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Helicopter flight experience days and Helicopter rides are the perfect gift for anyone who loves adrenaline filled experiences, loves heights or just enjoys a great day out. Exciting, vi ...

Helicopter flight experience days and Helicopter rides are the perfect gift for anyone who loves adrenaline filled experiences, loves heights or just enjoys a great day out. Exciting, visually mesmerizing and hugely enjoyable; helicopter flights truly are a spectacular experience day. Fly over the picturesque countryside or bustling city of your choice and experience what it’s like to life the high life. Helicopter experience days are usually seen as something the rich and famous do, but thanks to our superb range of helicopter flight experiences at fantastic prices, you can now feel like a celebrity for the day in a helicopter.

What are helicopter rides?

We have an array of different helicopter experiences. We have helicopter pleasure flights where you can admire the scenery or see famous places and landmarks such as the Lake District or London. We even have a Dambusters tour! If you are just looking for a one off experience just to feel what it is like, we have short tours too for as little as £39.00. If you are looking for much more, like actually flying a helicopter we can help you too. We offer flying lessons starting with a trial all the way to tactical lessons. Whichever flying experience you choose you will get the opportunity to see the world in a way not many people get to experience. Soar above the city skyline and get a view like never before, or glide gracefully over the countryside and see the rolling hills or beautiful coastline. The stunning modern helicopters will guide you over the location of your choice where you can take in the breath-taking views and feel the buzz of being in such a spectacular aircraft.

What to expect from a helicopter flight or lesson

Depending on which experience or lesson you choose you can expect the experience of a lifetime. You will be hovering hundreds or even thousands of feet from the ground. You will see breathtaking views and beautiful scenery.

Helicopter rides range in duration from 5 - 60 minutes. They are offered all over the country from the Isle of Wight to London to the Lake District. Depending on where you are depends on what you will see. From rolling hills, forests and lakes to the traffic jams and hustle and bustle of the country's busiest cities.

If you choose to do a helicopter lesson then you will find yourself with a fully trained and CAA Licensed Helicopter Instructor. The lesson range from an introduction to a full tactical lesson. Some of the packages include hanger tours, presentations of helicopter career choices, certificates for completing your day.

If you are buying a helicopter experience or helicopter ride as a gift and you are unsure which to choose, you can simply buy one of our gift vouchers. Click the gift vouchers link above and choose a cash value you would like. Make the purchase and optionally we can even send the voucher in a presentation gift pack.

Regardless of the experience of lesson you choose you will benefit from the unrivalled customer experience.

This months best selling helicopter voucher is the helicopter ride over london for two.

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Helicopter Tour Over London for Two

Soar over the capital with this helicopter flight over London for two


Product ID: 1131

£298.00   £273.00

Helicopter Ride Over London for One

Take to the skies and see London the way it was meant to be seen - from the air!...


Product ID: 1152

£149.00   £129.00

Dambusters Helicopter Tour

A thrilling opportunity to appreciate a special piece of aviation history.


Product ID: 1207

£179.00   £149.00

30 Minute Lake District Helicopter Tour

See the stunning Lake District from above with this 30 minute flight


Product ID: 1432

£179.00   £149.00

VIP Glimpse of London Helicopter Tour with Bubbly for Two

Witness the grandeur and glory of the London skyline from the air - including bu...

Product ID: 1712

£249.00   £195.00

VIP Glimpse of London Helicopter Tour with Bubbly for One

Soar over the London skyline with this once-in-a-lifetime helicopter tour!


Product ID: 2124

£125.00   £99.00

Tactical Helicopter Flying Lesson

Discover all aspects of helicopter flight!


Product ID: 3847

£199.00   £97.00

5 Minute Helicopter Buzz Flight For One Special Offer

Take off into the sky with a thrilling 5 minute helicopter buzz!


Product ID: 3903

£49.00   £39.00

Spectacular Silverstone Helicopter Flying Lesson

Take control of a helicopter high above the famous Silverstone racetrack!


Product ID: 3938

Contact us for locations

£275.00   £139.00

5 Minute Helicopter Buzz Flight For Two Special Offer

Now you and a friend can experience the thrill of flight with this helicopter bu...


Product ID: 1450

£95.00   £74.00

15 Minute Helicopter Pleasure Flight Special Offer

Get up in them there clouds with this brilliant helicopter flight!


