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Sky Dive Into The Present This Mother's Day

06 March 2023

Sky Dive Into The Present This Mother's Day
  • Skydiving is back on the departures board this Mother's Day
  • More people are searching for unique gift experiences rather than stereotypical gifts
  • New release provides an opportunity to take love for mothers to new heights with an unforgettable Mother's Day experience

A new collection of Skydiving Experiences have been launched here at – which are now available for sons and daughters to book as a Mother's Day gift!

The packages, which include Tandem Skydiving at multiple locations across the country, as well as a specific package over Salisbury Plains, provide an opportunity for people to free fall 5,000 feet before having their parachute deployed by an experienced instructor.

The experience has been launched at a time when more people seek unique gift experiences over traditional gifts to help them tick key items off their bucket lists.

Dan Jones, Operations Manager at says, "Skydiving is an experience which tops many bucket lists, and we're excited to be able to offer this latest experience to the public."

"Many people normally give cards and flowers for Mother's Day but giving a once-in-a-lifetime experience like this can be a great way for sons and daughters to break the mould and give something unforgettable."

For those who are looking for a more peaceful ride, here at we are also offering a chance for mothers to participate in a Gliding Experience to soak in the wonderful British landscape from the safety of the cockpit of a glider.

"There are a host of calmer packages available for those who feel their mothers would approve of a more gentle experience."

"What is important is that people are showing the adventurous spirits which so many mums have instilled in us, rather than going for clichéd products."

Find and book Gift Vouchers for our all new Tandem Skydiving Experiences and Gliding Experiences on the FlyDays website today.

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