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Fly With A Fighter Pilot - Weekdays

Fly With A Fighter Pilot - Weekdays

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West Sussex
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Minimum Age: 12 years

Maximum Height: 195.00 cm

Maximum Weight: 107.00 kg

About the experience

To be a successful modern fighter pilot you have to be able to roll, turn and climb in the skies at hard speeds at short notice and react to what you see ahead of you in record time. There’s a lot to be admired about this style of flying, but a lot to be mastered. Fighter pilots train for years to be able to achieve this type of precision, but luckily for you, you can get a taste of that with this fighter pilot lesson. If you’ve ever wondered how these planes are flown and want to learn the various skills to manoeuvre through the skies, you’re in the right place. Training directly alongside a fighter pilot, you will go on a unique flying adventure in a nifty T67 Firefly aircraft. After mastering the basic moves such as turns, climbs and descents you will then get a chance to try some aerobatics which are at the heart of the fighter pilot repertoire. Your pilot will guide you through various rolls, loops and turns and you’ll soon be feeling like a fighter pilot in no time. One of the best things about this is experience is just how much you are in close proximity to a fighter pilot as not only will their skills inevitably brush off on you, but their love for flying and showing flyers just how much you can do in the air. Whether you’re rolling 270 degrees or making a steep vertical climb, this is guaranteed to be a thrilling experience all round and a real insight to what modern fighter pilots do daily.

  • Train like a fighter pilot on thrilling flights
  • Learn basic controls & aerobatic moves in the air
  • Take the controls yourself for loops & turns
  • The ride can be as mild or as wild as you like

  • Ground briefing is approximately 40 minutes and includes all safety/parachute procedures
  • You will be kitted out in a high quality military flying suit
  • Take-off and get to know the aeroplane; introduction to the effects of controls - turning, climbing and descending
  • A 35 minute flight (chock to chock)
  • Demonstration of beginner and intermediate manoeuvres by your instructor
  • The opportunity to take the controls and try a selection of manoeuvres such as: loop, aileron roll, stall turn, barrel roll, cuban 8, slow roll derry turn etc
  • Total duration for experiences is between 2-3 hours
  • Debrief including the results of the amount of g pulled results
  • Signed flight certificate
  • Opportunity to purchase a USB recording of your flight (around £49)
  • Complimentary premium gift packaging from Into The Blue


  •  Goodwood Aerodrome near Chichester

  • Minimum age 12, over 71's will need a doctors confirmation that you are fit to fly, and take part in this experience
  • You will be required to complete a medical self certification form before flying
  • Light flat shoes with good grip must be worn - trainers are ideal
  • You will be kitted out with military flying suits - please wear comfortable casual clothes to go underneath
  • Changing facilities are limited
  • Cameras are not allowed on board the aircraft

Minimum Age: 12 years

Maximum Height: 195.00 cm

Maximum Weight: 107.00 kg

  • Flights generally take place Mondays to Saturdays, throughout the year
  • Dates and session times are subject to availability and weather conditions

  • Participants are welcome to bring up to two guests who may attend all briefings (subject to space)
  • Additional guests are allowed, however, they may not be accommodated in the crew room
  • It is not recommended to bring children to the airfield
  • Refreshments are provided for flyers
  • There is a restaurant on site which serves excellent food
  • Aerobatic flights do not take place over the airfield, but spectators will be able to watch take off and landing of the aircraft


  • West Sussex
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