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Our New Year Resolution – live life to the full skywards

Our New Year Resolution – live life to the full skywards - News

After a Christmas of a few too many mince pies and mulled wines, we often go into the New Year with a renewed sense of resolution. "This year I'm going to…". But before you know it, the year ends, and the cycle is repeated.

However, not all New Year targets have to be ambitious goals to only eat kale and broccoli or run 10 miles a day! Some challenges can be fun, meaning you get to tick some of those exhilarating activities off the bucket list and live to the fullest in 2022!

And there are very few better places to get your 2022 plans off to a flying start than with, who offer a range of aviation adventures to get the heart racing and blood pumping.


Ask most thrill seekers which activity tops their bucket list, and Skydiving is likely to be right up there. And little wonder, for there are very few experiences which are sure to test your nerve quite like jumping out of an airplane at free fall from as much as 13,000 feet! offers the chance for dare devils and adventurers to experience this truly unique sensation in both of their forms, Tandem or Static Line. The former is where you will be connected to a harness which is attached to your instructor.

From here, you will be guided by your instructor throughout the whole jump, leaving you to really soak in the sights and excitement of free fall without having to worry about pulling the cord on the parachute.

On the other hand, Static Line is a type of skydiving where the parachute is opened automatically as you exit the aircraft, meaning you have full control over the flight as your parachute is out immediately after you jump.

Aerobatic Flight Experiences

Many may believe that once they've ridden the loop-the-loop or helix of a roller coaster, there are few thrills that will match it. But attention to all adrenaline junkies…strap in and prepare for a ride like no other with's Aerobatic Flight Experiences!

Here, you will experience rapid changes in direction, gut wrenching drops, stomach turning stall turns and much more! And of course, unlike a theme park ride, all of this is taking place way up in the skies.

After you land and your two feet are planted firmly on the ground, you will be presented with a flight certificate as proof of your daredevil credentials. Trust us, you'll deserve it!

30 December 2021

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