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Learn To Be A Pilot Experience For Two - Coventry

Learn To Be A Pilot Experience For Two - Coventry

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Minimum Age: 14 years

Maximum Height: 190.00 cm

Maximum Weight: 101.00 kg

About the experience

This intriguing half-day piloting adventure for two is available right now from FlyDays and will teach you how to fly! For this thorough training day, you'll be stationed out of Coventry Airport and will participate in exercises both in the air and on the ground to demonstrate what it takes to be a licenced pilot. Following your briefing and pre-flight inspections you'll enter the cockpit to check all the onboard systems and controls. You'll be shown how pilots plan their routes, check the weather, check for safety problems on your planned route using what pilots refer to as the NOTAMs system, and construct a flight plan that includes alternate routes and airports back in the classroom. It's fascinating material, and the principle holds true whether you're flying a little aircraft, a military fighter, or a commercial jet. Now it's time to take off! You will spend the most time at the controls possible while you are flying since one person flies the outbound leg and another flies the return. You'll be completely involved in everything a pilot must do, including communicating with the control tower and maintaining a visual on your destination in addition to flying.

  • Find out what the life of a pilot is like
  • Includes landaway flight to a local airfield
  • Hosted by expert pilot instructors at Coventry Airport
  • Vouchers available for two people

  • Learn how to carry out aircraft safety checks
  • Learn the functions of the basic flight controls
  • Create a flight plan
  • Participate in two 45 minute flights in a four seater aircraft
  • Hands on control of the aircraft on one leg and navigation on the other
  • Tuition on basic navigation techniques
  • Practice landing techniques in the flight simulator
  • Certificate of completion and log book
  • This experience takes approximately four hours and includes the following:

(The order of this experience may vary due to operational requirements)


  • Introduction: Brief on the basic controls of the aircraft and their effects
  • The 'A' Check: A thorough pre-flight check of the aircraft systems and the reasons behind the check
  • Pre-Flight Planning: Classroom session, learning how to plan and fly a route, reviewing weather, aircraft performance and diversion options
  • Outbound Flight: Take the role of the pilot with instruction. After take-off you will have control of the flight for the majority of the flight
  • Arrival at destination airfield: Stop for an opportunity to have a cup of tea/coffee and sandwich (refreshments not included, can be purchased at participants own cost)
  • Return Journey: You will now be the navigator. Time each leg to see if you are working to your plan. Will you successfully navigate the pilot back to Coventry?
  • What it takes to be a Pilot: The head of training will talk you through the aspects of being a private pilot, including medicals, theoretical training, flight training and exams
  • Simulator Session: Put what you have learnt into practice and attempt your first landing from 3 miles out of Coventry
  • De-Brief Session: Your abilities have been scored during the day. How did you do?


  • Minimum age is 14
  • Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult on the airfield
  • Maximum weight 16 stone
  • Maximum height 6ft 3 inches

  • Spectators are welcome to observe your take off and landing

Minimum Age: 14 years

Maximum Height: 190.00 cm

Maximum Weight: 101.00 kg

  • Available Tuesday to Friday throughout the year
  • Occasional Saturdays maybe available if booking well in advance
  • Flights are subject to weather conditions and availability


  • Warwickshire
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