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Life For Aircraft After Flying Is Lovely Jubbly

30 January 2024

Life For Aircraft After Flying Is Lovely Jubbly

We probably don't give much thought to what happens to aeroplanes or other aircraft once they reach the end of their flying life. In most cases, as aviation technology propels ever further forward, the scrapheap would appear to be where most of today's models are to be consigned to.

However, there are some people who take a different view, and see the value - either monetarily or sentimentally - and an opportunity for preservation or upcycling. And a new TV series for BBC Two is showcasing some of the talent behind this.

David and Jay's Touring Toolshed sees the unlikely pairing of Sir David Jason - better known, of course, as Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses - and The Repair Shop host and furniture restorer Jay Blades, as they travel around the UK at air shows, steam rallies, vintage festivals and county fairs, meeting the many crafters, tinkerers and makers this country has, as well as calling in experts to help people with their own projects that they need fixing or assistance on.

There are two great examples of this in just its first episode, where the tool shed pulls into the annual Midlands Air Festival, held around late May / early June in Alcester in Warwickshire. One team that David and Jay meet are Daren and Darren, friends and aviation enthusiasts - the latter of whom worked in the aviation industry for over 25 years - who are the founders of Aerotiques, whose passion has now become their occupation.

Their focus is on sourcing and upcycling old plane parts and components and transforming them into beautiful bespoke pieces of art or furniture. One that particularly warms the heart that they display are the windows of an old commercial airline plane, that they turned into a piece of wall art for a married couple who first met on the very plane the windows were from.

Another inspiring gentleman that David and Jay go to meet over at the nearby Midland Air Museum is Gordon, a volunteer and tinkerer at the museum aged 94, who is passionate about vintage aircraft, and works tirelessly 6 days a week to restore and maintain the numerous aircrafts that are on display at the museum.

It's certainly encouraging to see and know that so many people see a life and worth in aircraft - however old the vintage is - beyond its initial purpose. Aside from anything else, it's keeping some of the heritage alive not just in the models themselves but also the crafting and making of them that needs to be preserved, and seeing a way to give it renewed purpose that will keep its legacy alive even if it is no longer airworthy.

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David and Jay's Touring Toolshed airs weeknights at 18:30pm GMT on BBC Two, and the full series is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.

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