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I'm A Pilot… Get Me Up, Up And Out Of Here!

11 November 2022

I'm A Pilot… Get Me Up, Up And Out Of Here!

With the nation once again reaching for the popcorn for its yearly intake of celebrities completing ridiculous tasks for our entertainment on I'm A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here, at FlyDays, we considered what famous celebrity pilots should receive a future call to go into the jungle from ITV's producers.

Whether they would be eating witchetty grubs, drinking fish eye smoothies, or even having scorpions and spiders poured onto them in claustrophobic tubs, the office debated a long list of celebrity pilots who would be great for TV viewing.

So get comfortable on the sofa as we present to you the sports star, supermodel, rockstar, and ex-TV actor whom we feel would feature in our dream: 'I'm a Pilot…Get Me Up, Up And Out Of Here!' line up.

  • Phil Mickelson: The Sportsman

We don't think Mickelson would entertain the idea of going into the jungle as he is not short of a few dollars. However, Mickelson does have the flying bug and personality that would be fantastic for the screen.

His love for flying goes back to his father, a US navy pilot who flew in Vietnam. When his father eventually became a commercial pilot, Mickelson used to try and get on his flights to spend more time with him.

The golfer eventually got his own pilot's license in the 90s and regularly flies across the country – although he prefers leaving the piloting of his $40 million private luxury jet to the professionals. His skills would mean he would be perfect in any sand trap.

  • Bruce Dickinson: The ex-rocker

Famous for being the lead singer of the heavy metal rock group, Iron Maiden, Dickinson moonlighted as a commercial pilot for British charter airline Astraeus in the 90s until they collapsed in 2011.

He then launched his own Aviation company, Cardiff Aviation, in 2012 and has chartered some high-profile flights in his career, including returning RAF pilots from Afghanistan.

However, Dickinson's love for flying also blended perfectly into his rockstar lifestyle. When the band went on tour in 2008, Dickinson decided that everyone, from band members to the stage crew, would fly on his commercial plane 'Ed Force One'.

A true rock star who we think would laugh in the face of darkness and its creepy crawlies. Plus, we believe his stories around the campfire would leave us all raptured.

  • Sir David Jason: The outspoken TV star

Sir David Jason is a name we feel needs no introduction to many people outside the UK.

A national treasure for his stint as Del Boy, Jason credits flying for why he became so successful throughout his acting career. He claims that learning to fly gave him the self-esteem and confidence to take on professional acting roles all the way from New York, Paris and Peckham.

Now a qualified helicopter pilot, and a gliding enthusiast, we're confident that Del Boy would hatch plenty of schemes to make a bit more money out of his stint on I'm a Celeb. Lovely jubbly.

  • Gisele Bündchen: The lost A-lister

Every now and again, ITV's producers manage to dupe an unsuspecting A-lister into the jungle.

While we're not insinuating that the wool would get pulled over Bündchen's eyes, we think she would take the jungle's challenges in her stride. Bündchen's own aviation past comes from her role as a UN goodwill ambassador for their environmental programme.

Wanting to learn more about alternative fuels, Bündchen started flying lessons to help her understand the nuts and bolts of a helicopter. What's more impressive is that she did this while seven months pregnant.

She also said she wanted to learn in case something happened to a pilot when she was on the flight. With that attitude, we could see Gisele not shying away from any bushtucker trial.

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