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30 Minute Nationwide Microlight Flight Plus Briefing

30 Minute Nationwide Microlight Flight Plus Briefing

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Minimum Age: 14 years

Maximum Height: 187.00 cm

Maximum Weight: 95.25 kg

About the experience

Get to know one of the lightest ways to enjoying a flying experience, with this 30 Minute Flight in a Microlight, including Briefing, available at a wide selection of UK airfields with their own microlight clubs, run and approved by the British Microlight Aircraft Association. Your instructor will give you a thorough pre-flight briefing, so you’ve got the full idea of what to expect once you’re up in the air. Once they’ve strapped you in and got you airborne to level flight, then over the duration of your 30 minute flight, you’ll be able to follow their demonstration and attempt some light mid-air turns - and trust us, they’re very simple to pick up, so we’re confident you’ll get the hang of it in no time at all! And with most venues for this experience offering both the traditional flex-wing, open microlights and the more modern fixed wing microlights, you’ll hopefully be able to find what suits you best, whether it’s being open to the elements or flying as a traditional pilot in training would in a normal aircraft.

  • 30 minute Microlight flight voucher valid for many airfields nationwide
  • All British Microlight Aircraft Association clubs
  • Insulated flying suits available for cold weather
  • Fixed and flex-wing microlights offered by many clubs

  • Take a trial 30 minute flying lesson in a fixed-wing* or flex-wing** microlight
  • Ground briefing and explanation of the aircraft
  • Learn how the controls influence the flight of the aircraft
  • Opportunity to take the controls and fly the microlight for part of the flight
  • Insulated flying suits are provided for flex-wing flights
  • Flight times are 'chock to chock' so include taxi time

* - 'Flex wing' microlights have open style cockpits and a wing like a hang glider

** - 'Fix wing' microlights have a closed cockpit and resemble your typical light aircraft


  • Bedfordshire, Sandy - Fixed and Flex
  • Cambridgeshire, Ely - Flex
  • Hampshire, Popham Airfield - Flex
  • Hertfordshire, St Albans - Flex and Fixed
  • Hull, Beverley - Flex and Fixed
  • Kent, Rochester Airfield - Fixed
  • Lancashire, Cockerham - Flex
  • Lincolnshire, Grantham - Fixed
  • Lincolnshire, Scunthorpe - Flex and Fixed
  • Manchester, Eccles - Flex
  • Northumberland, Longframlington - Flex and Fixed
  • Powys, Welshpool - Fixed
  • Somerset, Bath - Flex and Fixed
  • Somerset, Westonzoyland Airfield - Flex
  • Staffordshire, near Lichfield - Flex and Fixed
  • Staffordshire, Otherton Airfield - Flex
  • Staffordshire, Tatenhill Airfield - Flex and Fixed
  • West Midlands, Stourbridge - Flex and Fixed
  • Wiltshire, Marlborough, Clench Common Airfield - Fixed
  • Wiltshire, Yatesbury Airfield - Fixed

  • Minimum age 14
  • Under 18s must be accompanied on the airfield by an adult
  • Maximum weight of 15 stone (17.3 stone in Lancashire) (100kg in Staffordshire)
  • Maximum height 6ft 2ins
  • A good, general level of fitness and health is required
  • If you have any medical conditions please check this with your doctor, some providers may need proof of a doctors note to ensure that you are fit to fly
  • Spectators are most welcome to go along to the airfield to watch the take off and landing
  • Facilities on site vary from location to location

Minimum Age: 14 years

Maximum Height: 187.00 cm

Maximum Weight: 95.25 kg

  • Microlighting is available throughout the year at most venues where conditions allow
  • Some flying venues are only operational at weekends

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