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Fly past...dwindling number of historic airfields

Fly past...dwindling number of historic airfields - News

  • Historic airfields are dwindling in number, some 800 either closed or changed status
  • History makes way for housing 
  • However, there are still some notable airfields left to enjoy a flying experience from, advises 

Historic airfields, many of which played an important role in World War II, are dwindling in number, leaving fewer to pay homage to a bygone era.

The warning comes even as we here at FlyDays currently list a number of airfields with distinguished pasts that are available for flying days and experiences.

Indeed, some 800 former Royal Air Force stations, including airfields and administrative headquarters, have either closed or changed status, and in 2016 there were announcements of a planned schedule of military site closures by the then UK Defence Secretary so more are set for closure soon.

And as the need for housing continues to rise, then more and more notable airfields are being demolished, or plans are being proposed, to make way for new homes.

Dan Jones, operations manager at, said: "Unfortunately, it is perhaps inevitable that, as demand for housing grows, an increasing number of historic airfields are coming under threat."

"World War II airfields played a pivotal role in victory for our country in 1945, so we sincerely hope that each airfield is given the due respect that it deserves, enabling aviation fans to enjoy the thrill of flying for many years to come.”

Among those airfields available to still enjoy a historic flight from are Swansea Airport, Humberside Airport, Gloucestershire Airport and Stapleford Airport.

Swansea Airport was the day and night station for No.10 Group RAF Fighter Command in WWII, defending vital shipping routes along the Bristol and St George's Channel, while Humberside Airport, formerly RAF Kirmington, was home to No.166 Squadron.

Meanwhile, Gloucestershire Airport, formerly RAF Staverton, was a Second World War base for both the RAF and the USAAF, while Stapleford Aerodrome in Essex played a vital role in preparations for the D-Day landings.

Dan added: "Budding pilots of the future can still learn to fly from airfields which were once alive to the roar of RAF planes, as they set off on daring raids across enemy territory. A flying experience is a great way to be immersed in the past, and escape the pressures of modern day life for a short time."

To browse from our full range of Airfields, and book flying days and experiences, head to the dedicated Airfields page of the FlyDays site.

15 September 2020

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