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Overcome your fear of flying

21 April 2022

Overcome your fear of flying

Having a phobia or a crippling fear is not uncommon in modern day society. With such a media driven environment, we're often exposed to these fears in shocking ways. Whether it's from the lyrics of a song, or a scene in a movie, we're all susceptible to experiencing a fear of something.

One such fear that is most common among many people is the fear of flying, and studies have shown that one in five people suffer from it. However, there are many ways you can enjoy the joys of flying without taking a commercial flight, and at we have listed some ideas on how to combat your worries.

Flight Simulators

Flight Simulation can provide the means to overcome fear of taking flight. With the comfort of knowing you're in a controlled and safe environment, a simulator can give the pilot or passenger an educational insight into the inner workings of what it takes to complete a successful flight.

The purpose of flight simulation is to provide a positive mentality to flight. If it can avert your focus away from turbulence and lend your focus entirely to just how flying works, in turn leaving the pilot or passenger much more comfortable and happier with the process, and hopefully give them a new and more enthusiastic perspective to flying.

Whether you're a pilot or a passenger, the fear can be very useful when climbing aboard and taking off in a plane. But a well-tailored education into flying can help you change the focus of that fear to use it in a more positive manner.

Flying Lessons

If your fear of taking to the skies is because of the sheer volume of people you share a flight with, then perhaps booking yourself into a private flying lesson would help alleviate that feeling.

Whether you're looking to fly a smaller two-seater plane, a helicopter or even a glider, there's plenty of variety to learn the basics of flight with professional guidance.

You can even take what's known as a Pleasure Flight, where an experienced helicopter pilot would take you on a sightseeing tour around your favourite cities like London or New York City. Not only is this a more personable experience, but the opportunity for conversation with the pilot should put your mind at ease.

Ease Your Other Fears With

Another fear that millions suffer from around the world is the fear of water. Thankfully, there are many ways to help ease the worry, such as kayaking, waterboarding, yacht rides or even scuba diving. In many cases, exposure is the best solution to help get over your fears, and with water, that notion is no different.

At our sister company,, you can experience a whole host of Watersport Experiences that will give you and your family not only an enjoyable day, but also a chance to relax your mind and give you a new found appreciation for the waters.

With that being said, if you're looking to ease those flying fears and try your hand at a variety of flying disciplines at airfields up and down the country, then be sure to visit our Flying Experiences page to get booked in today!

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