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Actors with wings: Hollywood stars with a Pilot's Licence

17 March 2022

Actors with wings: Hollywood stars with a Pilot's Licence

We're approaching Oscar season, and with the prestigious Academy Awards just around the corner we at FlyDays decided to look at some of the actors who take to the skies with their very own pilot's licence (PPL).

John Travolta

Disco dancer and versatile actor John Travolta is a full-on flying fanatic, living at Florida's Jumbolair Aviation Estate – a residential airpark for homeowners to fly in and out on their own private runway.

Travolta even had the runway extended to reach the front of his house where he parks his Boeing 707, Bombardier Challenger and Gulfstreams amongst others. He is rated to fly a Boeing 747 and acts as a brand ambassador for Qantas with his 707 painted in Qantas colours.

Tom Cruise

Holding his licence since 1994 and being one of the most well-known actors in the world, Tom Cruise is a household name who is well accustomed to performing his own aerial acrobatics in his blockbuster movies such as Mission: Impossible and Top Gun.

He even strapped himself to the side of a giant aircraft as it took off for the sake of authenticity in a recent movie. No one does it quite like Tom!

Clint Eastwood

"You're just a number in the sky. Everybody pretty well leaves you alone." For almost 30 years the king of the modern western movie has been flying high and at 91 years old, the Dirty Harry and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly star without doubt takes the award for being the longest serving star to possess a helicopter licence and take to the skies.

Harrison Ford

Considered to be one of the most well-known celebrity pilots in the world, Harrison Ford is thought to have clocked up over 5,000 hours of flight time.

And the actor, probably known equally as Han Solo in the beloved Star Wars films and Indiana Jones in the action-adventure franchise, shows no signs of slowing down. Having now held his licence for over 20 years, Ford has a collection of aircraft but loves flying his 1955 de Havilland Beaver the most.

Angelina Jolie

UNHCR Special Envoy, filmmaker and Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie has held her pilot's licence for 18 years and is instrument rated.

Jolie owns a Cessna 208 Grand Caravan and is a fan of small turboprop aircraft. With an aircraft obsessed son, Maddox, you'll be sure to see Jolie lighting up the skies for many more years to come.

Morgan Freeman

You may know Morgan Freeman for having one of the most well-known voices in entertainment, but did you know that the Academy Award winner was once a US Air Force automatic tracking radar technician after graduating from high school in 1955?

That's right, the Shawshank Redemption star has had an affinity with the skies for some time, and finally at the age of 65 years old, he bit the bullet, took flying lessons and got his pilot's licence, now owning two Cessnas and a SyberJet SJ30 jet.

If these famous and perpetually busy actors can find the time to learn to fly, then what's stopping you? Book yourself a Flying Experience or a Flying Lesson via as your first step on the flight path to your own pilot's licence.

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