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Father's Day Helicopter Experiences Prove Popular Among Dads

16 June 2022

Father's Day Helicopter Experiences Prove Popular Among Dads
  • has announced its most in demand Father's Day packages
  • Get to the chopper! The most popular package for Father's Day 2021 was the 6 Mile Blue Skies Helicopter Flight
  • Three of's five bestsellers in the run up to Father's Day last year were helicopter experiences

A whole new meaning to 'helicopter parent' has been conceived this Father's Day, as here at FlyDays we can announce which of our packages sons and daughters purchase for dads the most - with Helicopter Rides rising high above the rest.

Indeed, our 6 Mile Blue Skies Helicopter Flight, which gives dads the chance to head skyward in a helicopter at locations across the country, proved to be the most popular package in the run up to Father's Day last year, accounting for over one in five of all our sales.

In fact, of the five best sellers in 2021, three of these were helicopter rides or tours, with the Extended Lake District Helicopter Tour for Two also making the list, while the Tactical Helicopter Flying Lesson for One also ranked highly, which gives dads a more hands-on experience.

Dan Jones, operation manager at, says: "At we offer a range of aviation adventures, including everything from skydiving to flight simulators. However, analysis of our booking data reveals that there is a sharp spike in demand for helicopter experiences in the run up to Father's Day."

"We can only speculate if dads are asking for helicopter flights or whether sons and daughters are taking it on themselves to purchase such packages. However, I'm sure I speak on behalf of many dads in saying they are glad their kids are not taking the liberty to purchase one of our more nerve-racking packages, such as a skydiving experience!"

Head to our Special Offers page today on the FlyDays website to book Father's Day Gift Ideas from our open Gift Vouchers - we offer free e-mail delivery too, so you can get it direct to your inbox this Sunday!

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