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Soaring high on vintage flying experiences

Soaring high on vintage flying experiences - News is proud to offer a range of fantastic flying experiences and, perhaps, none is more stylish than a vintage flying experience. So here we take a closer look at an aeroplane that has graced the skies of Britain for some 80 years, and the feeling of empowerment gained as you step into the cockpit of one of the UK's most iconic aircrafts.

Designed by Geoffrey de Havilland in the 1930s, the Tiger Moth is one of Britain’s oldest and most iconic aeroplanes. A biplane built with two fixed wings stacked on top of one another, it operated as a primary training aircraft by the Royal Air Force before World War II.

When the war began a few years later, the RAF Tiger Moth was used to gather intelligence including maritime surveillance and anti-invasion preparations, with some Tiger Moths even armed as light bombers.

There is something so incredibly magical about flying an aeroplane, but having the opportunity to be transported back to the 1930s and piloting one of the vehicles that pioneered British aviation is truly rare.

Vintage planes, such as the de Havilland Tiger Moth, offer a unique flying experience that can only be found in an aircraft of its time. The aeroplane is famed for simplistic handling and basic controls which makes it the perfect vehicle for pilot training at a beginner level.

With a Bi-Plane Pilot Lesson, you get the full vintage experience. Kitted out with the full shebang, helmet; goggles; even a sheepskin jacket, you have opportunity to channel your inner Earhart and set off into the sky.

You will be flying with a CAA Qualified Instructor who will not only guide you through the basics of flying the aircraft but also be on hand to answer any questions you have about piloting, flying or even the vehicle itself.

Keeping it vintage, why not get behind the wheel of a classic MGB Roadster with sister company, The MGB Roadster is a perfect example of British motoring history. Introduced in 1962 and rolling off the production line for a final time in 1980, the MGB Roadster was one of the longest serving sports cars of its time.

A classy convertible that really allows you to embody the era it was born. This experience is an opportunity to take on those British country lanes in a car that was designed to be let loose on the open road.

Now, thanks to, you can drive a stunning selection a classic cars, transporting yourself back to an iconic era of British history and really experience the delights of driving a vintage roadster.

Booking couldn’t also be easier with, with such a wide variety of flying experiences to choose from you can find the right flight for you.

12 November 2020

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