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2000ft Gliding Experience from Peterborough

2000ft Gliding Experience from Peterborough

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Crowland Airfield
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Minimum Age: 14 years

Maximum Height: 192.99 cm

Maximum Weight: 101.60 kg

About the experience

Soar high above Peterborough with this incredible 2000ft Gliding experience over the stunning Cambridgeshire countryside from Crowland Airfield! Feel the thrill of powerless flight as you gracefully glide through the skies, weightless and free. Located at St. Guthlac's Lodge near Crowland since the early 1980s, this centre offers a fantastic opportunity for like-minded individuals to experience the joy of soaring. Despite its small size, the centre is well organised, with a dedicated duty pilot, ground crew team, and tug team, all ready to make your flight memorable. You'll receive instruction in one of our modern two-seater trainer gliders, either the Puchacz or Twin Astir models. Chief Flying Instructor Ross Morris or one of our skilled team members will guide you through the aircraft preparation process before launching you up to 2000ft. From there, it's just you and your pilot, exploring the skies above Peterborough. Taking in the fields of Peterborough from above is truly breathtaking as you glide through the serene sky. Don't miss out on this fabulous opportunity – book your experience now and prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

  • 2000ft Gliding experience from Crowland Airfield near Peterborough
  • See beautiful countryside views from the sky
  • Led by expert pilots

  • 2000ft Gliding experience from Peterborough
  • Pre-flight briefing
  • A tow plane will take the glider to the correct hight
  • Under expert tuition you have the opportunity to take control of the glider
  • Weather permitting your instructor will show you how to find thermals
  • Two months membership of the club
  • Up to 15 minutes flying time


  • Under 18s must be accompanied on the airfield by an adult
  • Not suitable for people with epilepsy, fainting or certain physical or mental disabilities 

  • Available weekends and weekdays throughout the year
  • Flights are subject to availability and weather conditions
  • Flights are generally less frequent during the winter months

Minimum Age: 14 years

Maximum Height: 192.99 cm

Maximum Weight: 101.60 kg

  • Spectators are welcome to watch both take off and landing 
  • Camera or binoculars will come in handy

  • Flat-soled shoes, sunglasses and warm clothing is recommended


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