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Military flight experiences for Armed Forces Day

22 June 2022

Military flight experiences for Armed Forces Day

Every year at the end of June, the nation gets together in support of The Royal Navy, The British Army and The Royal Air Force to celebrate Armed Forces Day.

This year on Saturday 25th June, events up and down the country will be taking place to remember the great sacrifices from the past and present that our armed forces have made.

And with this upcoming commemoration just around the corner, now would be a perfect time to get yourself booked in for a flying experience to honour this special day.

Take flight in a Vintage Flying Experience, soar the skies in the iconic Spitfire, and if you want to keep your boots on the ground, you can try an exhilarating Tank Driving Experience from our sister site

  • Spitfire Flight Experience

The Spitfire is synonymous with freedom in the hearts of Brits up and down the nation. Being the most famous and recognisable aircraft in British history, it is known for its critical role in the Battle of Britain in 1940.

If you're looking to experience this legendary World War II aircraft for yourself and take in the scenery, while feeling the rush of flying one of the most powerful planes of the era, then this Spitfire package is the perfect experience – offering something for both aviation and wartime enthusiasts.

  • Vintage Flying Experience

If you love the history and heritage of aviation, the stuttering spin of rotor blades, and the sights and smells that sets your nostalgic senses alight, then getting yourself booked in to one of our vintage experiences would be just the ticket.

Step back in time and experience first hand the thrill of piloting a 1931 de Havilland Tiger Moth plane, with its open cockpit and distinctive two-seater biplane design, this is a great opportunity to really experience the thrill of flying from a bygone era.

  • Tank Driving Experience

But if flying doesn't take your fancy, we also have experiences available on the ground. Power yourself across different terrains, take target practice and even take part in a tank battle while driving 50 tons of armoured steel.

You can celebrate the occasion on the ground, with a selection of exhilarating tank driving experiences on our sister site,

Visit our Flying Experiences page on the FlyDays website today to book from available flying day packages from our Gift Vouchers.

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