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NatureEye Remote Drone Experience -  Worldwide

NatureEye Remote Drone Experience - Worldwide

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About the experience

Who says you need to hop on a plane to get away to somewhere different this winter? With our Remote Drone Experience, you've got the unique opportunity to discover many amazing and different places - all without leaving the comfort of your home! You'll get to be a virtual tourist on a NatureEye remote drone flight to the destination of your choice. NatureEye works with a dedicated team of expert drone pilot guides based in many different locations across the globe. And there's no shortage of destinations to choose from, from the dramatic Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Iceland, to the majestic Elephant Sands in Botswana, and the wide Mekong River in Cambodia to the ancient peaks of Machu Picchu in Peru amongst others. Following a short training session on how to control and manoeuvre the drone via your laptop or PC, you'll be ready to fly the drone - and yes, you really are the pilot and it will be in real time! Your drone pilot on the ground will be with you for the duration of the flight, and will be able to offer their guidance on the best places to fly your drone over - and they're also on hand if you get stuck and need a bit of help. You'll also be able to capture images directly from the live feed which you can keep as a lasting memento of your journey. Are you ready to get away for the trip of a lifetime from your home?

  • Pilot a drone remotely from your laptop
  • Explore destinations worldwide
  • Assisted by local pilots on the ground
  • Capture amazing images as you fly

  • Fly a drone at a destination across the world from the comfort of your own home
  • Multiple locations to choose from
  • Book your flight online once you have redeemed your voucher
  • Complete 5-10 minutes of flight training
  • Fly your drone with an experienced copilot and guide on the ground (option for to have the drone flown for you is available)
  • During your flight your guide will educate you on the landscape, nature and points of interest
  • Take high resolution images from the drone and download the images at the end of your flight
  • The drone has high resolution cameras with powerful zoom lenses, quiet propellers and obstacle avoidance safety features
  • Drone flights last up to 25 minutes once the training is complete


  • Suitable for those who are able to use a laptop or computer

  • You are welcome to enjoy this experience with friends and family

  • Antioch Reserve, Hoedspruit, South Africa: One of South Africa's most beautiful landscapes with animals roaming on the plains, trees and bushland
  • Chyulu Hills, Mtito Andei, Kenya: Features a watering hole, land animals, mountains, a national park and art exhibit
  • Dungeness Spit, Washington, United States: Features the ocean, natural sand pit, aquatic animals, a river and birds
  • Elephant Sands, Nata, Botswana: Features watering hole and land animals
  • Fagradalsfjall Volcano Grindavik, Iceland: Explore Iceland's most recently erupted volcano with it's lava still cooling and the potential to see the next lava flow
  • Cloud Forest, Machu Picchu, Pueblo, Peru: Features a historic site, a national park, archaeology, mountains, birds, a river and cloud forest
  • Mekong River, Kratie, Cambodia: Features a river and aquatic animals
  • Sibuya Reserve, Eastern Cape, South Africa: A nature reserve on the Sunshine Coast with lush vegetation and an abundance of wildlife, potential to spot lions. leopards, rhinos, elephant and African buffalo along with other wildlife species and birds

  • Weekdays and weekends throughout the year, subject to availability
  • Various time slots are available to book depending on the destination you choose

  • A laptop or computer is required to do this experience
  • Please note that the sighting of animals/wildlife is not guaranteed during the flight

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