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Hollywood goes high: The ways in which Aircrafts are used for media entertainment

Hollywood goes high: The ways in which Aircrafts are used for media entertainment - News

Aircrafts have been the kingpins of travel for the last 30 years and are continuously becoming a staple part of many people’s lives. However, the ability to move from one place to another on screen has created a common problem for film studios and media entertainments worldwide. How do we recreate these on plane scenarios?

 At FlyDays, we’re taking an in-depth look into the logistics and fundamentals of how aircrafts are recreated on film, and also some other uses they serve in the entertainment industry to bring you some fresh insight into a previously unknown field!

Film Sets 

One of the most common places for an aircraft that we’d see outside of its commercial space would be on a film set and there have been various exciting examples of this. From the most recent blockbuster Tenant, where they actually opted to crash a real plane instead of recreating it using CGI, to the ever popular Air Force One where the majority of the film takes place inside the aircraft, we’re used to seeing these on our screens. 

Although it’s possible to recreate the visuals of an aircraft using high performance technology, many large, blockbuster films still opt to rent the aircrafts as it’s quicker, cheaper and easier to manage, plus aesthetically it’s all legitimate. 

Some Hollywood studios have been well known for their extreme attention to detail with little care for cost. Most notably, in War of the Worlds, the director requested a set that required a Boeing 747 to be purchased, transported to location before being chopped up. This resulted in a whopping $260,000 bill for three days of filming! Now that’s a shocking statistic. 

Age of Social Media

Private aircrafts in particular have become a staple recognition of wealth and luxury over the last 20 years. The emergence of social media has created a widespread phenomenon of chauvinistic attitudes that private aircrafts have become a large representation of. 

However, even more interestingly, private aircrafts are now being rented for numerous photoshoots which can then be manipulated and presented in misleading ways. Numerous social media stars have been exposed for posting photoshoot content on static private aircrafts, and promoting it as if they are flying privately. 

The importance of aircrafts in terms of establishing wealth and authority in that social space has created a new wave of aircraft use. These photoshoots are not uncommon for brands to showcase high class products, and private aircrafts have been rented out for these purposes for years. However, the new addition of “lifestyle representation” is where the new function of idle aircrafts seemingly lies. 


In some cases, you can actually stay in an old converted aircraft, as numerous BnB owners have created these unique accommodations. From places such as Bali, to the forests of Kent in the UK, numerous locations advertise the ability to stay in a converted aircraft. These unique places to rest your head for the night appeal to a variety of audiences and these niche types of staycations have really taken off over the last few years. It’s fascinating to see so many new ways aircrafts are being utilized and their presence in new sectors. 

Here at FlyDays we are passionate about all things flight and whether you’re after a real life private flight, or just want to explore the prospect of flight, we can offer it all for you as well. Check out our wide selection of flight products to start your aerial adventure today. 

30 October 2020

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