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UK's Most Punctual Airports Revealed Ahead Of Easter Holidays

13 March 2023

UK's Most Punctual Airports Revealed Ahead Of Easter Holidays
  • East Midlands Airport (EMA) comes out on top in the latest CAA scheduled flight punctuality report data
  • During a year of disrupted travel, only 11.5% of the Derby based airport's scheduled flights were delayed by more than 30 minutes as well as having the lowest percentage of flights cancelled at just 0.2%
  • Luton (LTN) and Manchester (MAN) come bottom of the punctuality pile with around 25% of their flights delayed by the same 30 minute plus average

With the Easter break just around the corner, here at, we can reveal that East Midlands Airport (EMA) is officially the most punctual airport in the United Kingdom. That's according to the latest data released by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Indeed, the final year's figures, released at the end of February by the CAA, shows the Derby based airport had only 12% of its scheduled flights delayed by 30 minutes or more, and only 0.2% of its total number of flights cancelled, in a year of well publicised disruptions to the UK's aviation industry.

Last year's winner, Belfast International Airport (BFS), also performed well with only 15.4% of its flights delayed by the same amount, and just below 1% of its scheduled flights cancelled.

This latest data comes at a time when UK airports start to prepare for the upcoming getaways for the Easter holidays, which last year coincided with the first of a wave of disruptions following a spike of people looking to travel post COVID-19 restriction easing.

Dan Jones, Operations Manager at, says: "In a year which produced lots of negative headlines around the state of the UK's aviation industry, we feel it is right to celebrate the airports that managed to minimise the disruptions."

"East Midlands Airport may be one of the smaller international airports in the UK, but it had to deal with the same national issues the others did too, and it is worth commending all the airport staff for their efforts."

Meanwhile, Luton Airport (LTN) and Manchester Airport (MAN) struggled the most during the previous year, with the data indicating that a quarter of their flights were delayed by more than 30 minutes.

London City Airport (LCY) and Glasgow Airport (GLA) also had a difficult time last year, topping the scheduled flight cancellation charts with 4.2% and 2.6% respectively.

However, London City Airport can take comfort in the fact that it placed second in being able to keep down its 30 minute and above average delays to 12.7%.

Jones concludes: "With many people struggling with the cost of living right now, the last thing they need is to be delayed when getting to their destinations as this can have a knock on effect on other travel arrangements, incurring potential additional costs."

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