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88 Years After First Flight Spitfire Is Still A Hit With Brits

25 March 2024

88 Years After First Flight Spitfire Is Still A Hit With Brits
  • Britons' demand for Spitfire flights increases in the last 12 months
  • Spitfire flights account for more than a quarter of all flying experiences in the UK ahead of gliding and microlights
  • booking data also reveals that private helicopter flights represent two thirds of all leisure bookings in the last year

The number of Britons taking to the skies in the near 90-year-old Spitfire has increased by more than a third (35%) in the last 12 months.

Indeed, as this month marks 88 years since the World War II plane took its first flight, it doesn't appear to be dwindling in popularity, with Spitfire Flight experiences accounting for nearly a quarter (24%) of all flying and leisure activities that have been booked through ourselves at in the last 12 months, ahead of gliding, microlighting, indoor skydiving, parachuting and aerobatic flights.

Furthermore, Vintage Flying experiences were also on the up, and were the third most popular aircraft package booked in the same time frame, representing nearly one-in-ten (8.5%) bookings from ourselves.

However, it was private Helicopter Rides and Helicopter Flying Lessons which proved the most popular in the last year with the British public, making up around two thirds (61%) of total bookings.

Dan Jones, operations manager at, says: "We have analysed thousands of bookings over the last year and it is great to see that Brits' love affair with the iconic Spitfire is stronger than ever."

"With the values of these planes increasing and the number of Spitfires still in flight reducing in recent times, we have seen demand on the up as people are starting to view this as a once in a lifetime experience that they don't want to miss out on."

"Helicopters are perceived as one of the most luxurious ways to travel and have been favoured by the rich and famous for years, but in recent times prices for helicopter experiences have in fact reduced making them more accessible and the perfect celebration present or an alternative to a meal out."

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