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Fear not… overcome a fear of heights with a parachute simulator

Fear not… overcome a fear of heights with a parachute simulator - News

For many, the slight mention of heights and the beads of sweat begin to appear. That’s why a parachute simulator is the perfect way to conquer a life-long fear in one of the safest ways possible.

You can rebuild confidence, find a new found love for heights, or showcase your extreme bravery now, thanks to FlyDays and this insanely exhilarating parachute simulator experience.

The fearless can become the feared, when you begin your ascent to the top of the mighty tower only to follow with the gut turning descent, back to the ground in an epic all or nothing plunder extravaganza.

  • Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

Overcoming a fear by tackling it straight on, such as a fear of heights (known as acrophobia) with a parachute simulator, is one way to do it. However, a fear of heights is just one common phobia that Brits face., together with our colleagues at sister site, have taken a quick look at three other fears, and how some of our other experiences might help.

  • Crocodiles (Herpetophobia)

The fear of crocodiles is not surprising given the sheer size and strength that these magnificent creatures can grow to.

Fortunately for you, our Swimming With Crocodiles experience lets you get up close and personal to these prehistoric creatures - which you’ll be glad to know are not quite so big as those found in some parts of the wild!

  • Snakes (Ophidiophobia)

Snakes are commonly used to display a negative narrative, within films, TV shows, even religious scriptures, so it’s unsurprising they are one of the most common fears or phobia amongst Brits.

Scientists have suggested that humans have evolved to acknowledge that snakes are a potential threat, with some being poisonous, this reaction is simply a survival instinct that is perhaps rooted further than we can understand. Overcome a snake fear with our venomous snake show experience or reptile encounter.

  • Flying (Aviophobia)

Flying can be daunting to some, and is commonly linked to the fear of heights, but it is also prominent in those that are less comfortable when they are not in control.

The action of boarding a plane or helicopter when grounded is usually passable, however most people who suffer with aviophobia mostly fear the rough ride – take off, landing and the occasional turbulence. Overcome these fears by facing it straight on with a flying lesson. and sister site offer a wide variety of experiences that are perfect for conquering some of these fears and allow those affected to take back control.

13 October 2020

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