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Flying taxis coming to the UK

Flying taxis coming to the UK - News

After receiving a £2.5 million grant, taxis could be set to appear in our skies as early as 2023! This absolutely groundbreaking flight news comes after the Government awarded the funding to the project, declaring it as a feasible study into aviation.

The project will be undertaken by Bristol Electrical Manufacturers Vertical Aerospace, who have been tasked with trying to find alternative ways of human travel focusing on reducing emissions moving forward.

They will first have to conduct tests to find out the logistics of this new form of travel, and also have to see the feasibility before they actually begin to implement the taxis in a live environment.

This is however an extremely exciting development for UK travel, as constructing emission reducing ways of travel could have massive benefits for our nation moving forward. Here at FlyDays, we understand that flight and aviation is an extremely important aspect of the 21st Century, but that being conscious of its impact on the world is also imperative.

The project itself will consider things such as demand for air taxis, integration into current travel networks, and how it would work, and also how public opinion would affect these forms of travel.

Initial reports are suggesting the air taxis will be a viable solution for business predominantly - for example, for delivery of goods or services - and targeting those for areas of research. They also have to consider how the public would respond to vertical takeoffs and landings as they are quite something to get used to.

Furthermore, Vertical Aerospace are confident that this project will not only potentially positively impact the environment and attitudes towards travel, but they are also hoping that it will produce a number of new jobs in the sector.

James Richmond, one of the gentlemen in charge of getting this project off the ground noted that ““As we look to the future of travel, it’s now more important than ever that we begin exploring more sustainable methods of transport within our increasingly populated cities.”

He would then go into further detail adding: “This an important and tangible step towards making advanced air mobility a reality, and by demonstrating that we can provide a case for air taxis, we could begin trialling these services as early as 2023.”

Here at FlyDays, we’re passionate about all things aviation and try to keep up with the latest developments across the world and this one had us off our seats instantly. It seems like the right time to try and innovate the flight experience and find a way of making that benefit us sustainably moving forward. We look forward to the results of the tests and hopefully seeing this in full swing.

27 January 2021

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