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Cranfield Airport

The former RAF aerodrome of Cranfield Airport in Bedfordshire is well noted for its significance to aviation history, both civilian and military, and so is the perfect location for anyone in or around this part of the Home Counties looking to get their aviation career off with flying colours, with Aeroplane Flying Lessons available to book here! Explore our full selection of Cranfield Airport Flying Lessons and Experiences today here on the FlyDays website.
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Runway 03/21 Dimensions(m) 1799x46 Surface Asphalt TORA(m) 03-1799 LDA(m) 03-1594 AMSL 358ft
Customs Customs Customs Status Fuel Fuel Fuel Status Hangarage Hangarage Hangarage Status Landing Fee Landing Fee Landing Fee Status Restaurant Restaurant Restaurant Status True Runways True Runways True Runways Status Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance Status

Cranfield Airport Flying Experiences

Situated in the charming Bedfordshire village of Cranfield - also home to Cranfield University - is Cranfield Airport. Lying to the north east of Milton Keynes, and the south west of Bedford, its roots, like most of our airfields, can be traced back to wartime.

It was farmland that was requisitioned by the Air Ministry in 1935, formally opening on 1st June 1937, as the strategic base of RAF Cranfield, two years before World War II. It was the base for both the No. 62 Squadron RAF and No. 82 Squadron RAF of No. 1 (Bomber) Group, initially flying the by then superannuated Hawker Hind biplanes. Within a year, they had made the switch to flying Bristol Blenheims instead.

The grass airstrip was replaced with the three hardened runways over the course of the winter of 1939 and spring of 1940, which still exist at the airport as we know it today (they were also one of the first RAF airfields to have paved runways), and it became a target for enemy action in the late summer of that year, with mines, bombs and incendiaries dropped on both the airfield and the village.

Vivian Hollowday, an aircraftman who served at Cranfield, was awarded the George Cross for his involvement in the attempted rescue of two air crews who crashed there that same summer of 1940. Further expansion of the airfield came in August 1941, by which point it was a well established night fighter training school, the No. 51 Night fighter Operational Training Unit.

They were based here until the end of WWII in 1945, after which time, Cranfield University - then known as the College of Aeronautics - established themselves on site. The college played a key role in the development of the Hawker Siddeley Harrier jump jet, as well as the service and maintenance of the Supermarine Spitfires and Hawker Hurricanes used in the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

The last remaining airworthy Arvo Lancaster was also based at the aerodrome until 1964. Today, Cranfield is now a lively hub for aviation enthusiasts, allowing both private passenger flights and aircraft owners, and flying schools, as well as Cranfield University's own aircraft, such as the Met Office research aircraft - a BAE 146 - operating under the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements.

Aeroplane Flying Lessons at Cranfield Airport

With so much history as a base for aviation in Bedfordshire, it stands to reason that Aeroplane Flying Lessons are incredibly popular here at Cranfield Airport, particularly for those novice pilots who want to gain their wings as it were!

Currently, we have a 20 Minute Flying Lesson available to book at Cranfield, in a four seater Piper PA-28 aeroplane. It's the perfect aircraft to begin your flying career in - it's agile, responsive and very easy to get to grips with piloting.

And best of all, expert pilot instructors will be with you both before and throughout the duration of your session, offering you a full briefing beforehand and also guiding you and encouraging you as you acquire your skills guiding the aircraft through the air and making the most out of your airborne training!

Booking to Fly at Cranfield Airport

You can secure your place on the next aeroplane flying sessions at Cranfield Airport with us today on the Flydays website, through purchase of our open Gift Vouchers. They offer fantastic flexibility to be redeemed and used at a time you or a loved one will get the most enjoyment out of them.

Upon coming to make a redemption request on your voucher, you'll contact our dedicated Customer Service team, who will then get in touch with the supplier at the venue, who themselves will then contact you directly to confirm and book in all the last minute preparations and details.

Ready to get started with flying lessons in Bedfordshire? Fasten your seatbelts, as Cranfield Airport is the place to do it with Flydays!

Terms and Conditions for Cranfield Airport

Once you order a voucher, it will be dispatched by one of our agency partners by e-voucher or by post, depending on which you choose when you checkout.

Vouchers are valid until the expiry date shown on your Voucher (typically 10-12 months).

In most cases, once you activate your voucher you will be sent the instructions to redeem the voucher directly with the airfield or operator. Because flying experiences (other than simulators) can only take place in suitable/ safe weather conditions, you must be prepared to be flexible on your activity date. If the agent or operator cancels your experience date, they will inform you as soon as possible and do their very best to offer an alternative date or location. Once a specific date has been booked, you will automatically become bound by the terms and conditions that the individual operator may have. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the descriptions contained on our products are a true reflection of the experience, these do not form part of a contract. If on contacting the operator you feel that the activity taking place no longer accurately represents the activity purchased, the relevant agent will exchange the voucher or refund the purchase price.

If you have any more questions about Cranfield Airport gift vouchers and experiences please contact us.

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