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Piloting an aeroplane now cheaper than being a passenger

03 October 2022

Piloting an aeroplane now cheaper than being a passenger
  • Soaring fuel costs, staffing crises and booming demand has seen the price of airfares run-away in 2022
  • Some holidaymakers are even paying up to 90% more for their plane tickets
  • speculate that this could mean that flying experiences, where you can actually fly an aeroplane, could prove to be a cheaper way to feel the thrill of flying

As air travel prices soar, actually flying an aeroplane, helicopter or microlight, rather than being a passenger, could in many instances prove to be the cheapest ticket to going airborne. That's according to our latest findings here on FlyDays.

Indeed, looking at current evidence, we'd suggest that turbulence in the airline industry, such as soaring operating costs, staffing crises and booming demand could mean that providers will have no intention of lowering their prices any time soon, leaving travellers to pick up the bill.

In fact, Britons booking a break at Europe's favoured holiday destinations this summer saw airfares climb by almost a third (30%) on average, for journeys to the 36 most popular routes. Meanwhile, holidaymakers heading to the sunny Larnaca, Cyprus, and Alicante on Spain's Costa Blanca even had to pay around 90% more*.

Conversely, the thrill of heading skyward is still available via at bargain prices, for those who wish to feel the excitement of going up and away, not merely as a passenger, but in the pilot seat in the cockpit. Packages include an Introductory Microlight Flying Lesson for just £65, a Tactical Helicopter Flying Lesson available for £97 and the Insight to Becoming an Aeroplane Pilot at £115.

Alex MacGregor at, says: "If you've been looking for a flight recently, you will no doubt have baulked at the prices, with many airlines hiking their prices above the inflation rate. This means that travelling abroad via plane will simply come with too much financial baggage, especially when you factor in other holiday outgoings such as parking, food and accommodation."

"However, that's not to say boarding an aeroplane is completely of the question, as flying experiences offer those who crave the thrill of hearing the spin of turbine blades, and the exhilaration of rising above cities, oceans, and clouds to do so, but as the pilot - all without breaking the bank!"

Visit our Flying Lessons page today to book our range of sessions in fixed wing aeroplanes, helicopters and more at UK wide venues through our open Gift Vouchers on today.

*SOURCE: Bloomberg News
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