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If you love living on the edge, enjoy fast theme park rides and adrenaline rushes; then an aerobatic experience is perfect for you. Feel the insane G-Force of these unbelievable experiences as you shoot through the air, experiencing stunts which will leave your head spinning and stomach-turning. Feel just like a fighter pilot as you flip, stall and turn high in the sky, experiencing manoeuvres that will truly take your breath away. Aerobatic Experiences are not for the faint-hearted! Do you have the courage?
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Top Aerobatic Flight Near Me

Top Gun Experience - Saturdays
A Saturday experience to Fly a 'Top Gun' sortie with a fighter pilot in a military training aircraft. The experiences takes places on Saturdays, taki ...
Aerobatic Wingwalking Experience
Take the challenge and do an Aerobatic Wing Walk! Whether you are raising money for charity or ticking something off the bucket list, this will be an ...
Top Gun Experience - Weekdays
A Friday experience to fly a 'Top Gun' sortie with a fighter pilot in a military training aircraft. Taking off from Goodwood Airfield you'll experien ...
Top Gun Experience for Two - Saturdays
Will you fly with 'Goose' or 'Iceman' on this Saturday experience for two to fly a 'Top Gun' sortie with a fighter pilot in a military training aircr ...
Top Gun Experience for Two - Weekdays
You'll be 'Maverick' and 'Goose' on this Friday experience for two to fly a 'Top Gun' sortie with a fighter pilot in a military training aircraft. Ta ...
Blackpool Aerobatics
Give someone you love a heart racing Aerobatic Flying Experience from Blackpool Airport in Lancashire. Once your experienced and qualified pilot has ...
Wing Walking Shaftesbury
If you're based in Dorset and fancy taking to the skies like you never have before, this Wing Walking Experience should tick all the boxes! Your venu ...
Wing Walking Lincolnshire
Go where only the brave fear to tread - or, in this case, fly - with this high octane Wing Walking experience in Lincolnshire! Located on the outskir ...
Anytime Wing Walking Experience Kent
Not many vintage or aerobatic flight experiences are quite as bonkers as this, a Wing Walking experience where you will be flying on the top wing of ...
60 Minute Biplane Flight
Take to the skies in the ultimate vintage aircraft with a 60 Minute flight in a faithfully restored iconic biplane, available to book at one of a gre ...
40 Minute Biplane Flight
An aerial trip back in time awaits on this 40 minute flight in a carefully restored vintage biplane, available to get up in the sky in at our biggest ...
30 Minute Biplane Flight
Chocks away, chaps, as you get to take a retrospective flight like no other on a 30 Minute Flight in a stunning and fully restored vintage Biplane at ...
Wingwalking Experience - Anytime (Yorkshire)
Now, this is an experience of a lifetime, something you will never forget! Standing on a wing - yes you read correctly and flying through the air, ma ...
30 Minute Aerobatics Flight
Aerobatics fans in Berkshire are in for the ride of their life on this 30 Minute Aerobatics Flight! Taking off from White Waltham Airfield, a renowne ...
20 Minute Aerobatics Flight
Strap yourself in to experience aerobatics as you never have before, with a 20 minute aerobatic flight in the Extra 330! This small but mighty aeroba ...
Wingwalking Experience - Anytime (Devon)
Unlock your inner daredevil with this Wing Walking Experience in Devon. Fly over the Blackdown Hills strapped to the top wing of a Stearman biplane. ...
60 Minute Formation Aerobatics for Two in Cambridgeshire
The practise of coordinated flight by two or more aircraft is known as formation aerobatics. That is the definition, but what is it truly like to fly ...
45 Minute Formation Aerobatics for Two in Cambridgeshire
Do you and a friend, family member or loved one have the nerves of steel to take on flying in formation in an aerobatic display? Then this 45 Minute ...
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What is an Aerobatic Experience?

An Aerobatic Experience is just like being a fighter pilot in a dog fight. Quick changes of direction, sudden drops, stall turns, barrel rolls and more! You will have the opportunity to get into the cockpit and feel the insane g-force as the pilot pushes you to your limits with some breath-taking and stomach-turning stunts. An Aerobatic Experience is an adrenaline-filled day out, perfect for anyone who loves pushing their limits and going out of their comfort zone!

Loop the loop

If you thought theme parks offered the ultimate adrenaline rush, then think again. An aerobatic experience is the real deal and will leave you breathless. Indeed, this is one of the most extreme experiences that is proud to present. We're sure you'll agree that this is one flight when there's no need for in-flight entertainment!

Barrel roll

One minute you're enjoying the views out of the plane thousands of feet above the ground, the next minute your instructor might be putting the plane into a barrel roll. This is just one of the manoeuvres that makes it the ultimate aerial adventure. You have been warned…expect the unexpected with a aerobatic experience.

Flying lesson

The aerobatic experience can also include a flying lesson. As you'd expect, your pilot is a CAA qualified instructor and you'll have their undivided attention as flying time is 1 to 1. The lesson can also count towards a pilot's licence. This is a great opportunity to earn your wings while also having some great fun above the clouds.

Safety matters

Of course, safety is paramount. The once-in-a-lifetime experience starts with a safety briefing, which includes learning how the plane is capable of performing such incredible acrobatic stunts. However, before long, you'll be heading skywards and experiencing first-hand why aerobatics is the ultimate buzz for thrill-seekers.

Unforgettable Flight

After you've landed, you'll be presented with a signed flight certificate at most locations, to act as proof of your airborne antics. Spectators are also welcome at many locations and can take photographs to forever act as a reminder of your aerobatic escapade.

So if you are a fan of fighter jet movies and love pushing your limits, an Aerobatic Flying Experience is perfect for you. We offer a huge range of Aerobatic Experiences for you to choose from, all at fantastic prices. So why wait? Book a gift voucher today. For other ideas and if you wanted to bring a friend then check out all of the flying experiences for two packages on our special offers page.

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