Helicopter Flying Lessons gift vouchers and experiences please contact us.

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