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If you are looking to find the perfect flying gift for an aviation enthusiast then you have come to the right place. We have a huge selection of Flying Experiences and Flying lessons fro ...

If you are looking to find the perfect flying gift for an aviation enthusiast then you have come to the right place. We have a huge selection of Flying Experiences and Flying lessons from around the UK. From Perth, Scotland, right the way to Cornwall in the South West of England, no matter where you are, you are never be far way from a sensational flying experience. From breathtaking birds-eye views of the UK's stunning countryside, to the rush and excitement of our capital city, we have a flying experience for everyone.

Which experience best suits YOU?

Tactical Helicopter Flying Lessons

If you have a passion for heights and want to put your abilities to the test, then a Tactical Helicopter flying lesson in perfect for you. Take to the skies and feel like a VIP as you cruise over your chosen location putting your abilities to the test as you learn how to hover, fly and manoeuvre the Helicopter. Helicopter Lessons in the UK are a fantastic experience.

Flying Lessons

Make your flying dreams come true as you take control of a modern, light aircraft over one of our many picturesque locations across the UK. If you want to kick-start your Pilot career or just want to feel the true exhilarating experience of flight, then a flying lesson is perfect for you.

Aerobatic Experiences

Aerobatic experiences in the uk are like no other. If you are a fan of theme parks and roller coaster, then why not really push your nerves to the limit in our unbelievable aerobatic experiences in the UK. Feel an extreme adrenaline rush as you experience loop the loops, barrel rolls, stall turns and much more in the flying experience of a lifetime. These are not for the feint hearted!

With a range of spectacular locations and options across the UK, these are the perfect adrenaline filled days out if you love living on the edge!

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Special Offers and New Vouchers

60 Minute Extended Flying Lesson - UK Wide

Take to the skies with his outstanding hour long flying lesson - available UK wi...


Product ID: 1120

£199.00   £185.00

30 Minute Introductory Flying Lesson - UK Wide Selection

Fly through the sky with this amazing experience - available at 33 locations UK ...


Product ID: 1136

£125.00   £104.00

Introduction to Becoming an Airline Pilot Special Offer

Take to the skies and pick up some pilot training with this fantastic special of...


Product ID: 1594

£199.00   £115.00

Tactical Helicopter Flying Lesson

Discover all aspects of helicopter flight!


Product ID: 3847

£199.00   £97.00

Insight to Becoming a Helicopter Pilot

Find out what it takes to become a helicopter pilot - including flying lesson, t...

Product ID: 3894

£279.00   £139.00

Spectacular Silverstone Helicopter Flying Lesson

Take control of a helicopter high above the famous Silverstone racetrack!


Product ID: 3938

£275.00   £139.00

Helicopter Tour Over London for Two

Soar over the capital with this helicopter flight over London for two


Product ID: 1131

£298.00   £273.00

Helicopter Ride Over London for One

Take to the skies and see London the way it was meant to be seen - from the air!...


Product ID: 1152

£149.00   £129.00

VIP Glimpse of London Helicopter Tour with Bubbly for Two

Witness the grandeur and glory of the London skyline from the air - including bu...

Product ID: 1712

£249.00   £195.00

A Glimpse of London with Lunch for One

Take to the air and see the London skyline!

Product ID: 1800

£99.00   £75.00

VIP Glimpse of London Helicopter Tour with Bubbly for One

Soar over the London skyline with this once-in-a-lifetime helicopter tour!


Product ID: 2124

£125.00   £99.00

12 Mile Helicopter Theme Flight for One

Experience a fantastic experience in a chopper - soar through the sky at up to 1...


Product ID: 1114

£99.00   £59.00

Gliding Discovery Flight

Feel your spirits soar as you glide effortlessly through the sky


Product ID: 1126

£99.00   £89.00

Dambusters Helicopter Tour

A thrilling opportunity to appreciate a special piece of aviation history.


Product ID: 1207

£179.00   £149.00

10 Minute Helicopter Flight for Two Special Offer

Experience a flight in a helicopter whilst appreciating a birds eye view of the ...


Product ID: 1282

£185.00   £138.00

30 Minute Lake District Helicopter Tour

See the stunning Lake District from above with this 30 minute flight


Product ID: 1432

£179.00   £149.00

25-35 Minute Extended Helicopter Pleasure Flight Special Offer

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's an extended helicopter pleasure flight spe...


Product ID: 1442

£189.00   £149.00

5 Minute Helicopter Buzz Flight For Two Special Offer

Now you and a friend can experience the thrill of flight with this helicopter bu...


Product ID: 1450

£95.00   £74.00

25-35 Minute Extended Helicopter Flight for Two Special Offer

Take to the air in a machine that looks a lot like a large blender - and take a ...


Product ID: 1685

£369.00   £289.00

10 Minute Helicopter Flight for One Special Offer

Enjoy a birds eye view of the country side, whilst experiencing flight in a heli...


Product ID: 1847

£99.00   £75.00