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Best Places in the UK to Fly a Drone

25 January 2024

Best Places in the UK to Fly a Drone

Flying a remote-controlled drone has become increasingly more accessible over the years. But where in the UK can you currently go to practise flying your drone and still grab some amazing footage at the same time?

Firstly, although the locations on the list below are accessible at the time of writing this, all drone pilots must ensure that they follow the official CAA rules on flying a drone in the UK.

The National Trust currently has a blanket restriction on people flying drones without permission at their sites. It is always a pilot's responsibility to ensure they're not flying in a flight restriction zone and to respect local wildlife.

Destination 1: Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye

Let's be honest, large swathes of Scotland are the perfect settings to get out and about with your drone. However, one of the most iconic spots to fly is the Old Man of Storr with its towering rock formations that pull up into the sky.

Try and tie in your trip during a cloudy day for some extra added mood, and arrive early to ensure you miss the crowds. After flying around the Man of Storr, make sure you hang around the Isle of Skye as the dramatic landscapes make you feel like you're truly isolated from the busy world of today.

Destination 2: Buachaille Etive Mòr, Glencoe

Staying in Scotland, our next stop is the highlands of Glencoe, with its hostile landscape. Due to the sheer size of Glencoe, getting your drone out is possible pretty much anywhere. Point it in a direction and it will capture some wonderful landscapes.

However, the famous Buachaille Etive Mòr peak will be the showstopper you'll want to fly near. In the winter expect it to be covered with a snowy peak for added effect.

Destination 3: Yr Wyddfa, Eryri

With its glacial lakes and mountain paths, Eryri is a popular spot to go out and fly a drone. At the centre of the park stands Yr Wyddfa, offering a perfect spot to fly.

However, if you're looking to just get up and soak in the splendid Welsh landscapes, there are more than 100 lakes and hundreds of trails for you to pick.

IMPORTANT: The National Trust has stated that you cannot fly your drone in the following four areas of Eryri.

  • Glyderau
  • Tryfan
  • Carneddau
  • Ogwen Valley

Destination 4: The Lake District

The Lake District, with its beautifully poetic lakes and steep-sided hills, is next on our list. The best advice if looking to fly your drone here would be to go off the beaten path and away from key tourist spots such as Windermere or other National Trust sites. Similar to Eryri, once up, pretty much anywhere you point will be a place worth flying.

Destination 5: The Peak District

The final location on our list is the Peak District. Its farmland and rolling, chocolate box landscape, interrupted by edges such as Dark Peak and White Peak, mean that you can't go wrong in one of the UK's most peaceful, stunning locations.

Similar for all locations, seek the permission from the landowner before taking off if you're not on a public right of way.

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