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Learn to fly with a flying lesson at Benefit from professional lessons provided by fully licensed, experienced and qualified instructors. Lessons are available at various a ...

Learn to fly with a flying lesson at Benefit from professional lessons provided by fully licensed, experienced and qualified instructors. Lessons are available at various airfields, airports and flight training centres across the UK and are some of the most affordable you will find anywhere on the web. There are many questions to be answered about flying lessons so we have answered the most obvious for you below. If you would like to find out more then simply contact us on the email provided in the contacts us section.

What is a Flying Lesson?

A flying lesson is just like a driving lesson but you are doing it in a plane and instead of driving to get your driving licence you are flying to get your PPL (Private Pilot’s License). You do not need to be trying to achieve your PPL so don’t worry if you are not. You can just book a 30 or 60 minute taster to see if it is for you or just have the experience of doing it. Lessons are as much about the pre-flight checks as they are for the time spent in the air amongst the clouds thousands of feet above the ground. Flight tuition is given by fully qualified and licensed CAA approved instructors. Thanks to their years of experience, they will be on hand with extensive and invaluable knowledge to anyone lucky enough to be given one of our gift vouchers as a gift or flying lessons booked by yourself for yourself to tick off the bucket list or live the dream of being a fully licensed pilot. Set someone or yourself on the way to achieving a private pilot’s licence today at Remember to check the itinerary for the vouchers that you are browsing as some packages such as our Helicopter rides are not classed as a lesson and you will simply be a passenger site seeing rather than taking over the controls.

Flying Lessons are expensive right?

Yes and no. There seems to be a misconception that learning how to fly can be really expensive. This statement stands true if you are looking to become a fully qualified commercial pilot and fly with commercial airlines, but if you are looking to get your private licence then it is much more affordable than you think. Here at we believe that everyone should at least once, get into the cockpit of an aircraft and feel the buzz of flying a plane. That’s why; thanks to our competitive pricing we are able to offer cheap flying lessons to suit all budgets and needs. If you are not looking at getting your licence then look at our other passenger experiences. We have a wide range of experiences at affordable prices to meet anyone’s aviation dreams or ambitions.

What Flying Courses are available?

We have a plethora of flying lessons and courses which consist of both fixed wing and helicopter flying lessons. We offer various options in terms of packages. These consist of short 15 minute taster sessions, to the more challenging 30 minute lessons. If you were looking for something a little longer with a more hands on approach, why not try our 60 minute lessons or our tactical helicopter experience. We also have lessons where the time spent in the air can be counted towards obtaining a private pilot’s license.

Are there any Flying Schools near me?

If you are looking to do a flying lesson, we have a large selection of flight schools, training centres, airfields and aerodromes across the UK. We have flying lessons in Essex through to flying lessons in Newcastle. Our locations vary in size from small family run businesses to the larger commercial airports and flight schools. Most venues have use of a runway whether grass or asphalt and additional facilities can also be found. Many of the airfields listed on our site such as Eaglescott airfield offer a range of flying lessons as well as flying experiences including gliding, microlight and vintage flying. If you are interested in what each airfield/airport has to offer, click the link to our Airfields section above.

So if you are looking to either book a lesson for yourself, start yourself or anyone else on the path to a PPL or just surprise a loved one or friend with a gift of a lifetime, look no further than’s flying lessons. You can either browse through the flying lessons listed below, or you could use our locations pages to find a lesson nearest to you for convenience.

If you are buying a gift and you are not sure which type of lesson (fixed wing or helicopter) your recipient would prefer, you could always purchase one of our cash value vouchers. Simply choose a value between £50 - £400 and we will send an open voucher. They then can simply book the lesson that they want. They may even choose something else if they prefer. - Flying lessons provided with unrivalled customer service.

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60 Minute Extended Flying Lesson - UK Wide

Take to the skies with his outstanding hour long flying lesson - available UK wi...


Product ID: 1120

£199.00   £185.00

30 Minute Introductory Flying Lesson - UK Wide Selection

Fly through the sky with this amazing experience - available at 33 locations UK-...


Product ID: 1136

£125.00   £104.00

Introduction to Becoming an Airline Pilot Special Offer

Take to the skies and pick up some pilot training with this fantastic special of...


Product ID: 1594

£199.00   £115.00

Tactical Helicopter Flying Lesson

Discover all aspects of helicopter flight!


Product ID: 3847

£199.00   £97.00

Spectacular Silverstone Helicopter Flying Lesson

Take control of a helicopter high above the famous Silverstone racetrack!


Product ID: 3938

Contact us for locations

£275.00   £139.00

Land Away Double Flying Lesson

Enjoy a 30 minute passenger flight and a 30 minute flight as pilot!


Product ID: 1042


Gliding Half Day Mini Course

Soar on thermals over the beautiful English countryside with gliding lessons


Product ID: 1428


Gliding Discovery Flight in Norfolk

Take to the skies for a gliding lesson to remember at a great gliding club in No...


Product ID: 1493


Land Away Flying Lesson

Leave land behind as you take to the skies for a 60 minute flying lesson in an I...

Product ID: 2030


30 Minute Flying Lesson in a Light Aircraft

Discover the thrill of flight with this amazing experience


Product ID: 2061


Extended Flying Lesson for One

Enjoy an extended flying lesson above the beautiful Devon coastline


Product ID: 2615


Pilot for a Day

Leave land behind as you take to the skies and become a pilot for the day at Dur...

Product ID: 3650


Introductory Flying Lesson for One

Soar through the clouds with a 30 minute flying lesson overseen by a highly-skil...


Product ID: 3860


20 Minute Flying Lesson in the West Midlands

Enjoy the ultimate thrill with this 20 minute flying experience


Product ID: 3930


20 Minute Introductory Piper Cub Flying Experience

Soar through the sky in an amazing vintage ex-military Piper Cub!


Product ID: 3958


Half Day Gliding Course

Enjoy three aerotowed flights in a glider with this thrilling flying experience

Product ID: 4158


30 Minute Flying Lesson in Nottinghamshire - 4 Seat Plane

An exciting 30 minute flying lesson - bring 2 friends along for the ride!


Product ID: 4195