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If you are looking to find the perfect flying gift for an aviation enthusiast, then you have come to the right place. We have a huge selection of Flying Experiences and Flying Lessons to book at venues all around the UK. From Perth in Scotland, right the way down to Cornwall in the South West of England. No matter where you are, you are never far away from a sensational flying experience. From breathtaking bird's eye views of the UK's stunning countryside, to the rush and excitement of our capital city of London, we have a flying experience for everyone here on FlyDays.
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Flying Experiences with FlyDays

Do you enjoy aviation? Always dreamt of taking to the clouds above and seeing the world from many miles below you? Or maybe there is someone special in your life - a family member or friend - who’s celebrating a special occasion soon? Birthdays, Christmas, summer holidays or even retirement?

At FlyDays, we believe we’ve got just the thing, with a huge selection of flying experience days we have available at many fantastic flying locations and venues, from airfields to airports, all over the UK.

And no matter what field of aviation interests you or them, whether it’s to treat yourself or find the perfect gift to surprise them with, we’re confident that from vintage aircraft to skydiving, and everything in between, our broad range of flying experiences will offer something for everyone to enjoy.

Tactical Helicopter Flying Lessons

If you have a passion for heights and want to put your abilities to the test, then a Tactical Helicopter flying lesson is perfect for you. You’ll get to take to the skies and feel like a VIP as you cruise over your chosen location.

There’s loads of great locations to choose from, including the open countryside of Oxfordshire and the Lake District, and the sprawling cityscapes of London, Manchester and Newcastle.

There’s an opportunity for putting your abilities to the test, as you learn how to hover, fly and manoeuvre the Helicopter. Helicopter Lessons in the UK are a fantastic experience.

Flying Lessons

Make your flying dreams come true as you take control of a modern, light aircraft over one of our many picturesque locations across the UK.

If you want to kick start your Pilot career, or just want to feel the true exhilarating experience of flight, then a flying lesson is perfect for you.

All of our lessons are run by qualified instructors, and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, and can count towards applying for your Private Pilot’s Licence.

You can book a flying lesson by looking through the calendar and finding a date that suits you. Flying is of course very weather dependent, so be prepared to have to reschedule your flight at short notice.

Aerobatic Experiences

Aerobatic experiences in the UK are like no other. If you are a fan of theme parks and rollercoasters, then why not really push your nerves to the limit in our unbelievable aerobatic experiences in the UK.

Feel an extreme adrenaline rush, as you experience loop the loops, barrel rolls, stall turns and much more in the flying experience of a lifetime. This unique flying experience is not for the faint hearted!

With a range of spectacular locations and options across the UK, these are the perfect adrenaline filled days out if you love living on the edge!

Booking a FlyDays Date

There are two ways you can book a date for a flying experience with us. If you have a date in mind, but are not sure of which package to go for or which venue you want to book your package at, then simply go to the calendar link from the menu and you can search for a date and see everything that is available on that day.

You can always purchase one of our open gift vouchers if you want to have a bit more flexibility and book a flying package of your choice at a later date and time to suit you or the loved one you’re treating.

Or, if you have found a package that you like then click on the 'Show Dates' button to see all of the dates and venue choices available. Please remember, whether you are able to fly or not is weather dependent, so you must be prepared for your experience to be rescheduled for another day if conditions are not suitable.

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