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60 Minute Lynx Sim Session - Suffolk

60 Minute Lynx Sim Session - Suffolk

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RAF Mildenhall
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Minimum Age: 10 years

Minimum Height: 152.00 cm

About the experience

Get to grips with this beast of a helicopter with this Sim Session in the heart of Suffolk. Unlike other sims, this one is modelled on a real life Westland Lynx helicopter used by the Army Air Corps. This particular model (its registration number is XZ195 Lynx if you’re curious) was built in 1978 and used in the Northern Ireland troubles. What’s unique about this simulator is that you get to witness a slice of this recent aviation history, whilst learning how to master moves as you choose from a range of flight conditions and airports to take off from and land. All alongside an expert instructor who will be offering you advice throughout the duration of your session, you’ll be able to master this chopper before getting into the skies, if that's your eventual goal. Or, this sim session could be the perfect way to build up your flying hours after taking some time off. Whatever the reason you are drawn to this sim, what’s guaranteed is that you’ll have a realistic, informative and exciting experience all without leaving the comfort of the ground. As well as the hands on tuition, your pilot will also give you extra time to learn about aerodynamics and the theory behind helicopter flying before taking a seat in the cockpit. For a one in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with an ex military aircraft and harness your flying skills, look no further.

  • Try your hand at piloting a helicopter simulator
  • Created from an actual ex-Army Westland Lynx helicopter
  • Virtually experience military helicopter power!

  • Lynx helicopter flight simulator experience
  • 15 Minute Briefing and 45 minute session in the Lynx simulator
  • Welcome and introduction
  • Briefing covering aerodynamics, flight controls and instruments
  • Session in the Lynx simulator
  • Your instructor will guide and coach you on how to fly the aircraft
  • Choice of scenarios and airports to take off from and land
  • Commemorative flight certificate


  • Mildenhall, Suffolk

  • Under 18s must be accompanied by a spectating adult
  • Participants will require a degree of mobility
  • Airline seat size restrictions apply
  • No wheelchair access

Minimum Age: 10 years

Minimum Height: 152.00 cm

    • One person may accompany you in the simulator as a spectator for no additional charge
    • Minimum spectator age is 10 and must remain seated for the duration of the flight
    • There is a waiting area for additional people (maximum of 4) which must be booked prior to your visit

    • Choose from a weekday only voucher available Tuesdays to Fridays or to include Saturdays opt for an anytime voucher
    • Sessions are available between 9.30am and 5pm

    • This is a fixed base/ static simulator and does not move


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