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Gliding Experiences

No engine sound and no hassle. Gliding experiences are a truly tranquil way of taking in the breath-taking views of your chosen location. Nothing beats sitting in the cockpit of one of these amazing and modern aircraft's without any engine to rely on. Although that may seem daunting at first, it’s a safe and thrilling experience.

Thanks to our fantastic range of glider experiences, you get the chance to see the world from above in the most graceful way. Learn to fly through the clouds and test your courage in this experience day of a lifetime.

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Glider Introductory Flying Lesson For ONE Experience from

Glider Introductory Flying Lesson For ONE

Your glider will be hooked up to a tug aircraft or attached to a winch - ready for launch! Your instructor will pull the release handle and you are t ...
£ 99.00
Gliding with an Aerotow Experience from

Gliding with an Aerotow

After your first flight you'll be hooked on this superb sport. Why? It's much more challenging than powered flight - you need a lot of skill to keep ...
£ 109.00
40 Minute Motor Gliding Flight Experience from

40 Minute Motor Gliding Flight

Soar through the sky in a motorised glider and take advantage of the streams of warm rising air and the wonders of aerodynamic engineering to help ke ...
£ 129.00

What is a Glider?

A glider is an aircraft that is heavier than air, and is supported during flight by the reaction of air against its lifting surfaces. Unlike other flying experiences, it does not depend on an engine to stay in flight. They rely fully on four forces; lift, drag, weight and thrust. However, gliders do not generate thrust, as they have no engine. 

Gliders must generate lift to oppose its weight. The motion of lift generates drag, and when the drag is unopposed, this is when the Glider starts to glide back down to the ground as there is nothing powering it forward. 

This unique FlyDays experience is a much more peaceful way of learning to fly, and would be a great gift idea for someone seeking a flying day with more tranquility. 

What to Expect on your Gliding Experience

Gliding Experiences are a fantastic way of seeing the world below - without the annoying drone of an engine. Being sat in the cockpit as you co-pilot the glider is enough to make anyone excited! On the day of your Gliding Experience, you can expect a full safety briefing to ensure that you are up to date with all of the safety precautions for your flight. 

You will be given full flying lessons by a fully trained professional, so if you feel confident enough, you can take to the controls and fly the aircraft yourself! 

This learn to fly experience is relaxing yet thrilling at the same time, and also perfect for anyone who loves aviation or who wants to experience something a little different.

On the Day

The glider flying experience will be full of adrenaline thrilled activities and lessons. You’ll begin the day by receiving brief pilot lessons, learning about the fundamentals of aviation, before making the move and starting your ascent into the skies!

As you’ll be guided by fully trained professional glider pilots, there is absolutely no reason to be concerned. Not only will you understand aviation, but you’ll also get to experience the sensation of hovering over the UK skies whilst controlling the aircraft yourself! 

This sensation of hovering thousands of feet in the sky in a peaceful environment is not the only perk of this gift experience. The glider reaches speeds up to 90mph, so it fulfills the speed junkies as well.

This unique flight will provide you with a peaceful yet adrenaline fuelled experience that you will not forget. The opportunity to see the stunning scenery below is something that should not be taken for granted, so make sure to book a UK Gliding experience today!

Book a Gliding Experience

Arranging and booking a FlyDays Glider Experience is incredibly simple. The Activities listed above all show our latest availability provided by our suppliers.

Just go ahead and book onto any of the future dates and secure your Glider Experience today! If you’re unsure of dates and want more flexibility, then our open vouchers are also a fantastic option for booking flying lessons. 

Our open vouchers are a superb, unique gift idea for any friends or family. The freedom offers them the opportunity to book their Glider experience whenever suits them. Perfect for birthdays or other special occasions, waste no time and get someone a flying gift today.


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