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Flightmare! Delays Continue To Torment Summer Getaways

02 August 2023

Flightmare! Delays Continue To Torment Summer Getaways
  • Shocking new statistics reveal that UK jetsetters face airport delays by as much as nearly half an hour
  • Average delays across ten of the country's most popular airports reached nearly 20 minutesĀ 
  • Gatwick, Luton and Bristol airports were the worst offenders as airports struggle to minimise disruption for passengers
  • Upcoming strike action across the UK and Europe is expected to bring further misery to families looking to get abroad this summer

UK jetsetters faced average delays of nearly 20 minutes throughout the month of May, latest data reveals.

With the summer holidays now in full swing, here at, we have analysed the latest airport punctuality data across 122,920 flights from ten of the UK's most popular airports in May, and which suggests that holidaymakers could be expecting further delays.

Gatwick Airport was the biggest culprit with an average of 24 minute delays on its runways, followed by Luton (21 minutes) and Bristol (20 minutes). London City was the best performing airport, averaging delays of only 12 minutes, while Stansted, Cardiff and Birmingham shared second place, managing to keep delays down to 16 minutes.

While the delays are slightly down on last year's May average, which hit 26 minutes during the same period, the current strike action facing many of the UK's airports means the figure is expected to rise during August, piling further misery on Brits looking to get abroad.

Dan Jones, Operations Manager at says: "This latest data, while positive compared to last year, is a stark reminder that the aviation sector is still struggling to get planes out on time."

"Over the past two weeks we have seen various workers at UK airports announce they're to go on strike, and it is a similar picture across European airports, all of which are expected to cause lengthy delays."

"Hopefully we do not see the average 30 minute delays witnessed during August last year, and people can start their summer holidays the right way: on time!"

Amid the turmoil in the departure lounge, here at FlyDays we have also seen a surge in interest for our latest 30-minute Flying Lesson packages, which Dan jokes could be the result of Brits taking complete control of their holidays: "Maybe all the commercial flight delays at the airports mean families feel that if they learn to fly themselves, then they can get up and away quicker for some summer sun, rather than take the conventional route!"

UK Airports (with May Delay Average in minutes)

  1. Gatwick (24)
  2. Luton (21)
  3. Bristol (20)
  4. Heathrow (18)
  5. Edinburgh (18)
  6. Manchester (18)
  7. Birmingham (16)
  8. Cardiff (16)
  9. Stansted (16)
  10. London City (12)

Average - 18

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