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Landaway Flying Lesson for Two - Bedfordshire

Landaway Flying Lesson for Two - Bedfordshire

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Cranfield Airport
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Minimum Age: 14 years

Maximum Height: 193.04 cm

Maximum Weight: 101.60 kg

About the experience

Embark on an exhilarating flying adventure at Cranfield, the esteemed flight training destination in Bedfordshire. As a CAA-approved flight training school located at the former RAF station, now owned by Cranfield University, it offers unparalleled lessons in a four-seater aeroplane. Cranfield University's distinguished reputation in aeronautics and aviation research makes it the perfect place for your inaugural flying experience. Steeped in history, the airfield served as a strategic RAF airbase during World War II, and its original runway layout remains in use to this day. Your lesson will see you taking the controls of a four-seater Piper PA-28 training plane. After mastering straight and level flight, you'll have the opportunity to fly the aircraft yourself as your instructor entrusts you with control. The Piper's forgiving and reliable nature makes it an ideal choice for novice flyers. Don't miss out on our exclusive Landaway for two offer, allowing you to fly to Turweston Airfield, swap co-pilots, and return to Cranfield. If you're passionate about flight, seize the opportunity to purchase your voucher today and prepare for an unforgettable experience at Bedfordshire's esteemed Cranfield Airport.

  • Flights in a four-seater Piper PA-28
  • Landaway Lesson for 2
  • Airfield is part of Cranfield University

Landaway Flying Lesson for Two

  • Flight experience for two people
  • Fly to Turweston Aerodrome in Northamptonshire, land and fly back to Cranfield
  • One flight each taking control of the aircraft
  • A second flight as an observer
  • Each flight lasts approximately 30 minutes


  • Minimum age for a lesson is 14 years old
  • Under 18s must be accompanied on the airfield by an adult
  • Minimum height is 4'6", maximum 6'4"
  • Maximum weight of 16 stone
  • Customers may be asked to bring a photographic form of ID

  • Weekdays and weekends throughout the year
  • Flights are subject to availability and weather conditions
  • Cranfield Airport, Bedfordshire

Minimum Age: 14 years

Maximum Height: 193.04 cm

Maximum Weight: 101.60 kg

  • Spectators are welcome to view take off and landings from the viewing area
  • An interested observer (min age 14) may observe the lesson from the rear seat subject to weight restrictions and at the discretion of the instructor


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