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Flight Simulator Experiences

Take to the skies without even leaving the comfort of the ground. Take a 30 minute or 60 minute session in a Boeing 747 flight simulator and learn what it's really like to pilot a commercial airline. The next best thing to real life flying lessons, this is as real as it gets without actually being in the aircraft itself. The flight simulator is used to train real pilots and designed to mimic various scenarios of flight including take off, landing, turbulence and faults. We also have other simulator options that can be purchased as gift vouchers. Flight simulator experiences are perfect if you are afraid of heights but want to experience the thrill of flight.

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What is a Flight Simulator Experience?

A flight simulator experience is a great opportunity to get the true feeling of flight without even leaving the comfort of the ground. You will be able to enter the cockpit of an aircraft simulator, which is used to train professional pilots. Flight Simulators are designed to be exactly like a real plane, with the same interior layout, varying weather conditions, and the ability to re-enact different scenarios which come up during a flight. Flight simulator experiences are perfect for anyone who wants to fly a plane, but isn't keen on heights! You truly get an understanding of what airline pilots experience.

What to Expect from a Flight Simulator Experience

There’s one way to take to the skies with without ever leaving earth, and it’s as close to the real thing as possible. Indeed, a Flight Simulator experience inside a life-like cockpit is so realistic, that the only way you’ll realise that you’re not in a real airplane is because you’re sitting in the captain’s seat!

Learning how to use the flight simulator is also an incredibly fun part of this flying experience. The flight lesson will not only teach you valuable lessons about the importance of safety, how the aircraft works and other facts important to aviation, but it is also a chance to get an insight into the complexities of a pilot’s experience, all whilst on a virtual flight. 

The Real Deal

Modern technology will whisk you skyward on the flight simulator, as you take control of the flight, from take-off to landing.

And while home PCs and gaming consoles boast amazing graphics, and have made flight simulator games incredibly popular, they still don’t come anywhere close to the exhilaration of a fully functional flight simulator.

Every attention to detail has been paid to and accounted for inside the cockpit, with every button and switch the same as you would find on a real aircraft. This is a flight experience like no other, and is the perfect gift idea for a loved one! 

Fear Not

A flight simulator experience can also be a great way to help overcome a fear of flying or aviophobia.

Sitting in a realistic cockpit and taking the controls provides a valuable insight as to how an aircraft flies, plus the incredible safety systems that are on board modern airplanes.

Your instructor will also provide tips and advice for the perfect take-off and landing, plus give some pointers as to what goes on throughout the duration of the flight.

Most importantly of course, all the time you’re in the air, you’re really still safely on the ground. Although not a stereotypical way of approaching a fear, this gift experience will not only provide fun and entertainment but can help others overcome mental obstacles as well. 

You’re In Control

Being a virtual experience means that you’re in total control, from choosing where to fly from, the weather conditions and practice scenarios.

It allows you to push your flying skills as hard or softly as you like, safe in the knowledge that terra firma is always just a few feet below.

Take It To The Next Level

A flight simulator experience could also ignite a passion for real flying. Step outside the virtual cockpit and into a real one with a flying lesson, available at airfields across the UK with

Just like with a flying simulator experience, you can actually take the controls but this time you really will be high above the ground. What’s more, you can use the skills learned in the flying simulator to impress your instructor!

To find out more about and book for one of our Flying Lessons packages, you can head to our dedicated Flying Lessons page.

Booking a Flight Simulator Experience

Whether it’s to surprise a computer game buff in your life, or even just to help you face your fears of flying head on, arranging and booking for a Flydays Flight Simulator Experience couldn’t be simpler.

Our open gift vouchers are both a fantastic present idea, and offer greater flexibility to attend a time and date to suit you or your loved one. Alternatively, if there’s an available forthcoming date you’re interested in you can book directly onto this from our regularly updated Events calendar.

This unique gift idea is the perfect for those seeking  virtual flying experience, or as a flight gift for a loved one. The FlyDays Simulator is one of our most engaging products as it suits the adrenaline junkies, the computer buff’s and those that are a little more anxious about flight. Waste no more time and book onto this incredible experience today. 


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