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30 Minute Aerobatics Experience Cambridgeshire

30 Minute Aerobatics Experience Cambridgeshire

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Fowlmere Airfield
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Minimum Age: 14 years

Maximum Weight: 125.00 kg

About the experience

Embark on an unforgettable aerobatics adventure with a prestigious academy in Cambridge. Feel the exhilaration of aerial stunt flying in planes piloted by champions. Situated at Fowlmere Airfield, southwest of Cambridge, this historic site has a rich aviation legacy dating back to World War One. Today, it offers breathtaking aerial displays and daring aerobatic feats. The facilities are exceptional, boasting a modern fleet of aircraft and world-class instructors, headed by Adrian Willis, the Chief Instructor and manager at Fowlmere. Take to the skies in an Extra 200, one of the most renowned aerobatic planes, and experience the thrill of loops, rolls, and other awe-inspiring manoeuvres. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity—purchase your voucher now and embrace the adventure of a lifetime!

  • 30 Minute aerobatics thrill from Fowlmere Airfield
  • Led by Champion pilots
  • Choose your thrill level

  • Aerobatics experience in an Extra 200 fully aerobatic aircraft
  • Take control of the aircraft for some moves
  • Experienced instructors ensure good communication during flights to ensure individuals needs are met

Introduction to Aerobatics

  • Experience the main aerobatic manoeuvres; loops, stall turns, half Cuban-Eights, Humpty bumps and rolls
  • This experience avoids significant negative G force and extreme manoeuvres such as snap rolls
  • You will typically experience G force +5G and -2G

Intermediate Aerobatics

  • In addition to the main aerobatics, you will experience upright and inverted spin rolls and snap rolls
  • This experience focuses on positive G (pulling manoeuvres) rather than negative 
  • You will typically experience G force +6G and -3G

Extreme Aerobatics

  • Not for the faint hearted!
  • You will typically experience G force +8G and -3G (negative G being more strenuous to undergo)
  • Experience a full repertoire of aerobatics; loops (inside and out), stall turns, half Cuban-Eights, Humpty-bumps, upright and inverted spins, rolls and snap rolls (both positive and negative) on the horizontal and vertical lines, tail slides, inside and outside rolling circles


  • Under 18s must be accompanied on the airfield by an adult

  • Available weekdays and weekends throughout the year
  • Dates and sessions are subject to availability and weather conditions

Minimum Age: 14 years

Maximum Weight: 125.00 kg

  • Spectators are welcome to watch the action

  • Food and refreshments can be purchased from the onsite cafe
  • A video of your flight can be purchased for £40, payable when booking your date


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