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Spitfire Simulators Are Coming In Hot On The Arrivals Board

19 June 2023

Spitfire Simulators Are Coming In Hot On The Arrivals Board
  • Fully immersive dog-fighting Spitfire experiences have been added to our arrivals board
  • Latest experience launched at the same time as many flock to the country's air shows to see some of the world's best aircraft
  • During experience, pilots get to live out a range of key battles which took place across the European continent

As of today, historic plane enthusiasts can now take part in one of a selection of dog-fighting Spitfire Simulator Experiences, including one built within a Spitfire replica, at a fraction of the price of flying the real thing.

Indeed, here at FlyDays, we are now offering aviation enthusiasts the opportunity to take to the cockpit of a Spitfire that has been retro-fitted with a fully working simulator, and participate in authentic dogfight experiences that capture the essence of aerial combat during World War II, starting at only £99 across various locations in Lancashire.

The latest additions mean that with the air show season in full swing, fans who are inspired after witnessing the real thing in the air, as well as those who have always wanted to step into the cockpit of the World War II fighter, now have more options than ever to fulfil their dream of flying one of the country's most iconic war planes.

"At, we understand the passion and excitement that airshow season brings. It's a time when people are inspired by the incredible displays of these classic planes and want to experience the thrill of flying one themselves," says Dan Jones, Operations Manager at

"With our new Spitfire Dogfight Simulator Experiences, we are providing aviation enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of aerial combat and feel the exhilaration of flying a Spitfire."

During the experience, participants will have the chance to learn tactics and manoeuvres used by the brave pilots of the past during a training session. Following this, they then get to choose from a selection of battles to participate in, including defending Britain over the white cliffs of Dover and in London, or flying across the channel to take part in a raid on Berlin.

Jones concludes: "Whether you've always dreamed of flying a Spitfire or you've been inspired by one of the many air shows which are running this year, our dogfight experiences are sure to exceed your expectations and provide a unique perspective to flying one of the country's most famous aircraft."

Visit our Flight Simulators page today on the FlyDays website to browse and book from our available Spitfire Simulator experience packages, available to book from our open Gift Vouchers.

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