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5 Amazing Flying Experiences

5 Amazing Flying Experiences - News

Taking to the skies on any air experience always provides an array of unique emotions, as you straddle the line between fear, enjoyment, amazement and shock all in one! The adrenaline rush as you reach the extreme heights is an experience in itself, and if you match this feeling alongside the stunning panoramic views you get whilst gliding effortlessly through the air, you have a match made in heaven. 

Here at FlyDays, we seek to provide the best flying experiences possible, and many of those will come from flight activities you never thought possible! So, let’s not waste anymore time, and check out 5 amazing flying experiences you can take part in today with

Helicopter Experiences

Kicking things into flight is one of the most luxurious and unforgettable experiences possible - taking to the skies in a helicopter. Now, this is unquestionably one of our most expansive experiences, as the variety of different flight opportunities we have will suit a wide selection of customers. 

Whether you’re seeking a luxurious flight and a glass of bubbly to sparkle up the experience, or you’re after a flight over your favourite football stadium, we literally have it all! On top of this, we of course have the iconic flights over the UK’s most popular cities, such as London, Manchester and Newcastle, and Helicopter flights over the stunning British landscapes such as the Lake District and rolling hills of the Midlands. 

Regardless of who you’re travelling with, this unique gift experience is guaranteed to provide entertainment to whoever gets this luxurious opportunity. So take flight today and check out our wide selection of Helicopter Flight Packages and either book a date, or an open voucher for your next exciting adventure. 

Vintage Flying Experiences

Now this FlyDays flight experience is perhaps one that will take you by surprise. Our vintage flying experiences are truly unlike any other product we have here; taking a real life history lesson as you step back in time for a flight lesson in the world's most famous aircraft - the de Havilland Tiger Moth. 

This was an aircraft used in the 1940s and throughout the Second World War, and now you can take the opportunity of a lifetime, and jump in the cockpit of this iconic airplane! The open cockpit leaves the wind breezing onto your face, as you don the iconic sheepskin jacket and goggles to match. 

This is the flight package that enables you to step back in time and experience what those brave RAF pilots went through in their training leading up to the war. It’s guaranteed to provide an unforgettable memory, and it’s all available to book on our Vintage Flying page!

Aerobatic Flight Experiences

Now we’re cooking with gas! This FlyDays flying experience is without question going to provide you with the most G force imaginable. Watching a plane hit the infamous barrel roll or loop-the-loop is always a surreal moment. Now imagine you’re actually in the aircraft itself! That is the exact experience you’re getting with FlyDays on our aerobatic flights. 

The instructor will begin by briefing you before hitting speeds of 100 mph as you ascend into the air! Once in the skies is where the fun begins, as you’ll be experiencing loops, barrel rolls and wingovers! This is the ultimate experience for those that seek an extreme element to their flight time, and it’s guaranteed to leave you breathless with excitement! 

If you want to jump aboard and experience a high thrill like no other, then make sure to book onto one of our amazing Aerobatic flight experiences today! 

Flying Lessons 

Another experience perhaps you hadn’t previously considered, is one of our incredible FlyDays flying lessons. It’s always a mesmerizing experience taking to the skies, but being the one in control whilst this happens takes this flight package to a different level. Not only do you get the chance to learn how to fly a plane, but you’ll get the most stunning and serene views along the way.

You’ll be taken out by a certified instructor where you’ll learn the mechanics behind flying and the fundamentals about safety, before jumping in the cockpit and experiencing the power of flight with your own two hands. This could be the first step towards acquiring your Private Pilot’s Licence, or it could just be to conquer some fear. Either way, this day out is one of our most popular - and it’s not hard to see why! 

Step out of your comfort zone and take flight today with one of our amazing FlyDays flying lessons. Book onto a direct date, or purchase an open voucher to get your experience off the ground! 

Skydiving Experiences

This one is for the adrenaline junkies looking for a flight experience with a twist! You will of course get the opportunity to take flight, as you ascend to 13,000 feet in the air, however, your route down will be ever so slightly different! But if you’re looking for an injection of fun, fear and excitement combined, there is no better activity than a FlyDays skydive! Perhaps the most common bucket list item of all time, a skydiving experience is a lifelong unforgettable moment and it’s easy to see why.

The feel of the air hitting your face as you glide through the skies is unlike anything you’ll ever experience. As you rush towards the ground, you’ll feel all the power of free fall, before the instructor deploys your parachute and you float safely back to land. During this process you’ll have the time to catch your breath and take in the stunning views of the British countryside. It will undoubtedly be the most surreal experience imaginable and the truest form of flight one can take. 

If you want to experience the thrill and feeling of a skydive without the obvious risks, we also have our amazing Indoor Skydiving experiences as well! Still an injection of adrenaline, but not quite as scary, these are a great gift idea for a loved one! However, if you’re the adrenaline junkie or you know someone that is, then book onto one of our amazing FlyDays SkyDiving experiences today!

20 October 2020

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