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90 Minute 737 Simulator Session - Glasgow

90 Minute 737 Simulator Session - Glasgow

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Minimum Age: 12 years

About the experience

Immerse yourself in the thrill of piloting a Boeing 737 without the hefty price tag at this top-notch flight training school and flying club in Glasgow. This state-of-the-art 737 simulator offers an incredibly realistic experience, closely reflecting the real thing. You'll be amazed by how authentic the experience is, especially considering the significant cost savings compared to flying an actual 737. Based on the Boeing 737-800 'Next Generation' series, this simulator replicates the intricate details of a commercial jet, providing a genuine feel for flying this impressive aircraft. Aspiring pilots would be hard-pressed to find a more cost-effective way to experience the thrill of flying a 737. In reality, a 737-800 caters to 189 passengers and features fully equipped galleys and modern avionics systems. This simulator allows you to navigate the complexities of flying a commercial airliner, offering a unique and eye-opening experience that even seasoned flight sim enthusiasts will find challenging. For aviation enthusiasts seeking an immersive experience, we recommend booking a minimum of 90 minutes of flying time. This duration enables you to go through the entire flying routine in real-time, from initiating the engine start-up procedure at the departure gate to taxiing and takeoff, following your IFR flight plan, overseeing your approach, and finally landing. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to step into the shoes of a Boeing 737 pilot at this remarkable simulator experience in Glasgow!

  • Flight simulator experiences at Glasgow Airport
  • Captain a Boeing 737-800 series airliner
  • This is a fixed base sim at a flight training school
  • 90 Minute 737 Session

  • A 737 flight simulator session
  • 60 Minute Flight
  • One to one tuition by a commercially qualified pilot
  • Learn the basic controls used by todays airline pilots to safely fly you to your destination
  • The simulators are fixed base and do not move


  • The minimum age limit is 12
  • Under 18s must be accompanied onsite by an adult
  • Suitable for complete novices, domestic passengers or fully trained pilots

  • Selected weekdays and weekends throughout the year


  • Glasgow International Airport

Minimum Age: 12 years

  • Spectators are welcome to wait in the reception area


  • Renfrewshire
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