Product ID: 2082

£125.00   £109.00

Helicopter Pleasure Flight and Concorde Museum Experience

An unforgettable day of aerial fun with a helicopter flight, entry to The Concor...


Product ID: 3967

£110.00   £59.00

10 Minute Helicopter Flight for Two Special Offer

Experience a flight in a helicopter whilst appreciating a birds eye view of the ...


Product ID: 1282

£185.00   £138.00

10 Minute Helicopter Flight for One Special Offer

Enjoy a birds eye view of the country side, whilst experiencing flight in a heli...


Product ID: 1847

£99.00   £75.00

A Glimpse of London with Lunch for One

Take to the air and see the London skyline!


Product ID: 1800

£99.00   £75.00

Helicopter Flight For Two in Scotland Special Offer

Enjoy the beautiful views of Scotland from 1000ft up!


Product ID: 3999

£95.00   £74.00

25-35 Minute Extended Helicopter Pleasure Flight Special Offer

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's an extended helicopter pleasure flight!


Product ID: 1442

£189.00   £149.00

25-35 Minute Extended Helicopter Flight for Two Special Offer

Take to the air in a machine that looks a lot like a large blender - and take a ...


Product ID: 1685

£369.00   £289.00

12 Mile Helicopter Theme Flight for One

Experience a fantastic experience in a chopper - soar through the sky at up to 1...


Product ID: 1114

£99.00   £59.00

15 Minute Helicopter Pleasure Flight for Two Special Offer

A brilliant opportunity to take to the skies with a friend and take in the stunn...


Product ID: 3258

£239.00   £209.00

Blue Skies Helicopter Tour with Bubbly for Two

Enjoy a helicopter ride alongside a dazzling glass of bubbly and someone you lov...


Product ID: 1035


UK City Sightseeing Helicopter Tour for One

Buckle your belts and prepare for a fantastic ride over a UK city of your choice...


Product ID: 1235


Blue Skies Helicopter Tour with Bubbly for One

Enjoy an elevating experience with this incredible helicopter tour, complete wit...


Product ID: 1274


30 Minute Helicopter Flight and Hover Challenge

Take the controls with a helicopter flying lesson and hover challenge!


Product ID: 1336


30 Minute Cornish Peninsular Helicopter Tour

See Cornwall from a new perspective with this 30 minute flight

Product ID: 1610


Emmerdale and York Helicopter Tour

An exciting helicopter tour over highlights of Yorkshire.


Product ID: 2014


30 Minute Helicopter Flight in the East Midlands

Take control of a chopper and enjoy pure excitement with this helicopter flight!

Product ID: 2279


30 Minute Spires of Oxford Helicopter Tour

Take in aerial views of Oxford and the surrounding countryside

Product ID: 2739


30 Minute Severn Valley and Ironbridge Helicopter Tour

Discover the beauty of the Midlands with this fantastic helicopter flight

Product ID: 2953


15 Minute Helicopter Flight for Two

A thrilling 15 minute flight aboard a luxurious helicopter.


Product ID: 3075


15 Minute St Ives Helicopter Tour

Fly over St Ives and Cornwall with this 15 minute helicopter flight

Product ID: 3295


15 Minute Helicopter Tour

Take in unforgettable views with this 15 minute pleasure flight


Product ID: 3360


Dambusters Helicopter Flight with Cream Tea

Follow the flight path of the original Dambuster pilots with this incredible hel...


Product ID: 3523


15 Minute Waddesdon Manor Helicopter Tour

Take in breathtaking views of the Oxfordshire countryside with this helicopter f...

Product ID: 3594


Helicopter Ride Over London for Two

Soar high in the sky and absorb the stunning sights of London from above!


Product ID: 3858


15 Minute Helicopter Flight

A thrilling 15 minute flight aboard a luxurious helicopter


Product ID: 4210


Helicopter Sightseeing Tour for One UK Wide

Choose from a selection of fantastic sightseeing helicopter flights

Product ID: 4279


30 Minute Helicopter Flying Experience

Move out of the passenger seat and learn how to fly a helicopter yourself with t...


Product ID: 4447


30 Minute Towers and Tall Ships Helicopter Tour for Two

A breathtaking 30 minute helicopter tour for two, taking in Chichester Harbour a...

Product ID: 4553


10 Minute Goodwood Gallop Helicopter Tour for Two

A thrilling 10 minute helicopter tour over the Goodwood Estate, taking in the hi...

Product ID: 4557

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