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Holiday Destinations You're Likely To Face Cancellations For

18 May 2023

Holiday Destinations You're Likely To Face Cancellations For
  • Families looking to fly to Spain during the busy summer period, which begins this May half-term, are potentially most likely to see their flights cancelled when compared to other popular tourist destinations
  • Almost half of all flight cancellations to Spain from the UK occurred over the four month summer period of May to August according to official 2022 data
  • UK holiday makers should prepare for similar airport delays again this year

UK holiday makers looking to fly to Spain for the May half term break are being warned they should be prepared for airport delays.

Our latest analysis here at FlyDays into the Civil Aviation Authority's (CAA) flight cancellation data reveals that almost half of all flight cancellations to Spain from the UK last year occurred over the four-month summer period of May to August.

Indeed, throughout 2022 a total of 1,641 flights from the UK to Spain were cancelled, with 758 (46%) of them occurring in the months of May through to August.

Similarly, out of the 1,134 flights cancelled to France throughout 2022, 498 (44%) took place in the four-month period, meanwhile out of the 1,216 cancelled flights to Italy in 2022, 478 (39%) happened in the same time period.

Moreover, 557 flights were cancelled in 2022 to Portugal, 209 (38%) of them took place from May through to August, and only 343 flights were cancelled to Turkey in 2022, with 127 (37%) being across the same four month period.

Dan Jones, Operations Manager at says: "The data analysed should be used as a warning for families to expect potential delays again this year."

"We have already witnessed the potential for even more disruption across Europe this year with the start of May coinciding with France's Air Traffic Control (ATC) strike. Couple this with predictions coming out from other European airport authorities about their inability to cope with another year of increased tourist numbers, and we could be looking at similar spikes occurring in the lead up, and during, the busy summer holiday season."

For families not going overseas this May half term, visit to see how you and the whole family could take to the sky without the delays on a variety of Flying Experiences that are available to book through our open Gift Vouchers.

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