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45 Minute Helicopter Simulator Experience - Cheshire

45 Minute Helicopter Simulator Experience - Cheshire

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Minimum Age: 12 years

About the experience

Prepare for an exhilarating experience in this helicopter simulator in Cheshire! Nestled within an aviation training centre in Ellesmere Port, this simulator is crafted from a genuine helicopter fuselage, delivering an unparalleled level of realism. Using an eight-seater Agusta 109 shell as its foundation, this simulator is equipped with top-of-the-line software to replicate a Bell 407 helicopter. Complete with surround sound and 220-degree high-definition graphics, this simulator offers an incredibly immersive experience. The versatile Agusta helicopter is renowned for off-shore work and search and rescue missions, while the Bell helicopter is a popular choice for charters. In this simulator, you have the freedom to take on various roles, allowing you to choose your mission and departure airport in the UK, and even customize weather conditions to suit your preferences. Whether you aim to conduct VIP transfers, attempt daring landings on aircraft carriers in challenging sea conditions, or carry out personnel drop-offs on offshore oil rigs in the North Sea, this simulator offers a true test of your piloting skills. Accompanying you in the right-hand seat is your first officer. This private pilot shares your passion for aviation and is instrumental in creating this flight simulator centre in Ellesmere Port, which also features aeroplane sims. Conveniently located near Ellesmere, just off the M53, this venue offers a remarkably authentic experience from the moment you step into the helicopter. With its accessible location, welcoming staff, and astonishingly realistic simulator, this is your chance to fully immerse yourself in the captivating world of virtual rotary flight!

  • Fly in a helicopter simulator in Ellesmere
  • The sim is built using a real Agusta 109 fuselage
  • Lots of helicopter flying tasks to choose from
  • Surround sound and 220-degree high definition graphics

  • A 45 minute helicopter flight simulator session
  • The simulator uses the instrument panel and flight model of the Bell 407 helicopter
  • Sit in a real helicopter shell of the Agusta 109 to enhance the experience
  • Curved surround screen with 220 degrees of vision
  • Realistic scenery, 3d buildings and changeable weather conditions
  • Welcome, introduction and short safety briefing
  • Guidance from a 1st officer who will assist you during your flight
  • Try your hand at the art of hovering
  • Choose your favourite UK airport to depart from or you can take off and land from an aircraft carrier and even land on an oil rig


  • Minimum age 12
  • Under 18s must be accompanied on site by an adult
  • Suitable for complete novices or fully trained pilots

  • Selected Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays throughout the year
  • Dates and session times are subject to availability


    • Ellesmere Port, Cheshire
    • Conveniently situated close to the M53 with good links to Liverpool, Manchester and Chester

    Minimum Age: 12 years

    • Disabled facilities include, access ramps to simulators, disabled toilets and designated parking
    • Not suitable spectators


    • Cheshire
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