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Compton Abbas Airfield Announces First Ever Airshow

23 January 2024

Compton Abbas Airfield Announces First Ever Airshow
Something new is landing at Compton Abbas Airfield!

A brand new event at the airfield, owned by film director Guy Ritchie, has been announced for this summer. It has been revealed that the airfield will hold its first-ever air show from 10th August 2024 through to 11th August.  

Located in beautiful north Dorset near Salisbury, Compton Abbas Airfield is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the charm of vintage aviation. Owned by film director Guy Ritchie, the airfield has been revamped to offer a more complete experience. 

The Golden Age of Aviation event will welcome 'aero legends' through aerobatic displays, vintage aircraft and reenactors, traders, and a fun fair.

The airfield shared the announcement on its website, highlighting the 'charm of vintage aviation' with 'daring manoeuvres and breath-taking precision'.

The Aero Legends Takes Flight: Golden Age of Aviation Air Show promises "thrilling aerial displays, vintage aircraft, and a celebration of aviation history".

Benjamin Perkins, managing director at Aero Legends, said: "This event is not just a showcase of our passion for aviation but a tribute to the pioneers who shaped the course of flight history."

Compton Abbas Airfield first opened in 1961, and was run by the same family for 35 years before Ritchie bought it. With his keen interest in the heritage aspect of aviation, he has transformed the airfield into a place that showcases the aesthetic of aviation. 

The director, who runs his Gritchie brewery from Ashgrove Farm in nearby Ashmore, said that he wanted "to take aviation more seriously, particularly in terms of the heritage aspect", adding he was "interested in the aesthetic of that".

If you're passionate about aviation and would like to have a chance to visit Richie's Airfield, you're in luck! At FlyDays, we offer various vintage flying experiences that depart from Compton Abbas Airfield. These include the 60 Minute Boeing Stearman Experience, where you get to fly in an iconic Boeing Stearman biplane, and the 60 Minute Biplane Flight, where you get to soar in a faithfully restored vintage aircraft.

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