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Isle of Wight Light Sport Adventure Flying Experience

Isle of Wight Light Sport Adventure Flying Experience

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Damyns Hall Aerodrome
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Minimum Age: 14 years

Maximum Weight: 95.25 kg

About the experience

If you're looking for a London flying school with a fleet of state-of-the-art light sport aircraft, look no further! At Damyns Hall Aerodrome, you'll find several Pipistrel planes offering unparalleled ultralight flying experiences right at the edge of Essex. Even for those not up to date with the latest in light aircraft, it may come as a surprise that the Alpha Trainer by the renowned Slovenian aviation company Pipistrel is actually classified as a microlight. Its lightweight design, achieved through the use of carbon fiber and Kevlar, sets it apart. Despite this classification, it doesn't resemble a typical microlight. With its sleek pod-like cabin and curvy fuselage, the aircraft not only looks cute and funky but also boasts practicality. When you open the gull-wing doors, you're greeted by an unusually roomy interior for a small aircraft. Thanks to its large windows and lack of wing struts, the Alpha offers exceptional visibility, making takeoffs and landings at this Essex aerodrome a joy for both pilot and passenger. By the end of your time with this London flying school, it's a safe bet that you'll develop a genuine affection for the Alpha. You might even find yourself yearning to own one and eagerly returning to Damyns Hall in Essex for more airtime. While owning one is a possibility with the right resources, these packages offer an excellent starting point for your light sport aviation career!

  • Discover the delights of light sport aviation
  • Flying out of Damyn's Hall on the edge of Essex
  • Take off in Pipistrel's funky Alpha Trainer plane
  • Good choice of itineraries offered including landaways
  • Isle of Wight Adventure Experience

Isle of Wight Adventure Experience

  • Pre flight briefing to discuss your route
  • Introduction to the aircraft and controls
  • Your pilot will handle take off and landing but you'll have the opportunity to take the controls once airborne
  • Navigate and fly from Damyns Hall airfield to a different airfield
  • A short break with refreshments and a briefing for the return flight
  • Fly a different route back to the base airfield
  • Flying time is around 2 hours in total
  • Allow up to 5 hours in total for this experience
  • This flight usually lands at the Isle of Wight however other routes are available and can be discussed with your instructor


  • Minimum age 14
  • Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult on the airfield
  • Maximum weight 15 stone

  • Tuesday to Sunday throughout the year, subject to availability and weather conditions
  • The airfield is closed from the 20th-31st December

Minimum Age: 14 years

Maximum Weight: 95.25 kg

  • All lessons can be logged and can count towards a private pilots licence
  • The lightweight Sport Aircraft used here are classed as microlights
  • Spectators are welcome

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