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Keeping it green: environmentally friendly flying and driving experiences

Keeping it green: environmentally friendly flying and driving experiences - News

FlyDays, together with our sister site, are proud to offer an array of environmentally friendly experiences, that are perfect for those who want to top up their adrenaline fix but with near net zero emissions. Here, we discuss two of our favourite eco-friendly experiences that we have available to book...

  • Mr Green Sky

Gliding is one of the only air sports that offers an environmentally friendly alternative with zero emissions as a key aim. Indeed, a glider is an unpowered vessel that requires little power to achieve aviation.

Through an electric powered winch or tug aircraft, the vessel gains momentum and away you go using the same naturally occurring currents of air that birds use to navigate the skies.

These currents of air allow you to lift into the sky to reach high altitudes, incredible speeds and ultimately cover a larger distance.

  • Free as a Bird

With our selection of gliding experiences, you can take on the skies and reach new heights in near perfect silence. Your instructor will talk you through the controls before you begin your ascent. Once you reach an appropriate altitude, your instructor will release the handle and the vessel will be free to soar the skies.

As you pilot the aircraft you will be scouring for thermals which are columns of warm, rising air that will allow you to stay up and glide for longer. When it's time to land, you will head back to the airfield and begin your descent, floating down to the runway for a soft and careful landing.

  • S for Supercar

Meanwhile, the future of driving is now the present, with an electric vehicle experience from our sister site,

Tesla is known for being a market leader in luxurious electric vehicles, with the Model S P90D being one of the fastest saloons around, offering thrill seekers 0 - 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds - now that’s fast.

  • Ludicrous

Simply activate the cars ‘ludicrous mode’ and unleash the power that can usually only be found on some of the world’s top performance vehicles like Ferrari, McLaren and Lamborghini.

The superfast all-electric saloon is perfect for a track day. You will cover racing lines, throttle and braking technique, alongside the relevant safety and etiquette required on track before hitting the asphalt.

  • All Electric Booking System

To book a gliding experience, head to our dedicated Gliding page on the FlyDays website, or to book a Tesla P90D Model S driving experience, check out our sister site

03 December 2020

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