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Get 2021 off to flying starts with FlyDays

Get 2021 off to flying starts with FlyDays - News

Christmas is over for another year, and thoughts are, naturally, now turning to the new year that’s about to ring in. Perhaps you’re looking at that new 2021 calendar or diary you got in your stocking during the festive period, and are wondering what activities to fill it up with?

At FlyDays, we believe we’ve got some flying experiences for you that would make brilliant ideas to take up as an exciting new hobby or pastime in the 12 months ahead. Have a look below to see our fantastic choices…

Microlights may not possess the high octane power of other fixed wing aircraft, but they’re actually a great way to get into aviation, mainly because their size is part of what makes them so much fun to fly.

Also known as an ‘Ultralight’ in some countries, these two seater aircraft with a ‘flex-wing’ and trike unit have an open cockpit, which thus affords you fantastic views of the surrounding land from many feet up in the air, at speeds of up to 100 mph.

This special flying lesson for one, available at over thirteen different locations across the UK, is an ideal introduction to this mini but mighty form of flying, and all at a great value price too.

After a form of flying to really get the pulses quickening? Our half hour flying lesson on this unique package also offers an exciting opportunity to indulge in the daredevil pursuits of aerobatic flying.

The fully qualified expert instructor that will welcome you on the day of your flight will explain to you just why this special fixed wing aircraft is capable of pulling off some awesome stunts such as barrel rolls and loop the loops.

Flying and spinning from many thousands of feet when airborne, if you’re looking to make your new year full of experiences made for only the brave to tread in, there’s no better flying day than this thrilling introduction to aerobatic displays.

Some of us may have had designs on piloting our own aeroplane for many years, but why not make 2021 the year that those dreams start to become reality? Available at twelve different venues across the UK is this 60 Minute Flying Lesson.

You’ll get up and away in a two seater aircraft, all under the tutelage of a CAA qualified instructor, as you learn and master taking control on an airborne plane for the very first time.

And that’s not all - because not only do you get to take home and proudly display a Signed Flight Certificate, but this experience will also count towards the hours of experience needed to obtain your Private Pilot’s Licence. Now that’s getting a career in aviation off to a flying start!

To book from these and many other great flying days and experiences to be looking forward to in 2021, head to FlyDays’ Flying Experiences page today!

29 December 2020

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